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If ever there is a day that I don’t feel snarky about something, we’ll know that either a) the republicans are all out of office and sanity has been restored to our government, or b) I’m dead.  So, here’s today’s batch of snark from Filosofa!

Who, exactly, is president???

Apparently, Donald Trump forgets the office he holds, for just last night he called for (former) President Barack Obama to be impeached!  On Thursday evening, Trump conducted one of his carnival acts, otherwise known as a rally.  Pundits were left shaking their heads when he said …

“President Obama, 28 times he said, ‘keep your doctor, keep your plan. keep your doctor, keep your plan… Right?  It was a lie. We should impeach him. We should impeach him.  Impeach Obama. Get him out of office.”

Um … isn’t he already out of office?  Did I miss something here?

Many of us have been saying for a long time that there is something seriously wrong with Trump’s mental health, and I think this should be proof enough!  He doesn’t realize, even though he himself replaced President Obama, that Obama is … no longer in office!  Who doesn’t know what???  Next he’ll be wanting to invite Adolf Hitler for tea at the White House!

C’mon, Mike Pence … initiate that 25th Amendment!  Here’s all the proof you need!

Open mouth, insert foot

Last year, Alabama passed one of the strictest abortion bans in the nation.  As I said at the time, lawmakers knew it would be challenged in the courts, and that was exactly the purpose … to push it up the line, all the way to the Supreme Court, thereby giving the Court an opportunity to overturn Roe v Wade.  As a woman, this infuriates me, but we’ve been over all that before, and it isn’t my purpose today to reiterate my position on women’s rights.

In response, Alabama state representative Rolanda Hollis introduced a proposal to force men to have vasectomies when they reach the age of 50, and also calls for mandatory vasectomies after a man sires his third biological child.  Sure, the proposal was never expected nor intended to become law, but rather to show just how unfair, how sexually biased the abortion ban is.  The intent was to make a point, and personally I applaud the effort … though if it were me, I would have done it a bit differently … I would have called for a Lorena Bobbit treatment for any male accused of any form of sexual abuse.

Enter Ted Cruz.  Now, Ted is from Texas, not Alabama, so … I don’t really know why he rang in, but I’m glad he did, for he pointed out the utter hypocrisy of those who would take control of a woman’s body away from her.  Here’s what ol’ Ted tweeted …

“Yikes.  A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything…literally! Alabama Democrat proposes bill mandating all men have vasectomy at age 50 or after third child.”

See it?  See the utter and complete hypocrisy???  Ted is appalled that the government might impose its will on men’s reproductive ‘rights’, and yet … he’s perfectly comfortable with the government imposing its will on women’s reproductive rights!  Good one, Teddy!!!  For the record, Ted Cruz is strongly against women’s rights when it comes to the abortion issue.

And just as an aside … since when is a man’s ‘right’ to sire a child …“everything … literally”?  Does he think that is his sole purpose in life?  🙄


Donald Trump got a little carried away with his pardon pen last week.  One of the people he pardoned was Rod Blagojevich.  Actually, I’m surprised he didn’t do it sooner, for I wrote nearly two years ago, May 2018, that he was considering it.  Blagojevich, you may remember, was the governor of Illinois when he was convicted for trying to sell the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama.

Now, Blagojevich has spent 8 years of his 14-year sentence and is now a free man.  Is he repentant, ashamed?  Ha ha … you’ve got to be kidding!  No, he is now referring to himself as a “freed political prisoner”.  Hardly, Rod.  Yesterday, he appeared on CNN for an interview with Anderson Cooper where he accused “a handful of corrupt prosecutors” of “lying to the jury” about his actions.

blagojevichDuring his tenure as governor, Blagojevich was charged with corruption and impeached by the state Legislature in 2009. His charges included trying to solicit money for an appointment to former President Barack Obama’s US Senate seat after he won the presidency. He was also accused of shakedowns involving a children’s hospital, a racetrack owner and a building executive.  He broke laws.  He is a criminal.  And yet, he calls himself a ‘political prisoner’, and Donald Trump has now pardoned him.  Why?  Well, one could speculate, I suppose, that it might have a little something with the fact that Blagojevich was once a guest on Trump’s old television show.  Trump’s explanation, tweeted of course …

“Rod Blagojevich did not sell the Senate seat. He served 8 years in prison, with many remaining. He paid a big price. Another Comey and gang deal!”

Oh … so if you attempt to commit a crime, but fail, then you should not be punished, but should be left free to try, try again?

On the same day Trump pardoned Blagojevich, he pardoned ten others, all criminals who deserved the sentences they got, all nasty characters, or as Trump would say about others, “bad hombres”.  Why?  Why now, given that we know he was considering a pardon for Blagojevich as early as May 2018?  Because he can.  When the United States Senate acquitted Donald Trump of the two articles of impeachment, in essence they said … “You can and may do whatever you wish and we will not move to stop you.  We will turn a blind eye, so have at it … give it your best shot!”  And that, my friends, is how monsters are created.

21 thoughts on “All New Snarky Snippets

  1. Impeach Obama, huh? Did the rally attendees start chanting “Impeach Obama! Impeach Obama!” If so, it demonstrates they have the same amount of mental acuity as their idol. But then, we already knew that.

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  2. Jill, good snarks. His followers have to shake their heads at least at some of his inanity. What is a good barometer is Bernie is apprised the Russians are meddling in the election and he tells Putin to back off. Trump’s acting intelligence director tells the House that Russia continues to meddle and Trump fires him. McCain said Trump’s acquiesence to Putin on Russian meddling over his own intelligence people’s opinions is astounding. And, he is still doing it.

    So, we have a national security risk in the White House, but no Republican senator except one can openly say this is wrong. By the way, Blogojevich and Trump are of the same cloth – both are corrupt and untruthful and neither believe they do anything wrong. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith! One concern I have regarding the Russians ‘helping’ Bernie is … the most logical reason for them to do so is that Trump & Co believe that of the top 3, Bernie would be easiest for him to beat. What you want to bet that when and if Bernie becomes the nominee, the Russians will no longer be helping him. And even though he tells them to stop, with the current situation in the intelligence community, there is likely little that can or will be done to stop them.


      • Jill, Trump has already tipped his hand. He will call Bernie a Communist as he did in an interview. They, of course, are not the same thing, but Trump knows he can influence people with labels. A key truth about Trump is he looks for props to sell with. He knows most Americans are uninformed or misinformed and are easy foils. He is insulting to his audience that does not realize they are being insulted – the shooting someone on 5th Avenue is just one example. Keith

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        • No, not at all the same thing, but far too many people in this country don’t care enough to educate themselves, and that, my friend, is our biggest problem. But yes, Trump knows how to “divide and conquer”, how to instill a fear, and thus a hatred of ‘other’ with his faux rhetoric. The old saying that “ignorance is bliss”? It’s a lie.


  3. I saw ‘Blago’ on Cooper. I’ll just say this Jill…Anderson let him have it. I can’t remember seeing him that pissed. It was an awesome sight to see. I dream of a journalist doing the same to Trump. Sadly, we’ll never see that. I can hope though, right?

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