Democratic Jitters

As always, our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters is spot-on in his assessment of the current Democratic candidates and their campaigns. He has also drawn a scenario about Michael Bloomberg that, while it doesn’t please me, I certainly cannot argue otherwise. The goal that we must not lose sight of is to topple the bully-in-chief, for another four years under Trump, who has been handed the keys to the kingdom, is unthinkable. Good work, Jeff!

On The Fence Voters

It’s time to state the obvious: Beating Donald Trump must be the main objective in the 2020 election. While we all may have our personal favorites, and should proudly vote for that person in the primary, when it comes to November 3, whoever is the Democratic nominee deserves all of our support.

No matter who it is.

I know this upsets a lot of people. Ideological purity tests are running rampant all over social media. “But wait, he’s too far to the left.” “Hold on. We need to excite the base and increase the turnout. Only a real progressive can do that.” I’ve heard and seen them all. Everyone’s nerves are frayed. We know what the King is doing to our democracy, and none of us want to see what another four years of Trump will do to our beloved country.

Right now, the bane of all of the hand-wringing…

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12 thoughts on “Democratic Jitters

  1. I made a comment on Jeff’s blog that was not at all kind to Bloomberg.

    I guess if I can add something here, it’s that I hope that if Bloomberg becomes the nominee (and then the president), there are people in Congress not afraid to act as a check on some of his undemocratic tendencies as well. NYC voted for two referendums, in 1993 and 1996, to limit people in City government to two terms. The rules were changed (and the referendums overturned) by Bloomberg, through the City Council, so that Bloomberg could run for a third term:

    I agree that we should do all we can to defeat Trump. But I think the focus needs to expand beyond beating the person, but also beating the ideology the person represents. And there are a few disturbing elements of Trump’s ideology, such as racism, sexism, and changing rules for self-benefit, that I also see in Bloomberg.

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    • Hi Brendan, I couldn’t agree more. Mike B “donated” 300+ thousand to DNC coffers and lo ‘n behold, the DNC changed the rules allowing Bloomberg to run & debate without caucusing. If that’s not corruption in plain sight?
      Like I’ve been saying for awhile, the Left is not much different than the Right. It takes a billionaire to defeat a billionaire…. really? Do ppl not see the irony?

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    • I’m betting money that Congress will provide far more oversight to any democratic president than they have to Trump! I did see your comment on Jeff’s post, and while I understand, for his racist policies are one of my biggest concerns, I will still vote for him if he is the democratic nominee, and I’ll beg and plead others to do the same. Why? Because I honestly think that if Trump gains another term, we will not see another election in our lifetime. I believe his plan is to stay in office until his death, and they the reins will pass to Junior. Sure, the Constitution strictly prohibits such a thing, but … the Constitution has been trampled many times in the last three years. The DOJ and the Senate have, in essence, said to Trump: Do what you wish … we’ve got your back. And so, while I’m no fan of Bloomberg, I find him far less a danger to this nation than Herr Trump. Sigh. The lesser of two evils, my friend.

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      • I get what you’re saying. At the same time though, I just have this gut feeling based on having him as mayor for 12 years that even if he were to defeat Donald Trump the person, I don’t think he would beat Donald Trump the ideology. On a couple issues, most notably climate change, yes, but on racism, sexism, transparency, big money in politics, and respect for democratic institutions, no. Hopefully the Democrats will realize likewise.

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        • Sigh. I agree with you on all counts. Like you, I hope he is not the nominee, but if he is, I guess it boils down to the lesser of two evils. I think at least Bloomberg has two things that Trump lacks: intelligence and sanity. Sigh.

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  2. Mike B is the perfect dark horse called upon by the DNC to over-ride Sanders – the legitimate candidate. Heck the DNC is working right now to re-establish superdelegate voting. Coincidence? Just follow the money. Buttigieg and Bloomberg are fall guys for the Corporate Democrats, their real agenda is to prevent Sanders from getting the nomination, secondary goal is to defeat Trump. Somehow I don’t see the DNC being too disappointed with 4 more years of Trump, in fact they’re counting on it! Only we suckers who buy into their scam have to suffer with the Orange Nazi. The only good coming out of this farce is more Americans waking up to the fact that we live in a banana republic “Democracy”, a rigged system consistently in favor of the rich & powerful elite ruling class. Perhaps a revolution is in order? Our election process is a joke, the curtain has been drawn & the King with no clothes has been exposed!

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