Considering Michael Bloomberg And A Worry For Another Time

Greg is the other half of On the Fence Voters, though for a number of reasons, he has been unable to post for several months. But, yesterday he wrote a very thoughtful and thought-provoking post about Michael Bloomberg’s candidacy, and he brought up some points that I think we must all be willing to consider. Please take a few minutes to read this excellent post and let Greg know your thoughts! Thank you, Greg, and it’s great to hear from you!

On The Fence Voters

I’ve heard a lot of disapproving talk about Michael Bloomberg trying to ‘buy’ his way into the Presidency, and it’s certainly understandable.  It’s true that electing our president should only be about finding the best man or woman to lead our country.  It shouldn’t be about who can outspend all the others, but unfortunately that’s what it’s come to in America.  In this election year, however, our top priority must be in nominating whichever candidate seems most likely to defeat Donald Trump. We should be thinking of almost nothing else. Money in our politics is definitely a problem but I think this time around, it’s a worry for another time.

It doesn’t bother me so much that Bloomberg has unlimited funds to spend in his campaign because I think there are simply too many other pressing concerns.  I admit I’m looking for a savior.  Most people I talk to are…

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19 thoughts on “Considering Michael Bloomberg And A Worry For Another Time

    • Yep, we’ve all had that same thought. So, it boils down to the ‘lesser of two evils’. But … I truly believe that if Trump is re-elected, at the end of his term we will be stuck with a dictator-for-life. And … I think that during those 4 years, we will go through hell, with people dying for lack of medical care, being jailed for protesting, and that the free press will cease to exist in this country. So … if Bloomberg is the only other choice, then yeah, I’ll vote for him. Sigh.

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  1. OK, I’m ready to listen to Mr Bloomberg even though I doubt he’s had an epiphany regarding people of colour. That’s a horrible trait to have sitting in the White House as you’ve already see. At the moment the only way to get rid of Trump is not to divide the vote and yes you’re right the people will decide who they like. It’s whether the voters for the disappointed ones will carry their votes for the person in the lead after all the talk.He’s going to need to have some good plans for Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security as well as the homeless problem and getting the Country back to the way it was with the Paris Agreement in place and working and all the latest park land sales to coal and timber merchants cancelled. Time to get your allies back again.
    I think Bloomberg can buy Trump many times over and I just hope this exercise isn’t to show him that then turn out to be a Republican anyway.

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    • David, all Presidential candidates lie, no surprise there. Bloomberg tells blatant lies about his environmental policy, medicare reform, social security etc but he has absolutely no plan to change anything… all empty campaign promises disguised as truth b/c he has unlimited ad spending to convince the gullible among us to vote for him. He is an elite Republican psychopath disguised in Democrat clothing for sure!

      “Some clever people figured out a long time ago that humans live in two worlds: the real world and the narrative world. The narrative world consists of the mental chatter which occupies the majority of most people’s moment-to-moment interest and attention. The real world is everything else: life as it is, without the stories about what life is.

      The clever people figured out that you can get folks to give you real things in the real world, just by giving them narratives in the narrative world. Use your control over your society’s dominant narratives and you can get people to hand you real wealth and power in exchange for a bunch of made-up stories of fear and inadequacy and factionalism and otherness. Manipulative men can get real-life sexual favors in exchange for narratives about love and romance. Manipulative priests can get your real-life tithes in exchange for narratives about imaginary deities. Manipulative politicians can get your real-life votes in exchange for narratives about imaginary terrorists. Manipulative billionaires can use the rewards of your real-life labor in exchange for units of an imaginary financial system which exists solely as a narrative construct. They figured out a way to get everything for nothing.

      Humans are not difficult to manipulate. I am not difficult to manipulate. You are not difficult to manipulate. If you don’t appreciate this fact, you make yourself even easier to manipulate. It’s not difficult to mock the people who’ve been manipulated into supporting Bloomberg. What is difficult is coming to terms with the fact that you yourself, and indeed your entire species, have many glitches in your cognitive processes which can be, have been, and will continue to be exploited by adept manipulators.

      All we can do is make this conscious. Like everything else in this struggle, the solution to the mind’s intrinsic hackability is bringing the light of consciousness to it. Manipulators cannot operate in an environment with too much awareness of their tricks.

      Mike Bloomberg is a terrible human being. But at the very least he may operate as a catalyst for this consciousness.”

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    • You’ve hit the nail … a few nails, actually … squarely on the head. Bloomberg seemed more concerned with defending and deflecting his racism and misogyny in last night’s debate, rather than apologetic. And, the big question is whether voters whose favourite candidate didn’t win the nomination will still vote for the nominee. Yes, Bloomberg can buy Trump some 21 times over, by my calculations, but … that doesn’t make him electable. From what I’ve been reading, he can also hold his own with Trump on sexist language and vulgarity. Sigh. I think at this point, of the six remaining in the ring, Bloomberg is my least favourite and I really, really hope he doesn’t get the nomination. But, if he does, I will vote for him and then be sick.

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