Speaks for Itself …

It’s a snowy, cold Saturday afternoon … my mood as dark as the sky … time for some humour, don’t you think?  These two guys speak for themselves and need no introduction from me.

43 thoughts on “Speaks for Itself …

  1. The Spectre of Consequence looms over the lands which currently form the USA, it bears a grim picture of what may be
    And should this come to pass it will revisit those who did not vote and those who blindly followed Trump just because he was against liberals and Democrats and it will whisper in their ears, ‘You could have avoided all this. Yes you bear a share of the blame,’

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  2. For your readers who can’t play the video(s) simply sign up for a free VPN and run your internet connection thru it. This will bypass all regional restrictions and banning. Or use a browser proxy server app – easy peasy 🙂

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  3. Jill, of course, these videos are dismissed by his base because these talk show hosts just don’t like Trump. I think what they don’t like is spineless sycophants who rationalize corrupt and boorish behavior. Trump is not just rough around the edges – he acts in a corrupt manner, is untruthful and bullies people who dare disagree with him. He fires someone who tells the truth under oath, fires his brother then denigrates him the next day after firing him. Two years ago, he fires someone on his last day to deny him his pension. Who does that? Keith

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    • Sure, and that’s what they say about the media, about democratic members of Congress … basically anybody who points out any fault or wrongdoing by Trump “just doesn’t like him”. No, he’s not rough around the edges … he is cruel and evil. Some day, they will see what we meant … they’ll likely find out the hard way.

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      • Jill, I think it behooves us to correct or inquire when we hear the “rough around the edges” line or “you just don’t like him” lines. That is one reason I like to use the recent European poll that notes 64% of Europeans do not find Trump trustworthy finding him less trusted than Putin and Xi. Keith

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  4. Cannot get the second video in Canada (or at least in the vicinity of High Level) but the first one was good. Where do Ever-Trumpers get their lack of brains from? They enjoy him firing people for no just cause? Do they really think they are still watching The Apprentice?
    Trump never did an apprenticeship for becoming president. if he had, he would have been the first one fired!
    Even McConnell would have fired him!

    What a joke.

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    • UK readers couldn’t either. I’m not sure how I can get around that, but it’s really good if I can find a copy that isn’t restricted. Yeah, even McConnell would have fired him, and some of his boot-lickers today were against him until … until he had power and threatened them. A joke, yes, but not a very funny one.


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