Filosofa is growling tonight … Filosofa’s blood pressure is likely through the roof tonight … Filosofa needs to rant tonight.  But first, one kudos …

The courage of her convictions …

Whatever else you may think of Senator (and presidential hopeful) Elizabeth Warren, you’ve gotta love the woman’s courage, her chutzpah, as my grandmother would have said.  Yesterday, while the questioning portion of the impeachment trial was ongoing, and senators/jurors were sending their questions, rather like passing notes in high school, to Chief Justice John Roberts to read, Senator Warren submitted one of her own …

“Does the fact that the chief justice is presiding over an impeachment trial in which Republican senators have thus far refused to allow witnesses or evidence contribute to the loss of legitimacy of the chief justice, the Supreme Court and the Constitution?”

elizabeth-warrenThe shock at her audacity was palpable in the chamber.  As Republicans grow increasingly confident that they have the votes to block calling new witnesses and evidence, Democrats have turned to Chief Justice Roberts as a potential savior for their cause: If there is a tie, it could fall to the chief justice to decide whether to break it.  I think Senator Warren’s question was a pointed reminder to Chief Justice Roberts that he is expected to be ‘fair and impartial’.  Let’s hope it works!  Meanwhile, either way, I give Senator Warren high fives and thumbs up for her courage and tenacity.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

It might interest you to know that at least two of Trump’s lawyers, Ken Starr and Robert Ray, have donated mega-bucks to … wait for it … Senate Majority Leader and ignominious tortoise … Mitch McConnell!  So … what a shocker, eh?  In July 2019 alone, Starr gave $2,800 to Moscow Mitch, and in September 2019, Ray gave him $5,600.  Not huge sums, relatively, but enough to ensure he would do all in his power to protect a rogue president?  Maybe.  It was only a month or so after that Mitchie announced he would be in “total coordination with the White House counsel’s office and the people who are representing the president in the well of the Senate.”

Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow has contributed to multiple Republican senators, as have White House counsel Pat Cipollone and deputy White House counsel Patrick Philbin.  Hmmmm … are you starting to smell a rat here?


The bastards …

And this just in, as I am writing tonight …

Sen. Lamar Alexander to oppose new witnesses in trial, signaling vote likely to be defeated

lamar-alexanderSon of a bitch!  I hope your dog bites your leg, it gets infected by Tibetan fleas, and you die a slow and painful death, Lamar!  You have single-handedly ensured that we are now officially a nation run by a cruel, maniacal dictator.

What happened to the “5-10” republicans who, upon hearing of Lev Parnas’ statements and John Bolton’s pending book, claimed they had decided we need to hear witness testimony???  Who threatened them and with what?  Did their cojones shrivel up?For those of my readers who are rolling your eyes right about now, thinking, “Filosofa’s done gone and lost her marbles”, let me ask you to ponder something.

The ignoble Alan Dershowitz in his defense of Trump on Wednesday claimed that if a politician, say the president, acts illegally, but because he believes his actions are in the best interest of the nation, then it is okay … he can do that without being called to account.  Once Trump is acquitted, most likely later today, he will gloat … he will be so emboldened that he will push the limits of his power even further than before.

On November 3rd, we are to have an election … an election that we are hoping will replace not only the president, but certain assholes in Congress such as Jim Jordan, Warren Davidson, Lindsey Graham, and most notably Mitchell McConnell.  So … what happens if Trump decides … in all his “great and unmatched wisdom” … to cancel the November 3rd election because he claims to believe it is in the best interest of the nation?

Can’t happen, you say?  Oh ho ho ho ho ho … it couldn’t happen that a presidential candidate could buy an election … until Trump did just that.  It couldn’t happen that a president would defy every law on the books, lock kids in cages, write executive orders to destroy the environment, and assassinate a foreign general … until it did happen.  Between Attorney General Barr saying that Trump is above the law, cannot be charged with a crime as long as his fat ass sits in the Oval Office, and now Alan Dershowitz claiming that Trump can do anything, so long as he claims to believe it is in the “best interest of the country”, a dictator has been created … a monster such as this nation has never seen before.  Thought Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin were bad?  Wait for it.impeach-8

And now, I bid you buenas noches … sleep well, if you can, for I doubt I will.

Cartoon of Woman Lying in Bed and Unable to Sleep Because of Insomnia

38 thoughts on “Bastards

    • My hopes have not been up for a long time now. I truly believe this will have to play out now. He will be acquitted and re elected. Much more damage will be done. Once he cuts Medicare and social security or gets us into a needless war, maybe, just maybe, others will wake up. But I don’t know.

      And as long as the younger generations don’t vote and others remain apathetic, it will continue down a long fall into destruction.

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  1. I never dreamed that trump could do this much damage! The republicans have shown us a mere glimpse of what they are capable of. It’s in our face, in plain sight! They are bold faced telling us …. that trump is the president and he can do whatever he wants to and they support any and all whims (decisions)….that he makes!
    He is destroying democracy, our waterways,
    our planet, our relationship with other countries, our peace treaties and any sense of honor and dignity that we had as a nation! He is caging small children… taking babies from their mother’s arms! That alone should be enough to show us …what is yet to come! I fear for our safety!!!! There are no restraints!!!! We have a dictator at the
    helm. He is a narcissistic psychopath!!!!After what just happened in the Senate, I seriously believe that he is going to be

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    • When he was elected in 2016, I predicted gloom and doom, but like you, even in my wildest nightmares I did not see this coming. He has done far more damage in just three years than I imagined possible, has literally shredded the Constitution. I realize that there is a strong chance he could be re-elected in November, in part because the GOP is up to their usual dirty tricks (they couldn’t win in a completely fair and honest election), and partly because people are so gullible. But, we cannot give up hope yet, my friend … if we do, then all is lost and we’ll never know if we could have made a difference.

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  2. Lisa Murkowski just started she’d vote no to having witnesses also. We are screwed.
    Our government is one big quid pro quo….
    The citizen’s desires and needs mean nothing. It’s all power and control….
    The cult thinks trump is on their side and cares about their little whims of anti abortion, gay rights and racist longings. But he uses them for the larger picture and will turn on them in the long run when he cuts Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and other programs.

    Four more years…we ain’t seen nothing yet!

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    • You are right in all you say, but I refuse to give in yet … I still believe there is a chance to wake the walking dead and vote him out in November. I have to believe that, else I could not exist. Don’t let yourself completely lose hope, Mary …

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  3. We the People held the tickets to front row seats to watch the Death of Democracy…now entering the Final Act before the curtain falls on this play…when undoubtedly, Trump will take a bow with his supporting cast, the GOP sycophants! An unexpected ending to this sham of a trial? NO, but sad and enraging just the same. I detest sad endings! Thank-you!

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    • Well stated, my friend. But, I refuse to give up just yet. Oh sure, I’ve given up on the notion that he will be convicted and removed via the impeachment process, for the Senate trial was a dog-and-pony show. But, at least for now, I still hold onto some hope that he will be voted out in November. The hope is, admittedly, slim, but is there nonetheless. If I didn’t believe that, I would give up on everything. So … keep a little hope at least …


      • My pathetic comparison of this farcical impeachment trial with a play did not include the November election. The final act alluded to the GOP Senators vote of yesterday and they played their parts as expected. The final curtain call now appears to be scheduled for Wednesday, undoubtedly Trump and his sycophants are already waiting in the wings to take their bow! Whilst a constant fanning of the flickering flames of hope is a must, a lot more than hope will be required to oust Trump come November…as you well know! Should he triumph at the polls, WE the People may well have front row seats to the Death Throes of Democracy! I shudder to even think about it! Thank-you!

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        • Ahhhh! 💡 I should have known! 🤦 Yes, Wednesday should be the final curtain for this horrible clown show, this miscarriage of justice. You know what i dread most about it? The gloating that we will be subjected to by the ugliest human on earth. I already want to slap him every time I see his face, but I can imagine I will be spitting bullets at my laptop by day’s end on Wednesday. Ah well … it is that which keeps me fighting into the next day. If we lose in November, it is We the People who will be to blame … those who sit at home and refuse to vote because either they are too lazy or think they are “making a statement”. We still have time, we still have a chance, and we still have our voices. If we don’t use them, we will lose them and there won’t be another opportunity. Sigh.


    • A dark day for both of our countries, my friend. I won’t give up the fight just yet, though if Trump wins re-election in November, I may. Thanks for Seth Meyers! He can most always bring a smile.


    • You and I see it that way, but his base are convinced that he did nothing wrong and that the mean ol’ democrats are just out to get him because they’re still sour from losing in 2016. I’m not sure what it takes to open their eyes …

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  4. Oh, Jill! That picture at the bottom is so me!!! Don’t forget we leave the EU today – it’s 2016’s bereavement all over again. So awful. And the Europeans have been so lovely and those repugnant Brexit Party MEPs (I dn’t ant to even admit they are British) have been so vile.
    Anyway, trying to get a bit of a grip: I am so sorry. I wish I could say something to help but… And I do know how you feel. As I am still processing my trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau and the torture HQ of Gestapo then Soviets in Krakow, I am possibly too sensitive to the possibilities that lie ahead for both our nations – and the world. At least you are not standing by and watching, apathetic. But what makes it all so much worse if that no matter what we do – and no matter what THEY do – things seem to have spun way beyond all controls of any kind. Lies? Fine. Foreign interference? Who cares. Disrupting democratic processes. Meh. Corruption? No problem. Murder? Fine.
    Um – that didn’t help, did it?
    Wine. Join me?

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    • I couldn’t forget that, and my heart was with you all yesterday. A couple of my UK friends are pro-Brexit, but the majority, like yourself, have grave misgivings. I hope some of the dire predictions I’ve read don’t come to pass. Both our countries are in a mess these days, and you hit the nail on the head when you said the lies and corruption are becoming normalized. Trump’s impeachment is a fine example … first they claimed he didn’t do it, then they ended up with, “Well, okay, he did it, but so what?” Back in Obama’s day, they would have been calling for his head! Sigh. Hang in my friend, and yes, I would love to join you for a glass … no make that a bottle … of wine! 🍷🍷

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  5. Great post Jill. My B.P is sky high right now. I can’t believe what is about to happen. The fix was in from the beginning. Please tell me how anyone can vote for these bastards ever again. The party of Trump. They’ve sold their souls to the devil. We cannot let this idiot win again!!

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    • Thanks Jeff! Sigh. I don’t know how anyone can vote for them again, but … you know they will. We just have to make sure it isn’t a majority that does … we have to help them understand what these jerks are doing to this nation.

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  6. When Repugs claimed they decided we need to hear witness testimony, that’s all for show. They never intended to allow witnesses from the get-go, Duh Fuhrer won’t allow it.
    Sadly no one’s taking Sen Warren seriously after she tried to sabotage Bernie’s campaign with sexism allegations. Her backstabbing insincerity toward a friend reveals her true nature. Loss of legitimacy? I find her statement to Chief Justice John Roberts disingenuous, she’s simply grandstanding again to win approval. Her latest poll numbers are dropping precipitously while Bernie’s soaring.
    Unfortunately for us b/c of this rigged dog-n-pony impeachment trial, Trump’s approval rating has risen to nearly 50%. Just what Ms. Pelosi feared most before the House submitted these weak articles of impeachment.
    Seems to me establishment Democrats prefer another 4 years of Trump rather than seeing Bernie in office… potentially disrupting their racket. This video tells all:

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    • No, not cross Jack … furious, enraged, etc. Cross is when my van won’t start, or I find I’m out of sour cream at the last minute. This goes well beyond that and into white hot fury. Thanks, Jack … ❤


  7. Heaven help us. President Trump was talking about a ditch filled with alligators and snakes to keep out people trying to pass into the U.S. He thinks that’s for the good of the country. Now he might have people digging that ditch. Did you hear the cement hadn’t hardened enough and the wind blew over part of his wall? What will the religious voters on his side think? 😦 — Suzanne

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    • Yeah, I figure he’ll take this as an open door to do whatever he pleases, and all he has to do is say that he thought it to be in the best interest of the country. Yeah, I heard about the wall … I wish it would all blow over or burn up. Sigh.

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  8. Very disappointing news. Elizabeth Warren was magnificent but the Republican Senators are proving either to be so self absorbed they can’t do their duty or so scared of Ignoble Leader that they daren’t. It isn’t over till the fat lady sings they say so I won’t have my breakdown until I see her open her mouth. I could almost wish for military intervention from now till the next elections if that didn’t lead to two armies on opposing sides and sa new civil war.I have to have faith that maybe decent human nature will win out and the impeachment continues taking away the Republican right to say Not Guilty.,

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    • A civil war might be just what is needed. Sigh. The fat lady opened her mouth an hour or so ago, when Lisa Murkowski also said she would vote against witnesses. They are afraid it will be harder to justify their vote to acquit if they actually hear witness testimony or see the documents. I hope they all lose their next re-election bid. Actually, I hope they all just … well, never mind. 😥


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