Alexander Vindman is a decorated war hero.  In addition to overseas deployments to South Korea and Germany, Vindman is a combat veteran of the Iraq War, and he served in Iraq from September 2004 to September 2005. In October 2004, he sustained an injury from a roadside bomb in Iraq, for which he received a Purple Heart. He was promoted to the rank of major in 2008, and to lieutenant colonel in September 2015.

Donald Trump is, in essence, a draft dodger who, while men were dying in Vietnam, had his father pay a doctor to say he couldn’t serve because he had blisters on his feet (too much time in golf shoes?)  Donald Trump does not like war heroes … perhaps they make him uncomfortable because they did their duty while he languished in the lap of luxury.  Remember his remarks about John McCain, who received daily beatings at the hands of the North Vietnamese for nearly six years, refusing early release unless every man taken before him was also released?  Trump said he didn’t like people who were captured.  McCain’s plane was shot down … not much he could have done to prevent that.  While Trump was schmoozing with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, playing with whatever woman he chose on any given night, John McCain was suffering unimaginable pain and horror, yet Trump didn’t like him.  Just as he doesn’t like Alexander Vindman.

Vindman, as you recall, testified under oath before the House impeachment hearings in October.  Vindman told the truth, and for his courage, his honesty, he was punished with the loss of his job.  His twin brother, also a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and ethics lawyer for the National Security Council, was also fired … presumably only because his last name is Vindman.  Bad enough … but it doesn’t end there.  Now, Trump is calling for Alexander Vindman’s head, as well.

Trump has expressed his desire for the military to investigate and invoke “disciplinary action” against Alexander Vindman.  Disciplinary action???  So, is it a crime now to tell the truth in the dis-United States of America?

In a press conference, Trump said of Vindman …

“The military can handle him any way they want.”

When asked what he meant by that, he replied …

“That’s going to be up to the military, we’ll have to see, but if you look at what happened, they’re going to certainly, I would imagine, take a look at that.”

Would somebody please teach this man to construct a sentence that makes sense?

With not one shred of evidence, Trump claims that what Vindman reported about Trump’s criminal phone call, the one that Trump says was a “perfect” call, is different than what he actually said.  Of course he says that … he’s the liar in chief, the ‘man’ who wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked him in the ass!

We expect such from Donald Trump, the fat man with a very slim mind, but what’s worse is that others are supporting and defending his actions.  The ignoble Senator Lindsey Graham said, in an interview on Fox News’ American Newsroom …

“I think FBI agents had a political agenda during the investigation of President Trump and they acted on it. I think CIA operatives have been out to try to get the president since he was elected. I think there are people in uniform that can’t accept this result. Because you wear the uniform doesn’t mean you’re exempt from being asked questions. When a military officer engages in a political bias in uniform, they need to be held accountable.”

Political bias???  Lieutenant Colonel Vindman reported, under oath, what he had seen and heard.  Period.  Where’s the ‘political bias’?  Graham, like so many other republicans in Congress, has stopped doing his job and instead is following the Trump agenda.

The Vindmans and Gordon Sondland weren’t the only ones Trump has gone after since the Senate gave him carte blanche last Wednesday.

Jesse K. Liu was, until recently, a U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia.  As such, she inherited certain cases from the Robert Mueller investigation, including those of Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, and … Roger Stone.  Last December, Ms. Liu stepped down from her position, as Trump nominated her for a high-ranking position in the U.S. Treasury Department.  Yesterday, after Trump learned that prosecutors were recommending a sentence of 7-9 years for the facinorous Roger Stone, threw a fit, and caused the “Justice” Department to lower their recommendation, Trump withdrew Ms. Liu’s nomination.

The Vindmans, Sondland, Liu … all cases of pure petty revenge on the part of the person who holds the highest office of the land.  These are only the beginning.  Last Wednesday, 53 U.S. Senators handed Mr. Trump the keys to the kingdom.  They told him that whatever he does, they “have his back”.  This is only the beginning of what will likely become the darkest period in the history of this nation.revenge-4

34 thoughts on “Revenge

    • I agree … but, I think that this past week or so, there has been so much to be outraged over that our heads are just spinning. I, however, am outraged to the point that I just want to … punch something! So far, though, my walls are safe.


  1. Remember to constantly check and recheck your voter registration to avoid being purged from the rolls. Remind your friends and family to do the same.

    America has fought many wars against varying forces and managed to come out victorious. We can do this again in November, but every single person has to do their part.

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    • Yes, just last night I made a note to do that this week. I checked a few months ago, but I must do so again, as well as remind friends and family … although, since many of my friends are Trump-lovers, perhaps I shan’t remind them!

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  2. Trump has already blackened the Department of Justice. Now he’s trying to drag the Pentagon into it. As for Lindsey Graham, I saw a film on the news showing him eagerly running to get his golf clubs so he could follow Trump around the course. He reminds me of the weak kid in school who tags along after the school bully and takes pride in just being near his hero. The whole disgusting business is extremely sad to witness. Trump seems to be hopeless but I wish the rest of these guys would grow up. This infantile behavior does not become them. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • You’ve hit the nail on the head with your description of Lindsey … the weak kid who tags after the bully. Lindsey changes his tune more than any other I know of. I do hope he is voted out in November, and Mitch McConnell as well. I don’t look for them to change their stripes … we need to just get rid of them.


  3. It’s so disheartening—and of course defies any rationality. Scarier still is that the “once honorable” (?) Bill Barr has become the Roy Cohn that trump has been longing for.

    I am looking forward to the “what next?” that you and Jeff are working on. We must emphasize the positive and just keep on keeping on.

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    • It is disheartening, discouraging, and … infuriating. Although the anger takes a toll on me, I prefer it to the discouragement. Sigh. William Barr was once well respected, and he chose to sell his soul downriver for the likes of Trump. My sincere hope is that he, and all the other sycophants, live to regret it.

      Working on it tonight, in fact! Normally, it would have been written and edited by now, but the past week has shattered my focus, so I’m a bit behind. Stay tuned!

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  4. Jill, what Trump and Graham don’t realize is when bosses screw over staff, fellow employees notice. They see how fine employees are maltreated by unscrupulous bosses. Trump is not a leader, nor can he fathom why he is not. Graham has turned into the biggest of toadies. His opinion must be diacounted along with the president. Keith

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    • No, Trump is not a leader … he rules by intimidation, as we’ve seen multiple times. He’s a tyrant. And yes, Graham is a toady in the worst sort of way … I can only imagine what John McCain would say of his best friend were he alive today. Apparently, these people have packed their values into a bag and thrown it into the ocean. Will they get their comeuppance? I used to think it was a matter of time, but now I’m not so sure.


  5. I hope as Trump becomes more and more senile that paranoia steps in. He can start finding fault with cronies like Lindsay Graham or Moscow Mitch until he has no support left. They won’t have the jobs he once confirmed them in. He won’t have friend left.The keys of th kingdom will be Democratic.

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    • Oh he’s already plenty paranoid. He sees shadows even on a cloudy day. But, it only makes him more determined to slay his enemies. You may be right that eventually he will come to see shadows even in the likes of Graham or Moscow Mitch … we can only hope. Sigh.


  6. It’s a mess. The Democrats are happily arguing amongst themselves and the moderates on the right have gone to ground. In the UK was that Boris would just implode so the opposition just had to sit and wait for it to happen. Well that went well. Get the same impression about the states. Has to change quickly or they are not going to be in power for a long time.

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    • The Democrats are happily arguing amongst themselves and the moderates on the right have gone to ground.


      It is still 9 months until the election. It is premature to jump to conclusions.

      What I am seeing, is that the Democrats are relatively united (compared to what usually happens), and they have a field of candidates that they can support. They just need to narrow down that field.

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    • You’ve nailed it. If the democrats can’t stop the infighting, they will doom this nation. And then there’s Bloomberg, trying to buy the election. Sigh. I must give Boris kudos for one thing, though … standing firm against Trump. Even though I’m no fan of Huawei, I applauded when Boris didn’t bow to Trump’s “demand” that Boris not allow them in. Sigh. Funny the small things we take hope from, isn’t it. Hugs, my friend.

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  7. And the shredding of our once proud document called the U.S Constitution continues…unabated. I wonder what John McCain would be saying with all of this going on? What would he think of his once best friend and defender Lindsay Graham? There surely is some fidgeting going on in his grave….

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