Back With More … Snarky Snippets

Today, I woke already filled with residual snark from last night.  Then, the day added it’s own dose, and the net result is that Filosofa is once again grrrrrrrowling.  Wait … did I ever stop growling?

You call this a debate???????????

Last night’s debate was a most disgusting display, and if this is an indicator of things to come, please shoot me now.  These debates … they are not opportunities to hear the candidates’ platforms and ideologies.  They are naught but popularity contests … a chance to see and be seen, to be heard, to see who can scream the loudest, who can …  get the best dig in at one or more of the other candidates.  They are a chance for the people of this country to see what a shamble we have devolved into. debate-2Arm-waving, fist-shaking, yelling and talking over one another … it reminds me more of a neo-Nazi rally than a political debate.  I did not watch past the 20-minute mark, so I don’t know who was the ‘winner’.  In my book, based on what little I saw, there were no winners … only a bunch of losers on the stage.

This nation has been without a leader for more than three years now.  We have had no president, or one in name only.  And, it appears that we will have none for the next four years if what I saw last night on the debate stage was any indication.  Whatever happened to the days when politicians spoke well and in a reasonable tone of voice, when they acted like humans instead of hyenas?

The remaining three or four candidates who still stand some chance of winning the nomination in July damn well better get their act together, better re-think their strategy and stand above the fray, for if they don’t, they will be responsible for putting the final nail in the coffin of the United States.eyes-2020

He demands what????

Even while Donald Trump, along with his family, was enjoying a two-day vacation in India (at our expense), he didn’t let that stop him from meddling in Supreme Court business.  Please note that the Executive branch (president, vice-president, and cabinet) is completely independent from the Judicial branch (courts) as per the U.S. Constitution.  However, Trump took it upon himself to practically demand that two members of the Supreme Court, Justice Sandra Sotomayor and Justice Ruth Ginsburg, recuse themselves from any cases that involved him.

His beef with Justice Sotomayor was her dissenting opinion last Friday when the court ruled 5-4 to allow Trump & Co. to deny green cards to immigrants who might likely need some form of assistance, who do not meet a certain “wealth test”.  Well, first of all, immigrants coming to this country left their homeland with little other than the clothes on their backs and of course they will need a bit of a leg up!  Second, the Court’s decision was strictly along party lines … something that is happening more and more these days and that should give us all cause for concern.

Trump seems to have picked up his outrage on Sotomayor’s opinion from none other than the ridiculous Laura Ingraham of Fox ‘News’ fame:

“‘Sotomayor accuses GOP appointed Justices of being biased in favor of Trump.’  This is a terrible thing to say. Trying to ‘shame’ some into voting her way? She never criticized Justice Ginsberg when she called me a ‘faker’. Both should recuse themselves on all Trump, or Trump related, matters!  While ‘elections have consequences, I only ask for fairness, especially when it comes to decisions made by the United States Supreme Court!”

And, of course his antagonism toward Justice Ginsburg goes all the way back to 2016, when she called him a ‘fake’ and said she could not imagine him as president.  She was so spot on!  I still cannot imagine him as president!

This is unprecedented behaviour and cause for grave concern. It is my hope that Chief Justice John Roberts will, once again, admonish Mr. Trump and remind him of the separation of powers as per the U.S. Constitution … a document Trump took an oath to uphold, yet has never read.  As I said in my first snippet, we have no president.  We have a pathetic excuse for one.

Junior is out for bear

Donald Trump Jr has been granted the right to hunt a grizzly bear in north-western Alaska.  You all know how I feel about hunting beautiful animals (or even ugly ones, for that matter), so this has me growling anyway, but there’s more …

grizzly-bearFor the license to go out and brutally murder an innocent creature, Junior paid exactly $1,160!  That is as much as some families spend on food for a four-month period!  That is a full month’s rent for my family!  If the Trump clan have nothing better to do with their riches than use them to buy a permit to kill an animal … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I hope the bear eats Junior.

A day to remember …

Trayvon-MartinIt was eight years ago on this day that young Trayvon Martin was murdered by a trigger-happy man named George Zimmerman.  Martin, a young black man had gone to a convenience store to buy a soda, was on his way home, doing nothing wrong other than … being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Zimmerman saw him, decided a black teenager didn’t belong in the neighborhood, wrestled him to the ground, and ultimately shot and killed him.

George Zimmerman, a white man, got off scot-free.  Had the tables been turned, Trayvon Martin would be on death row today.  This should be a reminder, folks, that justice in the United States is not colour-blind, but is still very much tilted toward white privilege.  Equal justice for all?  I think not.

35 thoughts on “Back With More … Snarky Snippets

  1. Jill, Dems can argue, but they need to not leave scorched earth. Otherwise, Trump wins. This is how the Russians and Trump did it in 2016. Divide and conquer. Right now, I see Trump winning the election unless the Dems join forces.

    If Bernie wins, he will not attract enough Independents and Republicans. So Dems better vote en masse. If Bloomberg wins, the progressive Dems may stay home,

    Trump is a salesman. That is his talent. He will take whatever prop is provided and use it. So, note to Dems. It is more than OK to argue, but don’t lose sight of the greater mission. Trump is counting that you do.

    Whoever wins needs to follow the campaign commercials of Bloomberg which are very focused – Healthcare, equal opportunity, climate change, gun governance. Keith

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    • Hi Keith, I wholeheartedly agree with you that unity is key to defeating Trump. But how would the candidates accomplish that when they all want to stand out from Bernie? Right now Bernie is running away with the nomination and the others are fearful of losing out so they’re pulling all the stops. As you can see it got pretty ugly & petty on that debate stage last night.
      Also worrying, Democrat businessmen may vote for Trump if Bernie becomes the nominee. From Yahoo News:
      Pitts said that although Sanders has climbed in the polls behind Biden, it isn’t among the business community that Sanders can find support.
      “There are a lot of folks that I guess are buying into what he’s saying,” Pitts said. “But I think when you talk to business folks, Democrats and Republicans, they would tell you that all the other options are better than Sen. Sanders.”
      South Carolina will not have a Republican primary, guaranteeing the state’s support for Donald Trump. As a red state, Pitts believes Trump will win in South Carolina no matter the Democratic nominee.
      “But when you look at the primary,” he said, “and the battle that’s going on inside the Democrat Party, that’s where you see business folks that identify themselves as Democrats say that they are uncomfortable with a Sanders nomination.”


    • That is my big fear … that they are doing so much mucking about in the mudfest that they are going to leave a very bad taste in everyone’s mouth and voters will become non-voters.

      I’m not so sure that Bernie cannot energize a base at least as well as Trump did with his radical ideas. And Bernie is at least more credible. I think … perhaps a Biden/Harris ticket might be the better option, but I’m not giving up on Bernie, either.

      Yes, we know that Trump has no limits, no moral compass, nothing is beneath him. The Democrats need to rise above that, and at the same time give him nothing he can use as ammunition. Sigh.

      There’s occasionally a temptation to say, “We’re doomed!”, but I refuse to do that. We must keep fighting, for if we don’t, then we have no chance of winning.


      • Jill, Dems need to get out and vote. They cannot sit on their hands. There are independents who won’t vote for Bernie, so Dems must flood the polls. And, he won’t attract as many disgruntled GOPers. On the flip side, if it is a moderate like Biden or Buttigieg, again they must vote and not stay home. Bernie fans said they were less inclined to vote for a non-Bernie candidate (the number I saw said 46% would not), so this assures a Trump victory.

        With the market tanking due to economic concerns over the Coronavirus and other market softenings, it reveals the lie the president has been portraying – presidents really do not have as much influence on the stock market as he has said he does. As Warren Buffett said in 2017, if Trump is going to take credit for the market when it rises, he must them take the blame when it falls.


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        • This, my friend, is the main purpose of the project Jeff and I have been working so hard on … to convince the democrats that they MUST vote … there can be no other option. I am sickened when I hear people say they will stay home to make a statement. I am not a violent person, but I could smack those people into the next county! Another reader commented that her elderly neighbor, who voted for Trump only because he didn’t like Hillary, said he will vote for Bernie this year! That gave me a bit of hope!

          I suppose that is the reason that Trump has been putting forth his theory that the dems are coercing the media to play up the coronavirus to “take him down” … even Mulvaney and Huckabee got on that bandwagon (see my a.m. post), for his fortunes are largely tied to the market. Surprisingly, his approval rating hasn’t yet dropped, but I suspect it will in the next week or two. He’s tried to downplay the coronavirus, which is a disservice to the people of this nation. With 60 cases in the U.S. now, I think we can say it is only a matter of time.


    • Sigh … it IS painful. But, I’m hoping they will get their heads screwed on straight sometime before mid-July when a nominee is chosen.

      Every time I see a picture of either Junior or Eric, the first thing that comes to my mind is the picture of them posing with a beautiful cheetah they had killed. In controlled circumstances where the kill was inevitable and they were never in any danger. And yet … they call that sportsmanship. I call it murder.

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  2. The debate debacle, indeed Jill. Yes, the candidates did not conduct themselves very well. No doubt about that. But neither did the moderators. A pretty pathetic excuse of a moderating team if you ask me. In that kind of situation, you have to take control and hold them to the time they’re allotted. A few have done that in some of the debates, but this one got way out of hand. It’s certainly not giving the American people confidence that one of those people on that stage can beat Trump. I certainly agree with you on that. C’mon Dems….Do better!!!

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    • Sigh. We’ve got our work cut out for us, Jeff. ‘Twould help if the bloomin’ candidates would give us a little bit of help here, don’t you think? From the little I saw, I couldn’t fairly judge the moderators, but I’m sure you’re right … they can make or break a debate. It is counter-productive to let things get out of control … especially for those of us who rely on closed captioning, and the captioning finally just gives up and freezes. Sigh. On a brighter note … I am on a roll with my post for Friday … I’ll email you later!

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    • Of course the moderators can certainly do better, there’s talk that they were instructed to allow for a chaotic free for all environment for better ratings. This strategy may have backfired as the candidates were so desperate to speak everyone talked over each other. The main concern is the DNC purposefully trying to lose the general election and put Bernie in the worse possible light b/c the ruling elites need to preserve the status quo and Bernie will most certainly upset the oligarchy. Bloomberg as a last manchurian candidate is not working out due to skeletons in the closet. Right now it’s stop Bernie at all cost, even if it means conceding the election and making the conditions favorable for Trump to win! You see, Trump is just as corrupt as the ruling establishment elite, he will not upset their apple cart. Trump already promised more tax cuts for the rich and social security, medicare, environmental cuts for the rest of us.
      You can see why I’m not optimistic, even if Bernie wins the nomination, most likely he’ll lose in the general cause the whole system is rigged against him.
      Now I understand fully, in order for Democrats to win, we actually have to rally behind a popular strong charismatic candidate, anybody but Bernie. Joe Biden was that person, sadly senility has left him a shell of his former self. There’s really no one else besides Mayor Pete, so all you caucus voters better get it together and rally for Buttigieg, and not waste any more votes on the other candidates, and PRAY!

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    • That is my fear. Not bad enough that Trump is already up to his dirty tricks, that Russia is already spreading propaganda, that the electoral college is liable to doom the election as it did in 2016 … but we have to shoot ourselves in the foot on top of all that! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. If I don’t die of heart failure before November it will be nothing short of a miracle.

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  3. I’ve noticed Trump Jr tweets nasty things like his Dad. Do you suppose he has White House ambitions, too? I support the right to arm bears, so perhaps there’s a way we can give Junior’s prey a fighting chance.
    By the way, I think the Trayvon murder was 8 years ago, not 12. But in 2012.

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        • Dumb as a rock is good … but, far more cruel. I formed my opinion of him the first time I saw pictures of him and Eric with the cheetah they had killed. Every time I hear his name, that picture comes back into my mind. I hope that before then the whole clan of them is either shipped off to Siberia, ostracized, or … well, I better not say … don’t want the men in dark glasses showing up at my door tomorrow! 😉

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      • I really think Jr. would be worse than Dad, if that’s even believable. He is more cruel in actual deeds..not just words.
        And I do think he’s being primed to be next in line…
        The Darkening of America…..the beginning of the end 2016

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        • Oh, I have no doubt that Junior would be worse, for he is Trump times two! But, unless Trump starts a dynasty and there are no more elections, only succession to the ‘throne’, it is my opinion that Junior could not get elected, for he doesn’t have his father’s talent for attracting a crowd. He’s just nasty without even pretending to care about any other than the Trumps.

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