The Purge Continues …

It was on the 8th of this month that I wrote “The Purge Begins …”   At that time, I had no intention of it requiring a follow-up, or becoming an ongoing saga, but that is exactly what has happened.

I told you about Joseph Maguire, acting Director of National Intelligence being ousted for the sole reason that he was doing his job, and in the course of his job, he apprised Congress that the Russians are continuing their campaign of interfering in our upcoming elections.  Trump doesn’t want Congress, or by extension, We the People to know that his buddy Putin is already working hard to put Trump back in the Oval Office next year.  Maguire was replaced by a highly unqualified Richard Grenell who has absolutely no background in intelligence.  But it doesn’t stop there. Trump-tweet-swampDozens of policy experts have been cleared out of the National Security Council staff. A deputy national security adviser dogged by innuendo about disloyalty was exiled to the Energy Department. A Trump appointee’s nomination for a top Treasury Department post was pulled. The No. 3 official at the Defense Department was shown the door.  Johnny McEntee, a 29-year-old loyalist just installed to take over the Office of Presidential Personnel and reporting directly to Mr. Trump, has ordered a freeze on all political appointments across the government.  But now here’s the scariest part … McEntee also convened a meeting to instruct departments to search for people not devoted to the president so they can be removed, according to people briefed about the session, and informed colleagues that he planned to tell cabinet secretaries that the White House would be choosing their deputies from now on.

This is unheard of.  This makes my hair stand on end. loyaltyBut wait … I’m not done yet.  Grenell has only been acting DNI for three days, and already he has fired Andrew P. Hallman, the popular principal executive, who had been acting as the top deputy.  In his place, he hired Kashyap Patel, a senior National Security Council staff member and former key aide to … wait for it … the weasel Representative Devin Nunes.  Patel’s mandate?  To ‘clean house’. 

It appears that political appointees may also feel the sting of the whip, for those considered insufficiently committed to the president or suspected of not aggressively advancing his agenda will be out. Folks … this is not how a democratic government is run.  Donald Trump referred to himself as ‘king’ in a recent tweet.  The Founders of this nation were very clear that they did not want this nation to ever be under the rule of a king or despot, and yet today, that is exactly where we are headed.

What bothers me most, though, is that some 40% of the people in this nation would rather give up our independence, our right to know what our government is doing, and our right to be free of tyranny, than to give up Donald Trump.  Ask them why.  They cannot give you a well-reasoned answer.  They will call you names … the other night I was dubbed an ‘ignorant bitch’ for asking a reasonable question of a trumpeter.

Republican or Democrat, people simply must wake up very quickly and see these staffing changes as what they are:  a purge.

Last week, Trump pardoned eleven criminals, including former Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich, as I told you yesterday.  He is likely to pardon Roger Stone if Stone is denied a new trial.  I can’t help but wonder if his reason is he plans to replace some of those who have been fired with these criminals.  Before you say, “Nah, couldn’t possibly happen”, I’d ask that you think about all the things we’ve said couldn’t possibly happen, yet did happen over the past three years.pardonsTrump’s goal, it would seem, is to ensure that he can act with impunity and the public will never know.  He said in a radio interview that he may drastically limit how many national security officials can listen in on his calls with foreign leaders, breaking from decades of White House procedure. “I may end the practice entirely,” he said.  So, he could make any arrangement with any foreign leader … and we would never know.

Oh … one last thing.  You know those checks and balances the Constitution calls for?  Don’t hold your breath on those working.  Congress?  Well, look what happened with the impeachment trial.  The Supreme Court?  I would laugh, but I’m feeling too ill right about now.  I’m not typically an alarmist, but friends … all I’ve got to say to you about this is … Be afraid … be very afraid.  Better yet … be angry … be furious and vote the bastard out on November 3rd!darkness

37 thoughts on “The Purge Continues …

  1. Being a Trump Pet means not being in a proper state of mind. They have given him their hearts and minds. He tells them what to hear and see. Trumpism is now the largest religious sect in America, and like any religion, he doesn’t pay taxes. Even the IRS bow to him.
    The best thing someone can do for him is turn him into a martyr.

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    • Yes, I remember a few years ago at one of his rallies when he told the crowd that what they see and what they hear is ‘not real’. 🙄 I’ve concluded that the key is the evangelicals who have been told — and believe — that he was sent here by god. They form the largest base of his support. The only thing, I think, that is going to dislodge them from him is if they hear him mocking them, hear him say that he’s been playing them for fools. If only there were a tape … Conversely, I’d settle for turning him into a martyr of sorts, as long as all the truth comes out afterward so that people don’t sicken us with their continual praise of him.


  2. It would be better if it never reached Nov 3rd and found just what you’re voting for, Despot, King ot future ruler of the World. Just hope Trump goes too far with the Democrats and they turn on him or have him declared insane.

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    • I do keep hoping that he will finally do something so heinous that nobody in their right mind could possibly continue to support him. But then … they’ve turned a blind eye to so much already … is there any limit anymore? I really don’t know.

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  3. It’t the organized crime presidency Jill. Fealty and loyalty to HIM is the only thing that matters. I’ve been dealing with Trumper friends the past week or so and I must admit, my B.P is sky high. You can’t reason with any of them, no matter how hard we try. His ass needs defeated so soundly and so resoundingly there can be absolutely no question of America’s choice. Because we know he will not leave, voluntarily. I never thought we’d be in this kind of situation in the good ole’ USA.

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  4. What, to me, is probably the most disturbing is that all you’ve pointed out is completely unknown by a considerable number of his supporters … simply because (1) they don’t read or listen to any kind of political news, and (2) those that do have ears (and eyes) only for State Propaganda TV and/or other Trump-supporting news sources.

    IMO, the reason they call people names (and dubbed you an ‘ignorant bitch’ for asking a reasonable question) is because THEY don’t have a clue about what’s really going on. Thus, their only recourse is to use insults and slurs as a means of distraction.

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    • That is one of my biggest concerns as well. Ignorance pretty much sums it up. It’s how Trump got into the Oval Office in the first place, and it may well be how he stays there if we cannot manage to open the eyes of at least some portion of the fools wearing those rose-coloured glasses. They not only don’t have a clue, but … they don’t care. They think that everything will work out one way or another, so “let’s just keep posting pictures of our food and our kids on Facebook, go to our little social get-togethers, and leave those dirty politics to others to worry about.” Bah Humbug.

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  5. Jill, please do not engage with online trolls. It serves no purpose, you wind up agitated and they relish in your misery. Don’t give them the satisfaction, preserve your sanity and focus on your work. Trolls only dishearten your resolve hoping u’ll quit, it’s a way of silencing the opposition. Altho I don’t think it possible for anyone to shut you up, or down. Persistence and integrity are ur strongest gifts. Keep exposing corruption from the right, and I’ll do so from the left. Together we’ll flush all the roaches out onto the light of day.
    Hopefully one day the Democratic Party will return to the ppl and be the worker’s party once again, that can only happen with Bernie Sanders in charge. At this point it looks like the DNC will succeed in sabotaging Bernie once again, thru a brokered convention with superdelegates. All this infighting and lack of unity can only serve Trump.
    I don’t wish to see ANY Republican in charge, perhaps the last decent conservative was Teddy Roosevelt. He was an environmental conservationist, imposed strict corporate regulations and improved race relations, in many way he was a respected Progressive of that era. Sadly I don’t see a man like him ever occupying the White house due to plutocratic radicalization of the party and it’s racist populist supporters.
    There’s reason to believe that Trump plans to groom a successor after his 2 terms, to keep the power indefinitely with the Republicans. Already the courts are stacked with conservative judges, and the military and police forces are with him. So far the intelligence agencies and news media are still independent of his control, but that’s also changing esp during his probable 2nd term when he “cleans house” even more. *Sigh*

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    • Well, here’s the thing. I don’t go in search of “online trolls”, and frankly am not sure what is meant by that term anymore. I don’t go looking for a fight, but I also don’t walk away from one, either. I keep saying that we all need to try to engage in civil discourse, to listen to all sides, and make our own argument without vitriol, but in a calm, fact-based manner. I try to practice what I preach. Comes a point, when I realize I am talking to someone with the IQ of a brick wall, that I do walk away, but I try it my way first. But you’re spot on when you say it’s not possible for anyone to shut me up … or down! I’m about as stubborn as they come! Don’t worry about me, my friend … just help us talk some sense into these lunkheads!


      • You’ve just defined trolls perfectly – senseless lunkheads with IQ of a wall! Engaging in civil discourse with them is next to impossible so don’t bother. Those who are open to your message will find you, and it won’t be Trumpers.
        Uniting Trumpers, Never Trumpers and Democrats With a New Deputy at the State Dept.
        Can Stephen E. Biegun calm a simmering revolt at the department?

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        • Who knows? My best guess is that if he’s as good as they say, he’ll butt heads with Mike Pompeo soon enough, and will be found lacking by Trump, simply because he won’t lie down and roll over on command. Time will tell!


          • Mr Biegun seems to be a savvy political player, and will negotiate thru any administration. If his job is to keep the peace between the factions in the state dept, I’d say he’s doing a lousy job considering all the recent firings. I think his personal mission is to retain his cushy position while talking up a good game… we’ll see. A certain amount of fetch, roll over, playing dead is required when dealing with “King” Trump.

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  6. Jill, trying my best to avoid using labels, let me speak to the words and actions rather than the person. Firing people who take seriously that they have sworn an oath to protect the US Constitution and its citizens is dangerous. Replacing said people with those who will pledge greater loyalty to the president than the Constitution and citizens is dangerous. What these new folks fail to realize is they will at some point not praise, not lie, not genuflect enough for the president and also will be fired. The president runs the country like a mob boss – loyalty to him matters more than anything else, even competence.

    When I see his followers say we are safer with this president, I cannot fathom how they could say that. You know I like to use this lead-in, but as an Independent and former Republican and long ago Democrat, our country has a national security risk emodied by our president. And, so-called leaders in his own party are looking the other way and some are licking his boots to avoid getting stepped on. Jill, the next time you get push unfair push back, you could ask why are their so many former Republicans then? Keith

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    • Yes, it’s rather like I’ve always said about a cheating husband … if he’ll cheat on his wife, than he’ll cheat on you, too. If Trump will purge those he views as not being sufficiently loyal, then tomorrow … who knows what the criteria will be, and who won’t pass muster. I could not work in that atmosphere for any amount of money!

      Like you, I am appalled that anybody can possibly think we are safer with him in the White House. He has alienated every single one of our allies, cozied up to strongmen who have no consciences, made terrible policy decisions, ignored advice from seasoned diplomats & advisors, and encouraged divisiveness and violence from within. How the Sam Heck does any of that make us one iota safer? Good point about the former republicans. I know a few myself, present company included!


    • That’s something many of us, including myself, have wondered. His diehard supporters claim there will be bloodshed in the streets, and I certainly wouldn’t bet against it. With more guns than people in this nation … it’s definitely a concern, but we cannot let mob rule take over this nation. Sigh.

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