Filosofa’s 2020 State Of The Union

This evening, Donald Trump will present to members of Congress and anyone who cares to listen, the annual State of the Union Address.  Last year, as Trump was forced to cancel his planned January address, I wrote my own, thinking that perhaps I would be asked to fill in for him.  I wasn’t, but still, it was a good speech, so I’ve decided to prepare my own again this year.  Some things are the same as last year, some have changed.

Good morning, fellow humans.  This is called the State of the Union address because the purpose is to inform the people of this nation how the country is doing.


I regret that I must tell you that we have some very serious problems here in the U.S., and if we don’t address them very soon, the ramifications will be tragic.  We produce and use far too much coal and oil, for the fossil fuel industry has our government in a choke-hold that keeps us from doing everything in our power to promote renewable energy sources.  Far too much federal land has been opened to mining, drilling, and logging, and we don’t yet know the full extent of the environmental impact, or the level of destruction of wildlife.  The fossil fuel and logging industries are putting farmland and water supplies at risk.  In addition, we have rolled back so many environmental regulations that we are putting far more CO2 into the atmosphere per capita than any other nation on the planet, including China.  We have made little or no effort to reduce single-use plastics and other garbage that is polluting our land and waterways, not to mention the oceans.  This is the area that is most important of all the topics I will cover here, and yet we are doing the least to address the problems.


If one looks only at the Dow-Jones or the employment rates, the economy looks pretty fair.  But, there is more to the economy than just the stock market and employment rates.  When you look at such things as affordable housing, income inequality and minimum wage, the picture is far less rosy.  Then, factor in the national debt, which stands today at more than $23 trillion, and the budget deficit hovering around the $1 trillion mark, you can see that in truth the economy has some serious problems.  It may seem great for that upper 1% who are the beneficiaries of keeping wages low, tax cuts, and other benefits, but the majority of people in the U.S. are no better off than they were ten years ago.


The average cost of a four-year degree ranges from $40,000 for in-state tuition at a public college, to $140,000 at a private college.  It is estimated that with rising college costs, that amount will nearly double over the next decade.  Few working-class families can afford that, so students must rely on financial aid.  Young people are leaving college already burdened with a mound of debt that would have purchased a nice home 15-20 years ago.  The result is that fewer and fewer students are attending college, for it is rapidly becoming available only to the wealthy.  This is alarming, for who will be the doctors, lawyers, accountants, scientists, computer programmers, etc. in the coming decades?

Global image

As I reported last year, we have lost the trust of our allies.  Since WWII, the U.S. has worked hard to be a trusted and valued partner in the global community, to develop alliances for the purposes of trade and security. But in order to maintain those alliances, we must first be a good friend, and we have let that ball drop. We have pulled out of treaties, imposed tariffs, been a poor trading partner, nearly started a war in the Middle East, and been critical of our allies for less than no reason.  At the same time, our leadership has gone out of its way to befriend our adversaries.  Is it any wonder, then, that a recent Pew research poll indicates that 64% of the 32 countries surveyed had very little confidence in the leadership of the U.S.

Domestic strife

The United States is more divided than at any time since the close of the Civil War in 1865.  We are divided along racial lines, religious ones, and more than ever before, along political lines.  The majority of the people do not trust our government, do not believe anything that comes from Washington.  When the people have lost all faith and trust in government, the nation has truly lost its way.  This is not a sustainable situation, but rather one that is likely to lead to serious trouble in the near future.


Already on this, the fourth day of February and 35th day of the new year, we have seen 28 mass shootings, resulting in 38 deaths and 112 injuries, for a total of 150 victims.  In total, in these first 35 days of the year, there have been a total of 3,618 gun deaths in the U.S. – 1,374 were homicides and the other 2,244 were suicides.  This figure, as much as any, tells the true state of the union.  No meaningful gun legislation was passed into law last year.


While the majority of the people in this nation welcome immigrants, understand that immigrants add to the richness of our culture and contribute in countless ways to the well-being of our country, immigrants are being treated terribly.  Just last week, six more nations were added to the travel ban … nations whose people have never and do not now pose any threat whatsoever to the United States.  Funds have been siphoned from other areas to support the building of an unneeded border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border – over $10 billion in total – money wasted.  And children are still living in cages at the southern border, separated from their parents, perhaps forever.

Health care

There are now some 44 million people in the U.S. with no health insurance.  While there has been much talk, many promises, the only actions have been those which caused the cost of health insurance and prescription medication to rise, making it un-affordable for many.

Although I could go on, my time is up.  As you can see, the state of the nation leaves much room for improvement, however I would like to end on a positive note.  One industry in particular has seen positive growth.  Alcohol sales in the U.S. rose by some 5.1% over the past year!  If you’re looking for a place to invest a few dollars, I strongly recommend Jack Daniels or Budweiser!

Admittedly, last year’s ‘Filosofa’s State of the Union’ was better than this years, but consider that I’ve had an entire year of deterioration & detritus has taken place since then, and I think my gloomier outlook is somewhat justified.  I can only wonder what next year’s will bring!

42 thoughts on “Filosofa’s 2020 State Of The Union

  1. Thanks to Trevor Noah, I’m all caught up with 2020 STU address 🙂
    Did you know Trump awarded Rush Limbah the country’s highest civilian honour, the Presidential Medal of Freedom! This confirms US as the preeminent banana republic, what a farce

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  2. My neighbor and I had one of our Coffee&Politics meetings at 9:30 AM. I tell you this because I had to smile upon seeing the title of this post…she had asked me if I would be watching Trump’s “State of the Disunion” tonight! As If!! I would rather listen to 5 hours of nails on a chalkboard than 5 minutes of Trump! She has a stronger constitution than I, she plans to watch. I doubt that I could drink enough wine to be able to tolerate watching and listening to him. That said, I was so hoping that his State of the Union Address would be cancelled due to lack of interest or some such thing. I truly doubt that even his GOP sycophants that will be assembled before him really want to be there either, but beyond any doubt they will applaud every lie flying out of his mouth. Your State of the Union, though somewhat depressing, is the truth. Most assuredly Trump’s will not, but it will be overflowing with self congratulatory bulls..t!! Thank-you!

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    • Ahhhh … that must be Miss I, yes? Now, Ellen … if the poor woman plans to watch such horrendous drivel, you must surely go see about her after it’s over … perhaps take her a glass of wine and some dark chocolate? Did you see the clip where Nancy Pelosi ripped his speech in half? That was royal! And Jerry Nadler, sitting there reading his pocket Constitution! I didn’t watch, but saw those two things on Twitter.


  3. Great post, Jill and I won’t be watching tonight. I just hope he goes rogue or has a meltdown.

    On a side note…I think all of your readers will enjoy this piece. And do you remember the movie “Being There” with Peter Sellers?

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  4. I’m thinking that the current POTUS will not touch on those absolutely provable facts Jill. But, they needed to be said. I will not be watching the blowhard in chief tonight. Frankly, if I could have root canal during it, I’d gladly enjoy it more.
    I wish the Dems would have the kahonies to walk-out, turn their backs, or shout “You lie” over and over. But we know they won’t do anything like that. Unfortunately, his complicit sycophants in Congress are allowed to cheat, lie, gerrymander, etc..with no accountability. I’ll also avoid the post-debate analysis, which will point to how ‘presidential’ he was and how this has been such a great week for him. I better stop now Jill, I’m feeling ill….very ill.

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    • Haha … I would sooner jump from the tallest building than listen to him spout still more lies. I did keep getting “breaking news” alerts though, and admit I had to go see when one of them said that Nancy Pelosi ripped up his speech! I’ve watched that gif multiple times tonight, smiling each time. AOC, Ayanna Pressley, Bobby Rush and Maxine Waters did boycott the event … good on them, but why not more? Why not Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff? I saw a headline or two, saying he bragged and tooted his horn about the economy and immigration among other things. To me … what’s the point in hearing his words, when we all know the truth? Sigh. I’m beyond discouraged, but … I will keep fighting until at least November 4th. If the news is bad then, I may just go kill the bastard myself! Sigh.

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  5. I think you got somehting wrong there, inadvertently I’m sure. Check out this: “the only actions have been those which caused the cost of health insurance and prescription medication to rise, making it affordable for many.” Unaffordable,surely!

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    • Thanks Keith! I cannot watch him anymore … it literally makes me ill to hear his lies, knowing he’s lying, and then to have to watch all those contortions he does with his face. I’ll read the transcript, instead, though I’m not sure I’ll even bother to do that this time … seems almost like a waste of time, since we all know the reality, which is 180° different from what he will say.


      • Jill, on a depressing note his approval rating has risen to 49%, the highest it has ever been. This shows that the economy, which a president has little to do with (as it has always been), will keep his numbers higher than they should be. That is sad, as he is the most corrupt and untruthful president in my lifetime. Keith

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        • Yes, I’ve been watching it the last few days, and the aggregate of polls on FiveThirtyEight has him at 43.6, his highest since his first month in office. What the heck is wrong with people … are they applauding his bluster, his crimes against this nation??? It is sad, but I am also furious … it seems our nation is to be destroyed by ignorance! Sigh.


          • Jill, it is the economy. Plus, as president, he has an audience and license to take credit for all good things (making them even better) and shift blame on all bad things. I love Mike Bloomberg’s commercial where he says he is “accountable.” This is not a top-of-mind word to define the incumbent president. Keith

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            • True, but as you and I have both noted, he isn’t the reason for the strong economy, and in all likelihood, if not for some of his actions, it would be stronger than it is. Plus … there’s more to the economy than just the stock market and employment rates. Is it working for everyone? No … minimum wage hadn’t been raised in over 10 years, the homeless rate has risen, and the average worker still struggles from payday to payday. I haven’t seen Bloomberg’s commercial … I’ll go find it. No, accountable is not what I would say about Trump, but then, neither the republicans in Congress nor the Supreme Court are holding him accountable, so there is plenty of blame to go around.


              • Jill, we need to think like Trump. He looks for props to sell from. The Wall, Colin Kaepernick, tariffs, economy, etc. The veracity of the issue is moot. Can he sell it? Fear is the elixir he uses, he just needs a new ingredient from time to time. He knows the truth does not matter. It need only have a hint of being true and he takes it from there.

                We are among the most uninformed industrialized nations in the world. So few US citizens read or watch news and a smaller subset gets their news from biased sources. So, Trump can lie with impunity. Keith

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                • Keith, I think that no matter how hard I try, I would never be able to think like Trump does. I see how he thinks, if it can actually be called coherent thought, though. It is first and foremost, always all about him. None of the rest of us matter, as long as he can believe his own lies, as long as he can control and manipulate for his own best interest. Yes, the U.S. has become a nation filled with ignorance, people who are either too lazy or too uneducated to do their own research, or to listen to numerous viewpoints. It does not bode well.


                  • Jill, I fully understand. Let’s keep it simple. One of the key attributes of a narcissist is “projection.” It means they project their own short-comings on to others as a defense mechanism. It is the social science definition of the kids rhyme “I am rubber and you are glue…” So, when Trump calls people names or labels, he is projecting what he is done. Everyone who accuses him is corrupt and lying, for example. Keith

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  6. Great post, Jill!
    Unfortunately, it’s all sad and it’s true!!!
    We are watching the demise of democracy and the destruction of our planet! I’m afraid that he is going to be ready-elected. He and the republicans are so corrupt…. with no regard for honor, justice and decency! They will cheat their way to the top and continue to destroy our democracy!

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  7. Love it Jill. I’m so sorry they never got around to asking you to fill in last year. Much better than watching those fat baby lips of the Turnip spouting his contradicting lies. I might have to close out my Twitter account — he even got on MY site! I’m tellin’ ya, it gives me nightmares! Or would if my head ever opened up enough to allow sleep! Actually posted tonight and put some photos of my dolls on — if they actually made it online. It’s probably all that junk in the air that is making it difficult to get thru the atmosphere and actually appear on the page. Not sure, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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    • Thanks Angie!!! It’s probably better that they didn’t invite me anyway … I think there are brain-eating bacteria floating around in Washington and I would not have wished to be exposed! I will definitely check out your post later today!!! Hugs, my friend!

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  8. I was sent a secret transcript of the speech by a good cyber-elf:
    ‘OK. Everything is fine. ‘Cas we say so. An’ you go and ask those 50,000,00 who voted for me…huh?. And anyone who disagrees is a wrong. And we got the biggest deficit in the world…and that takes some doing let me tell ya, so an’t we great…Yeah! And everyone is gonna have a gun, so they can shoot the bad guys with guns, ‘cas everyone knows the good guys always shoot straight and only get hit in the left shoulder. And this year 2020 you gonna hear and see a lot more of me, being rude and insulting to all those democrats…An’t that great..Yeah’
    (There’s actually a lot more, but since he has a short attention span on detail, the rest is all incomprehensible)

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