Good People Doing Good Things — Today You, Tomorrow Me

For today’s ‘good people’ post, I’ve done something a little different … instead of telling you about good people, I am asking you to see one in action … just a small ‘good thing’ by some average people, but … this really warmed my heart and I hope it will yours, too.

29 thoughts on “Good People Doing Good Things — Today You, Tomorrow Me

    • Indeed they are ! Spent most of my life amongst Mexicans and they are more loving and fun loving than most any people I know. I’m like you, I rarely take the time to watch videos, and with my poor hearing, it is often frustrating. But, for some reason this one caught my eye and I am glad it did … glad it caught yours, too!

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  1. Nice bedtime story. I love that scenery though wouldn’t want to be driving out there alone. I was actually helped by a stranger when 20 year old me stupidly ran out of petrol on an Australian country road. The young chap that stopped fortunately turned out to be a saint and not a rapist or murderer!

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    • Ah yes … I did something very similar, only on top of running out of petrol, I had hot-wired my father’s car and was out joy-riding, when a police officer came to see if I needed help! The things we did back in our youth, eh? Glad you liked the clip, though!

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  2. That was a heartwarming story and it happens just like that.So many kindnesses people are ready to do for one another when they find someone in need.It only works though with three things in play, need, kindness and gratitude.It doesn’t work as well when there’s an expectation of help in a bigoted way or in an I’m as rich as Croesus way.We could do with spreading the concept a bit further though, Today You, Tomorrow Me.

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    • I thought so too … it’s so easy when the opportunity arises to be a good people, and I think most do and are. The smallest of things can have a huge impact … we just never know. And you’re right … it doesn’t work when there’s an expectation, or a bloated ego, but fortunately those people are not the majority, but rather the exception to the rule. At least, I hope so.

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    • I thought so too! It’s easy to get caught up in our own lives & problems, but sometimes just a little thing makes a big difference in someone’s life. Yes, a better world is possible, but we’re surely not heading in that direction as a whole.

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