Jolly Monday — Happy Australia Day!

Good Monday morning, friends!  I hope your weekend was lovely, and I know you are all eager to get back to work!  Jolly and I are grateful that you stopped by to share a few laughs with us to start the week before heading to the salt mines.  Do any of you actually work in the salt mines?  Do they even still have salt mines?  Were there ever salt mines?  I thought salt came from sea water!

So, did you all have a wonderful weekend?  Mine?  Meh … it was okay.  Daughter Chris had a band performance on Saturday night … she is in a Pipes & Drums band, and every year they play for the Caledonian Society on Burns Night, honouring the dead poet Robert Burns.Chris in uniform with drumThen on Sunday, we had to go out and find a birthday present for our friend and neighbor Ali, who claims he was 35, but the reality is that he must be dyslexic, for it’s actually 53.  Then we had dinner & birthday cake with them Sunday evening.  They are wonderful friends, and it’s such an honour that we are considered a part of their family.

Well, let’s go find some fun stuff to get this week off on the right foot … or even the left one … but first, grab a snack over on the table.

Da fishies liked it …

Last week, a California winery, Rodney Strong Wine Estates, had a little accident.  Well, a rather largish accident if you ask me … they sprung a leak and accidentally dumped some 97,000 gallons of Cabernet Sauvignon wine into Reiman Creek, which empties into the Russian River.  Had it not happened on Wednesday, nearly a week ago, I would be online buying my plane tickets to California as we speak!

The Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating, but as yet it appears that no fish died, though some appeared to be hungover the next morning.  I’m picturing a bunch of old men lying on their bellies by the river, lapping up river water like pups at a stream.

Misdemeanor charges and penalties are likely to be levied against the company, and a company spokesperson says they suspect a mechanical failure but haven’t quite figured it out yet.

Did the horse pay for a ticket?

Over in Wales, they even let horses ride the city buses.  A horse found running loose in traffic on the busy A48 road Thursday evening was captured by witnesses and loaded onto a bus for a brief ride.

The bus driver offered his vehicle when police determined it would be awhile before they could get a horse trailer to the scene. The horse took a 5-minute ride on the bus and was reunited with its owners at a nearby parking lot. The bus was taken for a thorough

Define 24 hours?

I always thought a “24-hour” facility, whether grocery store, convenience mart, or gym, meant that they never close.  So, imagine my puzzlement at the following headline …

Utah man locked inside 24 Hour Fitness gym after closing

Dan Hill said he visited the gym in Sandy for a late night workout Saturday and he finished swimming laps in the pool after midnight Sunday to discover he was alone in the building and the doors were locked.

Hill said he called his wife, who suggested he “find a comfortable place to sleep.”  Sounds like maybe she was happy enough to be rid of him for a night, eh?  He ended up calling 911 …

“So, I called dispatch and the guy pauses for like 10 seconds and says ‘You’re where?’ And I said, ‘I’m in 24 Hour Fitness, and there’s an alarm system here and I don’t want to get busted for breaking and entering.'”

Hill took his Facebook friends on a tour of the gym while waiting for police to arrive. Officers showed up to let him out of the building just before 1 a.m.

The manager of the gym said the hours changed in December from 24 hours to 4 a.m.-midnight.  Nice of them to let people know, eh?

To our Aussie friends …

Australia-DayYesterday was Australia Day.  I meant to dedicate an entire post to that day, however I had a busy day yesterday and it completely slipped my mind.  That said, given the trauma that has been taking place in Australia for the past few months, the bushfires, loss of wildlife, vegetation and structures, and now a terrible hailstorm that has ravaged Melbourne, I couldn’t just let it go without some recognition.  However, since this is Jolly Monday, I will only present a few pictures … and a heartfelt hope that the fires are soon out, and that the nation can begin to heal.  Love ‘n hugs to all our Australian friends … Andrea, Simeon, Paul, Anne, and so many others.Oz-1Oz-2


Now, how about just a few ‘toons and memes …



My favourite!


Seems to me that humans could take a lesson from these guys!


And, dare I finish Jolly Monday without a cute animal video?  Of course not … and Jolly has found just the thing in honour of Australia Day — koalas!

Funny, but I always heard koalas were a bit on the mean side, but you sure couldn’t tell it from these cuties, could you?

jollyWell, friends, it’s time for me to tackle the laundry, plus finish taking the Christmas lights off the windows – not a word from you guys — yes, I DO know it’s January 27th!!!  And, it’s time for you to head to work, or grab the snow shovel so you can get out to get some groceries!  Please share those smiles today – we’ve all got our share of troubles at the moment, whether it’s the politics of the day, fires, or the threat of deadly illness, and a smile, a kind word, or a hug surely does help sometimes.  Meanwhile, keep safe & warm, and have a great week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!

39 thoughts on “Jolly Monday — Happy Australia Day!

  1. Apologies for my tardiness in attending the Jolly Monday celebration. Had I done so in a timely manner, I could have snagged a sprinkled donut and a juicebox to take to Benjamin…the milk would have been lost in the transporting. It may interest you to know that Benjamin always wants to know what “Miss Jill” had on Saturday Surprise and Jolly Monday. I cannot say for sure when he will be at Gem’s, but this one is a save for sure! That said, today it shall be a Wonderful Wed-mon-es-day celebration. However, I must update my preference of the half & half. Just this Sunday, I came across a new Land O Lakes variety that is the perfect addition to my coffee. Land O Lakes Coffeehouse Half & Half, which should you wish to accommodate me, is packaged in a black carton. It does contain 30% more cream, so mayhaps half & half is not an accurate term. I have been accused, justifiably so, of liking a little coffee with my half & half and this one is a delightful addition indeed! How sweet of Daughter Chris to allow you to share her lovely photograph with your followers. You did ask permission, right? I have a friend who has been a member of the New York Caledonian Club for most of his life as were his Scottish-American parents and grandparents. Jolly and yourself have included many interesting and fun items to peruse, but I will limit my comments to the Koalas. Benjamin became quite interested in them after we had often read about them in the Australia Zoo newsletters. Some online research led us to discover the Australia Koala Foundation which enamored him even more. We adopted a Koala due to his insistence, though a bit pricey it is a worthy cause which has become more significant in view of the recent devastating fires. He also received one of their stuffed koalas for Christmas this year. Which brings me to a “Total Aside” here…are your Christmas lights multicolored or white? If multicolored take them down unless they work with your room’s color scheme, if white enjoy them all year long by adding a few various other timely holiday decorations. Thank-you! P.S. The video is too cute! Benjamin will love yours and SoundEagle’s kind contribution as well!

    Liked by 2 people

    • No need to apologize … look how far behind I am in email, comments, and just about everything else! Awwww … it just melts my heart to know he asks about Jolly Monday & Saturday Surprise! I’m glad you found this one to be ‘save-worthy’ and hope Benjamin likes it, too. I’m curious why no Gem sleepovers lately, though … I thought Kris was working Saturdays? Ah well … I must catch up on my email, for you’ve likely answered my question there! I have duly noted your new half-and-half preference and downloaded it for next Monday. Of course I asked her! That is an old one, from around 2010, I’m thinking, when she played that big ol’ bass drum. Now she plays a snare or sometimes tenor drum. As long as she doesn’t play the bagpipes … I’ve told her if she takes up the pipes, she has to go practice at the local park! Poor duckies. You adopted a koala!!! I’m so thrilled. I was thinking of it, but … I haven’t decided yet whether to send a one-time donation or adopt a koala and make monthly contributions. The Christmas lights are multi-coloured, but as of about 3:00 this afternoon, they are no longer on the windows, but are packed away until next year. And, I didn’t even fall off the ladder! Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week, my friend!

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  2. Australia is suffering so much… 😔🇦🇺

    The baby joey koalas, like most baby animals, have not yet learned to distrust humans. The adults are not stupid.

    I love the grey parrots. A lot of animal behaviour, and intelligence testing, proves that most species have a sense of ‘fairness.’ Some of the studies are quite telling. All fascinating.
    It seems that humans have totally miscalculated any idea that we are superior beings.

    Liked by 2 people

    • PS… Bit behind here. We are both a bit sick (with some kind of virus) but hopefully not with corona virus nCOV from Whuan. Our symptoms are mainly ‘sore throat.’ Anyway, our room still has its Christmas lights up too… 😂 We leave here on Saturday to head for an island… Maybe need to buy some N95 masks for the 12 hour train journey.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I’m so sorry to hear you’re both sick! I hope you feel much better by the time you leave on Saturday. Are you not heading home, then? Yes, by all means buy the masks!!! Though, I cannot imagine wearing one … I would think I was suffocating and start wheezing and gasping! Keep safe, dear Colette! ❤

        Liked by 2 people

    • Very heartbreaking. I’m happy to see that so many people are trying to help, though. I’ve always thought that animals had a much greater sense of fairness, of disinterest in harming his fellow creatures, than humans. I have come to see humans as either a failed experiment or a huge joke. Sigh. Nothing superior about humans … we aren’t even cute, since we lack fur in most places. Humans might be a lot cuter covered in fur, and we wouldn’t have to waste money to buy clothes!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you, my friend! The kilt is wool and weighs nearly 8 pounds, so when they march in parades in the summer, it’s a wonder more of them don’t suffer from heat stroke — a few have! You have a great week as well, dear Keith!

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  3. The very wealthy in this country could learn a thing two from the parrots! But the fires in Australia are deeply disturbing. I have some distant cousins who live there and have been checking in with them and so far they are OK. But all the animal loss is truly sad — especially if the animals are as smart as those parrots!

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  4. Yes, it’s really time those Christmas lights come down, we’ve passed 12th Night and it’s 33rd Night now, getting on for time for Easter decorations. Why yes, I suppose you could use lights for that too.So you’ll leave them there for now? Fine, and Halloween and then it’s Christmas again.Yes, they might well be up permanently I suppose.
    I hope Australia’s sorrows are soon over, the loss of life both people and animals has been so hard to take.
    Thanks for the fun jokes. I’m just gonna go eat this bacon that suddenly appeared in my hand. New Year Miracle.
    Cwtch to you both.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Shhhhhh 🙄 … 34th night now, and the lights are still up, because I didn’t feel like taking them down today. We don’t decorate for Easter, and the Hallowe’en lights are a different colour (orange, go figure) than the Christmas ones.

      I’m glad you found humour in the jokes, and I hope you enjoy your bacon … but I do hope you left some for the others?

      Cwtch from us both!

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