Is it time for The Office of Public Prosecutions?

The nation … at least those of us who aren’t drinking Trump’s toxic concoction, is aghast at the breech of protocol in the Department of Justice regarding the Roger Stone case. Our friend Jeff has done some research into the way some other nations have gone about ensuring that the Department of Justice is not influenced by the government, but rather remains independent in order to maintain the rule of law. I hope you’ll take a minute to read Jeff’s piece, for this is something that will affect us all for years, perhaps decades to come. Thanks Jeff!

On The Fence Voters

In the age of Trumpism, it’s time to look how other countries ensure an independent Justice Department

During the Trump era, it’s rare that I agree with anything Alan Dershowitz says. The 81-year-old ‘TV’ lawyer has gone off the deep end it seems, especially when you consider his ridiculous performance during the recent impeachment trial.

But once in a while, he gets it right. A few nights ago on CNN, he was debating his former pupil, Jeffrey Toobin, concerning the recent intervention of Bill Barr into Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendation from federal prosecutors. Dershowitz, of course, first sided with Trump on the issue, saying that he did have the ‘legal’ right to intervene in that particular case. There was nothing in the law that says he couldn’t do it.

But then he also explained that it wasn’t right for him to do so. Because of the long understood norms and…

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11 thoughts on “Is it time for The Office of Public Prosecutions?

  1. It’s on-going! No end in sight! He is sick and yet…. he is supported by so many! It’s so hard to comprehend! Everyday…is a battle! I need to take a break…. Going to watch some reruns of “LAW & Order Special Victims”. I need a break! Going to pour a cold glass of milk and grab a slice of chocolate cake. Talk amongst yourselves! I’ll be back, soon. 💙

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    • We must bring about the end on November 3rd, my friend. That is our last best hope, and while it may not look good at the moment, I still have hope and I want you to, also! Otherwise, we give up, and then what? So, have your cake and milk … ohhhh … can I have some too??? And then dust yourself off, for it’s going to be a long 8 months, and I need you! ❤

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  2. Can’t you just see Mitch being named as the first director of this office? It is a great idea so probably will never happen. the Turnip is kinda dense when it comes to loving good ideas. Besides, that would diminish his kingdom, take away some of his super powers awarded to him by — HIMSELF! If we could only get enough people here to the polls and get Twitchy Mitchy out of Washington it could help more than even David’s cold milk, although with a peanut butter sandwich —-/ I like the idea of dropping them in Antarctica and let them try that long walk home. It’s cold enough there all year to preserve the bodies for centuries. Not that I can see the world lasting many more decades with all the problems of today.
    I still tout my own solution to all this nonsense. give all the leaders of all the countries that want war a weapon (not of mass destruction), plant them in an empty place somewhere, preferable at the top of a very high mountain, and let them fight each other and leave all of the young men and women at home with their families. And I mean ALL of the leaders, everyone in congress or parliament who wants war and destruction. The last man or woman standing wins, but never political office again!
    Thanks for steering me to a great new site, Jill.


    • Oh no no no no no!!!! 😱 I want to see Mitch stripped of every title, sent home in shame in November! But, you’re right, it won’t happen under this administration for sure. Perhaps, if we can elect a sensible president this time around, and a sensible Congress, the idea might get due consideration. Hopefully this nation has learned its lesson about a number of things, this being one, and the power of the executive office being another. I think it will be time to close some loopholes, write in some restrictive laws that prevent this nightmare from ever recurring.

      I like your solution just fine! Leave the rest of us to live in peace. Problem is … we’re so divided now along party lines, but also along the lines of bigotry, that I don’t know if we could live in peace, even under the best of circumstances.

      I’m so glad you like Jeff’s blog! He and I are working on an ongoing project together, called Discord & Dissension, that I think you might like. We publish once a week on Fridays, alternating between Jeff and me. Here is a link to the Table of Contents, in case your interested … but please don’t feel obligated!

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  3. Maybe the times call for something drastic, but in the meantime, ice cold milk is much nicer than Trump’s Toxic Concoction that doesn’t even have a good name.You need to send swat teams to kidnap Barr and Moscow Mitch. Trump won’t know how to operate without those two so he might have to replace Bill Barr with someone from the DOJ who may just be an honest lawyer. He will appoint one of his minions in the Senate to replace Moscow Mitch but who won’t have his strength and who may be persuaded to send through some of the bipartisan bills from the House and that may just be the start of the flood.
    I suggest you strand the two kidnapees in Antarctica where it’s a very long walk to the next bust stop and the diet may be boring. It may just be time to start making some people pay for their crimes when they get back.

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    • Yep, ice-cold milk, water, wine, hot coffee … almost any beverage would be preferable to the poison he peddles. Well, the SWAT teams isn’t a bad idea, but … he would just find somebody equally nasty to replace Barr. And Trump wouldn’t get to replace Moscow Mitch … the governor of Kentucky would, but since he’s now a democrat, that might well work out. Antarctica is a great place for them … and Lindsey and Shea and Nunes and a bunch of others. And, they wouldn’t be able to ride an ice floe back, for the ice is all melting. I think a lot of people need to be made to pay for their crimes, and you have some great ideas! 😉

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