Filosofa is Snarky … Again

♫ I feel snarky, I feel snarky … ♫  Oh … hi!  In case you didn’t hear, I am feeling a bit snarky this afternoon!  But then, when don’t I feel snarky these days?

What the heck are they doing???

Today marks 173 years since rescuers first reached the Donner party who had been stranded by a snowstorm as they tried to make their way across the Sierra-Nevada Mountains.  The Donner story is a tragic one … of the 89 people that set out from Springfield, Illinois, in the summer of 1846, only 45 would survive.  But what the Donner story is most well-known for is that after they killed and ate their dogs and pack animals to keep from starving, they then began to eat their own, even killing two Native Americans who had joined their party, and roasting them.

Why, you ask, do I bring up the Donner story now?  They ate their own.  There is a parallel between the Donner party in 1846-47 and the Democratic Party in 2020, for the democrats seem to be hellbent and determined to lose the election in November by eating their own.

Bernie Sanders is polling at the head of the pack, a full 16 points ahead of #2 candidate Joe Biden.  So, wouldn’t you think democrats would get behind Bernie, help lift him?  After all, the democrats have stated more than once that the goal is to beat Trump, and much as I hate it, much as I would prefer to see a campaign based on the issues, I agree that the reign of Donald Trump must come to an end.

But, instead of patting Bernie on the back, helping make his candidacy even stronger, the pack is trying to eat Bernie!  Now, what sense does that make?  According to Politico, a democratic group called the Big Tent Project, has launched a million-dollar ad campaign in South Carolina and Nevada intended to bash Senator Sanders.  They are running two ads.  The first accuses Sanders of dumping waste in Latino communities — and profiting from it.

The second ad goes to the heart of some of the more moderate democrats’ concerns, that his plans are too aggressive, and too expensive.  The script …

“Socalist Bernie Sanders promises the world. But at what cost? Sixty trillion in new spending. Losing our private health care. Largest middle-class tax hike ever. The cost? Another four years of Donald Trump.”

Wow … why not just shoot him and be done with it?  The jackals who are stirring this pot are the very ones who will be handing Donald Trump the keys to the kingdom and he will stay in office until his death.  With our luck, he’ll live to be 100.

Come on, democrats … wake up!  Bernie Sanders is NOT the enemy, nor is Elizabeth Warren or Pete Buttigieg or Joe Biden.  The enemy is sitting on his fat ass eating a Big Mac on the Resolute desk in the Oval Office!  STOP the damn infighting, stop supporting groups that put out these ads!  Believe me, the republicans will be running a full-throttle campaign of ads against Sanders and all the others … the democrats don’t need to join forces with them!  I can hear the republicans laughing now, saying, “Hell, boys, we don’t need to waste money on ads … they’re doin’ it for us!”

“United we stand, divided we fall” – John Dickinson

“Divide et impera” (Divide and conquer) – Julius Caesar

In other news …

According to The Guardian …

“Donald Trump offered Julian Assange a pardon if he would say Russia was not involved in leaking Democratic party emails, a court in London has been told.

The extraordinary claim was made at Westminster magistrates court before the opening next week of Assange’s legal battle to block attempts to extradite him to the US.

Assange’s barrister, Edward Fitzgerald QC, referred to evidence alleging that the former US Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher had been to see Assange, now 48, while he was still in the Ecuadorian embassy in August 2017.

A statement from Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson shows “Mr Rohrabacher going to see Mr Assange and saying, on instructions from the president, he was offering a pardon or some other way out, if Mr Assange … said Russia had nothing to do with the DNC leaks”, Fitzgerald told Westminster magistrates court.

District Judge Vanessa Baraitser, who is hearing the case at Westminster, said the evidence is admissible.

Assange is wanted in America to face 18 charges, including conspiring to commit computer intrusion, over the publication of US cables a decade ago.

He could face up to 175 years in jail if found guilty. He is accused of working with the former US army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to leak hundreds of thousands of classified documents.”

Can we say … WITNESS TAMPERING?????  Yet another criminal and impeachable offense to add to the ever-growing list.  Yo … republican senators!!!  Wake UP!!!

Okay, my blood pressure is sufficiently high … I’m going to go wash dishes and fold laundry now.

35 thoughts on “Filosofa is Snarky … Again

  1. The Donner party story always intrigued me. I think I’d just run away. I mean, I’d die alone in the fold but who cares? I won’t have to eat Uncle Bob at least. Haha. I’d rather die with a conscience.

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    • Actually, the two Native Americans were trying to run away, as they feared for their lives once the party started eating those who had died, but after just a day or two, some of the party found them and … shot them, then … well, the rest is history. It is definitely an interesting story — the Donner party — albeit sad and gruesome.

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  2. Jill, I mentioned in a comment on an earlier post, five GOP Congresspeople from Illinois begged Trump not to pardon Blagojevich noting the progress being made in the state on corruption. Their opinions did not matter. Like his pardoner, Blagojevich said he did nothing wrong. Really? He was caught on tape bribing a healthcare official and sold Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder.

    What I still cannot fathom is why obvious corruption, deceit and favoring criminal behavior does not sink in as a problem to supposed leaders in the Senate? Did Trump make that offer to Assange – I don’t know, but I would not be surprised if he did. Keith

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    • Yes, I saw where Blagojevich said he is now a “freed political prisoner”. B.S.! He is a lowlife criminal without a shred of integrity.

      As for the senators … they have been bought and sold, and their consciences burned to ashes. Those oaths they took? They’ve long since forgotten. My hope is that every last one of them lose their next elections. McConnell and Graham are up this year, so they can be relegated to the annals of history. I suspect, given Trump’s past record, he did make the offer to Assange. Here’s how this will work … First, he’ll deny it, then he’ll say he can’t remember, then he’ll say that he did, but it was a ‘perfect’ offer, and then he’ll say “So what?” Sigh.

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      • Jill, per a news report, here is confirmation of the offer by Rohrabacher per Yahoo News!

        “Former California Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher confirmed in a new interview that during a three-hour meeting at the Ecuadorian Embassy in August 2017, he told Julian Assange he would get President Trump to give him a pardon if he turned over information proving the Russians had not been the source of internal Democratic National Committee emails published by WikiLeaks.”

        The questions that should be asked:
        1) why does Trump want to go to bat so much for Russia?
        2) why is he disagreeing with his intelligence officials?
        3) why is he wanting to blame an ally like Ukraine with a false narrative?
        4) why are Senators who swore an oath to the constitution not addressing this security risk

        A bold view of the above, which follows former Senator John McCain’s line of thinking after Trump kowtowed to Putin in Helsinki, is the president is a traitor, more concerned with his own hide than our country. To be frank, I am hard pressed to debate McCain on his thinking.

        A less bold view is Trump does not give a rats ass about anything other than himself and getting reelected. The correct answer lies between those poles. Keith

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        • Well … I’m glad to have it confirmed, strange as that may sound, for I was pretty sure it was true, but there was that little shadow of a doubt nagging in my head. Your four questions … you or I could easily enough answer them, I think. He is first and foremost, looking out for #1 — himself. And, if he must sell the integrity of the entire nation downstream to keep his power and increase his wealth … he will do whatever it takes, hence the claim of treason. The last question, though … that’s the one that bothers me most. We know what Trump is, but some of those senators had good reputations, had upheld their oath and worked for their people. But all of a sudden … they have no values, no ethics, no integrity … it’s their country too! You’d think they would care a little bit! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  3. Hello Jill. It is well known the corporate Democrats in charge of the party and the corporate media both want the status quo as it was before tRump when they were all making money and just doing the bare minimum to keep the people from revolting. I have heard it said the Democrats were paid by big money donors to lose to the Republicans in congress. History has clearly shown that in the 1980’s when the Democratic party shifted right and started to abandon the lower incomes and poor, they gained big money donors but started losing elections, local, state, and federal. Think on this, the DNC made Bernie sign a pledge to support who ever won the nomination, and he has said in almost every speech we must come together behind who ever the nominee is. Yet recently Hillary was giving news interviews saying she wouldn’t support Bernie if he was the nominee. Plus other ranking party members have also said they wouldn’t support Sanders. Say what? It seems this loyalty to the nominee goes only one way. The truth is the centrist Democrats are terrified of the progressives as they are representing the will of the people for a real change in who congress represents, the people instead of the big money donors. What they don’t realize is that if they don’t start meeting the needs of the people there will be a revolution they can not control. Look how hard the corporate media had pushed first Biden, then Buttigieg, and now Klobuchar. They are desperate to force a moderate on to the people. Now they are pushing Bloomberg, who is really not the Democrat the people want, in policies not a Democrat at all. He still supports Republicans for office. Seems to me the party leaders are now hoping for a contested convention. Hugs

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    • Well, if the democrats in high positions are hoping to return to a ‘pre-Trumpian era’, they will be in for a rude awakening, for our government will never be quite the same. Going forward, assuming Trump is defeated in November, laws will be made to add layers of protection to the protections already afforded by the Constitution, to ensure that no person can ever again use the office of the president for their own personal gain, can never again rule by executive order, and can never again be “above the law”. Money in politics is 85% of the problem, and we have the Supreme Court to thank for that, in the cases of McCutcheon v FEC and Citizens United v FEC. With these two rulings, the Court ensured that elections could be bought and paid for by special interest groups such as the NRA, the fossil fuel industry, and the manufacturers of military hardware. Bloomberg … is an arrogant, misogynistic racist, not much better than Donald Trump. But, he is not Donald Trump and while I do not believe him qualified for the office of president, find him to be odious, I will vote for him if he should be the nominee. I only hope that he isn’t. Right now, I’m mostly curious to see who each of the six remaining candidates would choose for their running mate, for that will speak volumes. Not a single one of the candidates is likely to have a majority of the delegates, which will put the DNC in a tough spot. Sigh. What a mess, huh? Hugs.

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    • How could I forget Harry Dunn 😥 Yep, Assange ought to have to face the music for his crimes, but since he will only be pardoned, and then probably given a job in Trump’s administration, he should stay on the other side of the pond where he is basically a prisoner anyway. I hear he’s in poor health … awwww pobrecito!

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  4. Jill, I was watching Stephanie Rhule on MSNBC this morning. She had a multi-millionaire on who happens to be a big-time Dem donor. He’s the former CEO of Diamond Resorts I guess. I don’t remember his name(and frankly don’t care!). But his main mantra is: “Anybody but Bernie.” And, for good measure he said Bernie was an anarchist who wanted to burn America down. This is where we are Jill. While the current POTUS really IS burning America, we have others in the Party who apparently would rather tear down who they don’t like. This is NOT helping!!!!

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    • Incredible these establishment elites/ CEOs don’t even try to hide their position. They are so against the working class, they would prefer Trump over Bernie when it comes to their bottom line, tax cuts, minimum wage etc. Their greed is what will take America down, by Trump’s hands if necessary. Bloomberg preferably.

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    • No, Jeff … not helping at all. Sigh. Did you watch tonight’s debate? Silly question … of course you did. It was the first one I watched from start to finish, for I wanted to see how Bloomberg handled the heat, and … I was not in the least bit impressed with him. He came off as arrogant and those eye-rolls were as if he felt he was above all this, shouldn’t even have to answer to the rest of the pack. I was especially put off by his remarks about the non-disclosure agreements by the women who had reported sexual aggression in his companies. I’ll vote for him if I have to, but I liked the other 5 much better. Yes, this nation is in quite a mess, and the blind ignorance of the republicans floors me.

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      • Yep, I watched it and had the same view as you. He was not ready for primetime. You’d think he’d be a little more prepared, right? But with his money, he will still be viable for as long as he wants to keep cutting huge checks. I really think he’s in this to stop Bernie. That’s his main objective, I think. But so far, Bernie looks like he’s gaining steam, not retreating. Super Tuesday will tell us a lot I think. If he cleans up, he’s going to be tough to beat.

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        • Indeed, he certainly lacked preparedness, and also seemed to have left his personality at home … if he has one, that is. I think he could make a much better contribution by financially supporting another candidate, rather than running himself, for it became painfully obvious to me last night that he is no more qualified to be president than Trump. The one word that describes him best is arrogant, and I have no tolerance for arrogance. I find it odd that so many people are supposedly put off by the term “democratic socialist”, and yet Bernie is polling far and away higher than the rest of the pack. Given the likelihood that no one candidate will end up with a clear majority, that only adds to the chaos and turmoil. Right now, my biggest concern is getting people out to vote even if their favourite isn’t the nominee.

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