Jolly Monday …

Good Monday morning, friends!  Yes, it’s really Monday already … did you all have a great weekend?  I must forewarn you that Jolly and I are having just a bit of a downer morning, so while we’ve tried to pick out some fun things, if it falls flat or seems a bit less than usual, please forgive us?  We had some help with the treats this morning, so grab a cuppa and a bit of a snack and let’s find some fun!

sprinkled donutsjuice boxes

ATM dispenses what???

There’s a new bar in London called Vagabond … they just moved into an old building that used to house a Santander Bank.  Apparently the bank left behind an ATM machine, and the owners of Vagabond had to figure out what to do with it.

Most times when you see an ATM machine, it is used to dispense cash, right?  But this ATM machine is special … it dispenses wine … specifically, Prosecco, an Italian white wine! atm-wineThe wine was free for a couple of days to celebrate the opening of the bar, the 8th Vagabond to open in London.  But, only one cup per person!  I’m pretty sure that would have brought the law running here in the U.S., but it’s rather a fun way to celebrate the bar’s opening, don’t you think?atm-wine-2

She was plump …

Animal rescuers in Britain said an owl found stranded in a ditch was initially feared to be injured but turned out to be merely too fat to fly.

fat-owlThe Suffolk Owl Sanctuary said a member of the public reported spotting a possibly injured owl stranded in a ditch a few weeks ago, but rescuers took the female bird for an examination and discovered she wasn’t injured, just overweight.  Now … guess how much Plump weighed … are you ready for it?  A whopping 8.6 ounces!  I was prepared to read she weighed 20 pounds or so, but 8.6 ounces is barely a half-pound!  Officials at the sanctuary say this is about one-third heavier than the average weight for a healthy female of her species.PlumpOfficials said they initially suspected Plump may have lived in captivity or received food from humans, but her eating habits at the sanctuary showed she prefers the dark mice she would feast on in the wild, indicating her weight is “an unusual case of natural obesity.”Plump-2Plump was put on a two-week diet and lost nearly 1½ ounces, enough to allow her to be released back into the wild.

Belarus …

His name is Belarus, and he has become an overnight internet sensation.  It’s not hard to see why – his adorable little face and funny shenanigans are all we need to make our day brighter.Belarus-1Belarus was born cross-eyed due to an eye condition called strabismus.


It’s nothing serious though and poses no threat to Belarus’ health.


He was adopted by his owner Rachel almost two years ago when Belarus was 1. Rachel instantly knew that she was the one to take Belarus home as she fell in love with him the minute she saw him.


Since the adoption of Belarus, his owner has continued supporting the shelter that this boy came from, to help other cats there. By using the now-famous face of Belarus, Rachel is hosting fundraisers for the animals in need. In 2019, Rachel was able to donate $4000 to the shelter through various fundraising campaigns.

Belarus is a very active and curious boy …


Belarus, like any other cat, has his favorite activities. One of them is playing in the shower, even when the water is running. The boy’s owner admits that he is a bit of a troublemaker: “He loves knocking things off of the sink while I’m in the shower. He also loves exploring EVERYTHING and squeezing inside the smallest corners and crannies he can find.”


How about a few ‘toons and memes to bring a chuckle?



And lastly, if this cute animal video doesn’t make you smile, then nothing will!  It even made me smile, and had Jolly rolling on the floor in stitches!

jollyI hope you found something to smile about, and if you did, share that magical smile today … we all need one this week, methinks!  Keep safe and have a great week.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!

37 thoughts on “Jolly Monday …

  1. It is indeed Monday, the Jolly is a little harder to find unless one lands in this delightful post! However, February 3rd is a day that rivals yesterday’s celebration of the beloved Phil of Punxsutawney. Let’s start with today being the birthday of that adorable furry red monster named Elmo. Benjamin and I have had several celebrations for Elmo’s birthday, albeit Elmo is the perennial 3 1/2 year old. It is also National Carrot Cake Day, from whence the choice of this date came I do not know, but it was always our choice for Elmo’s Birthday Cake. It is said that George Washington ate a Carrot Tea Cake at a tavern in New York on British Evacuation Day in Nov. of 1783. If it was good enough for Washington, it’s good enough for Elmo! On Feb. 3, 1863 Samuel Langhorne Clemens first used the pen name Mark Twain in a newspaper article for the “Territorial Enterprise” and the rest is history. Eldest daughter reminded me that it is also “Doggy Date Night”. As luck would have it for me, she is working tonight and it falls to me to entertain her dog…a candlelight dinner is in the works, well mayhaps an LED candlestick dinner instead! Most importantly it is “The Day The Music Died” Day. This commemorates the untimely deaths of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. “Big Bopper” Richardson in a plane crash in 1959. Their tour bus was scrapped and replaced with an airplane which crashed not far from the airport. Valens and Richardson were not supposed to be on that plane, but Tommy Allsup lost to Valens in a coin toss and Waylon Jennings gave his seat to an ill Richardson. No doubt that you would have featured Don McLeans “American Pie” as a tribute were it not the end of Beatles Week! Good Grief, my Propensity for Loquacity is off and running and it’s only Monday…Beware the Beast Within!! I must commend Jolly for serving my newest favorite Half&Half, pricey but I’m worth it am I not? I love hot cross buns, one for now and one for later…Please?! Benjamin will be pleased that he has not been forgotten and I will save this post for February vacation week. Plump and Belarus are too cute. I wonder if perchance there is a local bank with a spare ATM not currently in use…Wine on tap, Fantabulous!! Jolly and yourself have provided an abundant amount of smiles. Thank-you!

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    • Awwww … and Elmo’s birthday would have made such a perfect addition to Jolly Monday … I wish I had known! Sorry, Elmo. Maybe next year? I love carrot cake, but as my girls don’t care for it at all, I rarely (read never) make it. Sigh. The same is true for pumpkin pie, spice cake, and … well, you get the picture. If it ain’t chocolate, they don’t welcome it. So … how did your date night with the doggie go? Has he apologized yet for the injury he caused you a month or two ago? You are so right that I would have played “American Pie” had I realized the date, probably despite the fact that it was Beatles Week. But, it’s never too late, right? Stay tuned tomorrow … well, today actually, as it is 1:30 a.m. when I am writing this. I played “American Pie” in June of last year, but … it deserves a redux in honour of the date. I learned more from you in this comment than I ever knew, so thank you, my friend! I’m glad to know you’ll be saving this for Benjamin’s vacation week, though this was definitely not one of my better Jolly Monday posts, for the angst level was high as I wrote it on Sunday night. Sometimes it’s hard to switch gears. Thanks a million, dear Ellen!

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  2. Happy Monday, Jill, you got me smiling. My cat, Max, was also severely cross-eyed when I adopted him 13 years ago. He is no longer cross-eyed ( no I did not get him corrective eyewear). But, I wonder – he grew up accustomed to being cross-eyed so how does he see the world today?

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  3. What a strange looking cat, it made my eyes water to look at his eyes. Funny little beggar too..
    I wish you a Happy Week so you better start practising now.Let me finish this bit of bacon I pinched and I’ll join you.

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