Disappointment – letter to a GOP Senator

Our friend Keith has written a letter to his senator that is excellent. I plan to adapt his letter to send to my own senator, and thought some of you might be interested as well. Thanks, Keith!


Senator Burr, as an independent and former Republican, I have voted for you in the past. I have applauded you when you have gone out of your way to be bipartisan, especially with your and Mark Warner’s handling of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

I did not expect the Senate to remove Donald Trump, even though the testimony I have seen and his actions to block evidence and witnesses indicate someone who is guilty. The why question I want an answer to is why did the White House try to bury the infamous phone call, if it was so perfect? And, frankly, I am troubled that we have a shadow diplomacy going on which keeps our diplomats in the dark. I would say this if the person was Mother Teresa, but Rudy Giuliani is a far cry from her exemplar.

What does trouble me is the insistence that the president…

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12 thoughts on “Disappointment – letter to a GOP Senator

  1. Someone said today that if they were in Washington, they’d tell the Republicans that the hearings should be ended because the Democrats did not present any evidence of Trump’s guilt. Get me off off this crazy merry-go-round of logic, please.

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      • Jill, I just shared with Jeff, if the Senators would only look and seek the truth, they would see crimes worse than what Richard Nixon did. Extortion for personal gain, clandestine diplomacy, lying and altered lying once the first lies don’t work, cover-up and obstruction of justice. Even after the vote on Friday, Trump’s personal DOJ buried emails about the military aid issue. As an independent and former GOP voter, we cannot have a president acting this way. More will come out about Trump’s role and more rationalization will have to occur. Quite frankly, this scares the crap out of GOP leaders and it should. Yet, they made their own bed on this and it is not like they were not forewarned. If these Senators do not hold the president to account, then they need to be held to account. Keith

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        • Frankly, I think the senators know exactly what he did, know for a fact that he has committed crimes far in excess of what Nixon or any other president has done, but … they are putting their self-interest ahead of the nation’s interest. I hope … sincerely hope that Trump crashes and burns in November, and all these lying, cheating members of Congress (in both chambers) go down with them, for they’ve foolishly tied their own fortunes to his. It is up to We the People to open our eyes, dig for the truth, and make a change in just nine months.


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