Some Food For Thought …

Like many of you, I’m extremely disappointed in the events of the past few days … the Iowa caucus chaos, the State of the Union reality show, and of course the Senate’s unconscionable acquittal of the most corrupt and criminal president in history.  To say that I’m discouraged would be an understatement.  I am overwhelmed, burned out by the onslaught of news and the number of times the face of the ugliest man in history has cropped up on my computer screen.  I’ve spent the last three hours trying to pull together a meaningful post, and finally gave up … decided there would be no morning post on Filosofa’s Word today.  But then, I stumbled across Robert Reich’s latest video.  I’ve shared his work before … he is intelligent, well experienced in government, and has a good head on his shoulders.

This video is from Tuesday, the day of the State of the Union address, and in it, Reich puts forth some thought-provoking premises about why we are where we are today, and what Democrats must do in order to beat Trump in November.  Much of what he says, we have all talked about before, but he puts it all together in a way that makes us stop and think for a moment.  Now if only we can get the democratic candidates to watch the video!

Take a look, let me know your thoughts, and I hope to get a bit of sleep and come out of the rabbit hole in time for my afternoon post.

28 thoughts on “Some Food For Thought …

  1. Robert Reich is Right! I thought that when I watched this on Tuesday and I think the same today and I will still think the same tomorrow. No more needs to be said! Thank-you!

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  2. Damn Jill, it’s as if he’s been reading “Discord and Dissension!”😂 Really though, Mr. Reich makes some great points, as always. What we’re doing plays to exactly what he’s saying. The system IS rigged. Until we un-rig it, we’re screwed….

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  3. A great video!!!!! Sooooo true!!!!!! He definitely is a Trojan Horse for the very rich!!!!!! I have never understood how those on the low end of the financial spectrum, could support trump! He does not support their agenda! Thanks for another great post, Jill! 💙

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    • I certainly hope so, John … it’s our last hope, I think. That’s why Jeff and I are working so hard on this project … what’s a little sleep now if we can even do a small part toward saving the world from this madman? Yep, it’s going to be a very wild ride. I think I shall stock up on wine, coffee, and tobacco!

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        • Yes, I think the ratings dropped by about 25%! Oh you know all eyes will be on the computer screen or television set on November 3rd and into the 4th. I remember how it hit me on the night of November 8th, 2016 and I am so dreading this coming one, but I will be watching … with all ten fingers crossed and a cyanide capsule by my side!

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  4. A very astute assessment from Mr Reich. If there’s any hope for the Democratic Party, it is to reform their core agenda away from corporate cronyism and allegiance to elite oligarchs, and revert back to their original mission – to fight for the working man. Bernie Sanders is the only viable challenger who can right that ship, all other candidates have sold out to special interests/ corp America by accepting dirty PAC money.
    The system will remain the same if we keep electing the same psychopaths who rig the system! That’s how we got Trump in the first place, DNC cheated Bernie so what choice did the ppl have but to vote for Trump?
    I see the Iowa caucus debacle ended up favoring Buttigieg, very suspicious indeed. What can i say, if the DNC continue rigging the primaries, sabotaging Bernie again, then we all deserve what we get. Wonder how much more the American public can take of this widespread corruption in our system of government?
    Right now the Dems are in bed with the Repugs maintaining the status quo, which means we all lose! Mr Reich is absolutely correct – we must form a unified coalition of ppl of all races, creed, class to unrig the system, to reform this broken system. The last minute of this video sums up perfectly! I hope many of our fellow citizens let this message sink in – if we sincerely want change for the better, then we can’t keep doing the same old thing – STOP ELECTING ESTABLISHMENT ASSHOLES TO OFFICE!!!
    Pro -establishment means billionaire assholes who run for office pretending to represent the ppl ie Bloomberg, Steyer, Trump. Pro-establishment also mean assholes who accept PAC money, b/c you know where their allegiance lies – not with the ppl. So that leaves Sanders, Gabbard & Yang.
    Sanders is currently the front runner capable of challenging Trump, he’s our ONLY hope for true reform. Everyone else running represents the status quo. Our choice is clear. Don’t let the DNC take that away from us and install another ASSHOLE!

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  5. Saw that acquittal coming a mile off.

    As for Iowa (leaving out the conspiracy fans)….does anyone test these cyber-doohickies under ‘battlefield’ conditions…’course not. Rule One of Computer Stuff….’It will go wrong’….duh! You don’t need Russians.

    And why do the Democrats think that emulating the antics of the UK’s Labour Party will work in the USA. Stop looking at each other and glare at the Whitehouse folk, candidates, workers, party members and supporters – there is the menace to the USA.

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