Bastards! R.I.P. United States

The vote began shortly after 4:00 p.m. and by 4:20 this afternoon, the Senate had decided that Donald Trump should be given the keys to the kingdom, should not be held accountable for his crimes, and should be henceforth allowed to run the nation as he pleases, without interference from either the Courts or the U.S. Congress.

I was writing a letter to a friend when the verdicts flashed across my screen.  Sure, I expected it, knew the final outcome would be that the GOP members of the U.S. Senate — those whose salaries and luxurious lifestyle WE support — would have neither conscience nor male-parts enough to do the right thing, to hold the excuse for a man who sits in the Oval Office accountable for his actions.  I was prepared, right?  No surprises.  And yet, when I saw those news briefs cross my screen, I honestly felt as if I had been punched in the stomach.

I gasped for air, but there was none.  I felt tears welling, yet my struggle to breath precluded all else.

This is what the bastards we have elected and whose salaries we pay have done to us.  They have laughed at the idea of holding the “president” of the nation accountable for his actions.  They scoff at the notion of values or ethics.  And, they have decided that the time has come to burn the Constitution that was ratified in 1787, some 233 years ago.  How many of them could even quote from the Constitution they swore to uphold, I wonder?  Few, I think.

We have, in the last few hours, traded in a democratic republic for an autocracy with a cruel dictator who has no conscience, no moral compass, and no compassion for any who are not his equal in wealth and stature.  And now, permit me to blow off just a bit of steam before I screw my head back on straight …

I hope … sincerely hope … that Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and every other republican in Congress, as well as those who put them there, contract the Coronavirus and die a very long, slow, and painful death, equal to the one they have just cast upon this nation.


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  1. A quote I have not thought about for quite some time, that has its roots in my mid teen years, often repeated by my Gram from a favorite author of many of the books on her shelves seems appropriate here. “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” – Ambrose Bierce. Mayhaps along with the feeling of being ‘punched in the stomach’ there is also a wee bit of anger being expressed in the last paragraph. No need for regret, anger is a normal human response to all that is happening around us in this country this week…provided of course, that you are not one of the Trump supporters or unconscious. It is not, I have lately discovered, the anger that is the problem…it is what you do with that anger that matters. IF that anger is used properly it is a great motivator to do what one can with what one has where one is, to paraphrase those oft quoted words. Dear Jill, you harness that anger quite well and hone it into posts that speak to the heart of the matter in a skillful way. They matter, You matter and I sincerely say : Thank-YOU!


    • P.S. If you did not read the email that was sent by George Conway in the Lincoln Project last evening, please do so! If need be, I can forward it to you upon request. Again, Thank-you!

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    • Yes, there was a great deal of anger in the entire post, but especially the last paragraph. I told myself not to write this post, but … in the end, I just couldn’t not write it. Sigh. I am all too human. And no, I’m not kicking myself over it … I said what was on my mind, it was an honest thought, and one that is likely shared by a few million people, at least. Thank you, dear Ellen, for your very kind words. It is this that keeps me doing what I do … that good people like you think it matters. Thank you, I say, with a tear in my eye. ❤


  2. They that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.
    Or if they would like the biblical version…since they are all such Christian folk…..
    Galatians 6:
    7:Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.
    8:For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption….

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  3. Jill, a key reason Republicans are so upset with Romney is he showed them their conscience. He told the truth, at least halfway, as he did vote to acquit on obstruction, which the president brazenly did in front of us. Yet, for Romney to formally say Trump abused powers is important.

    The defense of Trump is at times farcical. It is more than OK Michael Cohen to lie under oath to favor Trump, but when he finally fesses up under oath “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is a cheat,” then he should not be believed.

    These oaths matter, especially with such a vindictive person in the White House. Three people that unmercifully berated people under oath, seem to have a problem with that oath thing. Setting aside two known inappropriate (and arguably unethical) actions by Devin Nunes, and he should have recused himself from the House proceedings as his name appeared in the evidence. Pat Cicclione, WH counsel also should have recused himself as he was involved per John Bolton. And, another Congressman denied being aware of a Ohio State University wrestlers registering complaints of sexual assault by a doctor on campus, who was known for doing testicular exams for all ailments.

    I mention these three as they adamantly criticized witnesses under oath.

    But, let me set aside all the corrupt dealings and say this. Yes, a president has a right to fire an ambassador, but what Trump and Pompeo did to Marie Yovanovitch was a damn shame, plain and simple. Keith

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    • You mean any of them still have a conscience that he could show them? I thought they had all sold their consciences and their integrity as well. Yep, Romney was the grain of pepper sticking out like a sore thumb in the salt bowl. I fully agree that their defense of Trump is farcical … it would actually be humorous if only the stakes weren’t so high. This is one of those things that “you couldn’t make it up if you tried”, and “truth is stranger than fiction”. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two separate sets of rules for republicans and democrats. There is a double standard. And who pays the price? Me, you, our friends … We the People. And, we keep paying taxes to give these dough-heads even more money!!! Sigh.


  4. Sadly, we all knew this would happen. He’s bought his way to safety, just as he’s always done, and just as his father did before him. We all know he’s now going to be worse than ever, and that his deluded mind and that insane woman he has as his “spiritual advisor” will convince him that he really is the second coming, or something.

    Meanwhile, here in the UK, our situation is much the same. Without the EU, the Tories can not only continue to kill people like me, but they can kill more of us – and there will be nobody to answer to.

    The world has gone mad; we’re unlucky enough to be caught in the middle 😦

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    • Sigh. Yes, we did know there wasn’t a snowball’s chance the Senate would find their cojones or their consciences and do the right thing, but it still hit hard. I don’t think it even requires his “spiritual advisor” Paula White to convince him … I think he already thinks he is “the chosen one”. Sigh.

      Yes, I’ve been following your situation as well, and while I give Boris credit for having more intelligence than Trump, I see dangerous similarities between the two. I fear what may happen if Boris and Donnie strike a trade deal, for it can only hurt the people of the UK. Yep, the world has turned upside down on us, hasn’t it? Hang in there, Spacegirl!


  5. This impeachment “trial” outcomes proves to the world that politics no longer have anything to do with government. Power is the only ruler, and that takes money. 1% of Americans have it, 99% do not. Soon the repuglycans will be coming for the evangelicals, and there will be no one left to save them. They are getting what they wanted, but the end of the world will not be rapturous, merely rape.

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    • Thank you!!! Google actually translated it perfectly! And I fully agree … it had to be done. Somebody in this country has to stand for what is right, and it obviously isn’t going to be the guy at the top or his own party.


  6. Sad, but not surprising, right? I remember asking some time ago, why the Democrats tried this even though everyone knows the outcome and it might even damage their chances for the election. You then told me that it is important to try to show that no-one is above the law and to put at least the stamp “Impeachment Trial” on Trumps record. And at least that is done.
    Oh well, no consolation, I know. Sending hugs over to you, my friend and a few rays of sunshine that are just beginning to turn around the corner in my backyard. The first crocuses are showing their colours in the garden, I see fresh green bits coming out everywhere … so maybe spring is not far. And with spring there will be sun and warmth and hope?

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    • Many thanks for the hugs, my friend … it helps. And yeah, I am still glad they impeached him, for it is a stain that will live on his record forever, and most importantly, the people of not only the nation, but the world, got to see what he is and what he is doing. Whether they will act on it in November is anybody’s guess, but at least the evidence is right there in plain sight. Sigh. I will be happy enough to see the first crocuses! So far, all we have is cold, dark, wet, and ugly. But soon, I hope. Big hugs back to you, dear Jeannie!


  7. Sadly so true. Now the first mutterings of The President for life. Here the PM is trying to copy his game plan. Already he’s only trying to get interviewed by carefully selected news groups. Untruths are going u reported. Small Changes to the electoral system are a being mooted. Might need something stronger than a coffee.

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  8. A sad and dangerous day Jill. They have no shame. Cowards…every damn one of them. I sent you an email btw. Just an fyi. Have a good night….although it won’t be easy!

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