Un-Snarky Snippets … For A Change!

Tonight I came across some things that I can actually applaud, rather than snark about!  Well, okay, there may be just a wee bit of snarking woven into the tapestry, but for the most part it is a more upbeat piece.

Steve King gets a statue!

steve-king-2You all remember Steve King, right?  He is the U.S. House member from Iowa who first appeared on Filosofa’s Word when he won the honour of Idiot of the Week in March 2017, and again in July of that year when he threatened democrats if they didn’t stop talking about Russian interference in the 2016 election and proposed taking funding from Planned Parenthood to build Trump’s wall.  Then, just last year he found his way onto my radar twice … in March for making such horridly racist and homophobic remarks that even Mitch McConnell condemned him!  And then again in August when his misogynistic remarks earned him condemnation from some top congressional republicans including House Freedom Caucus leader Kevin McCarthy, and again Mitch McConnell, plus caused him to be removed from the committees on which he had served.  With the exception of Donald Trump and possibly Mitch McConnell, no other has had as much air time on Filosofa’s Word!

Well, today ol’ Steve is back on my radar, but this time it is he that is the brunt of the joke!  Comedy duo Davram Stiefler and Jason Selvig, known as The Good Liars, have placed a statue … a very tiny statue … of Mr. King in front of the Iowa statehouse in Des Moines.  The inscription on the plaque at the base of the statue reads …

“This site is dedicated to Confederate sympathizer and White Nationalist, Steve King. Here, King is honored with the world’s smallest Confederate statue. A tiny statue for a tiny man.”

Steve-King-statueKing’s history of bigotry in all its forms was what prompted the duo to create the tiny statue, according to Selvig …

“We’re just saying we should respect our ancestry and our heritage and – like it or not – Steve King’s racism is part of our heritage and we need to respect that. Racists are trying to bring down others so they can make themselves feel better. That’s the mark of somebody who is very small.”

Just how small is this statue?  Four inches.  Yep, not much bigger than your finger is long.  Fitting, don’t you think?  Oh, by the way, this team, The Good Liars, are the same ones that switched covers of Donald Trump Jr’s new book and replaced them with ones that read: “Daddy, Please Love Me: How Everything I Do Is to Try and Earn My Father’s Love”.  I like these guys!


Plastic Bags are … banned! 

New York is banning the distribution of single-use plastic bags statewide, effective today.  The goal is to reduce the billions of discarded bags that stream annually into landfills, rivers and oceans.  For the record, I applaud this move and wish every state in the nation would follow suit.  At the urging (actually, it was more of a threat than an urging) of my granddaughter, Miss Goose, I bought re-usable canvas bags a year or so ago, and mesh bags for produce, and rarely us the store’s plastic bags.  It’s really not much more trouble, and it feels good, knowing that something so simple can make a huge difference if we all do it.  So, thumbs up to New York, the third state after California and Oregon to take this step.  Stores will be required to sell paper bags at five cents each or offer sturdier reusable bags that can be used at least 125 times.plastic-bagNew Yorkers currently use 23 billion plastic bags each year, state officials say, many of which end up as one of the most problematic forms of garbage. They blow across streets and become caught in trees. They harm birds and marine creatures. They clog sorting machines, making recycling them cumbersome.

I imagine there will be a few bumps in the road the first few weeks, but New Yorkers are a resilient bunch and they will quickly be smoothed out … those New Yorkers who are whining today about the inconvenience will adapt quickly.  Now, to wake up the rest of the states!

Yesterday was the South Carolina Democratic primary, and late night comedian Stephen Colbert was on hand for the fun.  He shared a meal and a drink with candidate Elizabeth Warren, and they even played a little game of “Name That Billionaire”!  It was all in good fun, and I think you’ll get a few laughs from it!

47 thoughts on “Un-Snarky Snippets … For A Change!

  1. Jill, excellent post. Banning plastic bags is such a wonderful thing. Oregon’s began at the beginning of the year, and although I’m sure people are complaining about it, it’s not that bad of an inconvenience at all. In fact, I just keep a couple of canvas bags in my car at all times. Works just fine. With New York and California, you have two very large states, which will have a real lasting impact. Hopefully all states will get on board, although the Red ones will surely label it as ‘liberal’ overreach. Oh well, they don’t seem to care much about the environment anyway do they?

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    • Thanks Jeff!!! Plastic bags and plastic bottles … if they had tried, by now they would have found alternatives for both. But, plastic is a petroleum product, ie., fossil fuel product, and so now we can likely understand why not much, if any, effort has been made to find better solutions. Yeah, I keep a stack of canvas bags and meshies in my van and I’m good to go whenever I need them. I spoke to a friend who said, “Sorry, but that’s just too much trouble.” And I growled. No, my friend, they don’t seem to care overly much.

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  2. Jill, I love “a tiny statue of a tiny man.” That is priceless. That same sentiment would apply to a certain president. I read this morning from a pro- Trump person saying how people need to be more accountable. While the larger sentiment may be true, that same criticism could be made of the tiny man in the White House, who accountabilty is not a top of mind attribute. Keith

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    • I’m so glad to hear you say you loved that! I worried and debated about posting it, mostly because I wondered if you might think I was being petty, but in the end, I just couldn’t resist! Indeed, I would love to see them do something similar with the tiny man with tiny hands and a tiny brain!


  3. Bravo to NY State and countries around the world who ban ubiquitous plastic bags. Sad fact: Whales stomachs now contain hundreds of pounds of undigested plastic bags. Plastics degrade slowly in salt water, they turn into tiny plastic particles that make it’s way into all marine life. Our oceans are nearly fully contaminated with plastic!
    When we’re eating fish, we consume the plastic as part of the food chain. Yuck! It is all our responsibility to clean up the world or there won’t be a world left. Trump must go for sure, keep on snarkin’ & barkin’ the important issues.

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  4. I like your writing style. You make politics interesting and fun. I did the math on the plastic bags, and it comes to 1,162 plastic bags per person in the state of New York. Seems a little high, but nonetheless a ban on these bags will bring a great improvement to the environment, in my view.

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    • Thank you, Tippy! I try to spice it up a bit with my own brand of … wit? Yes, it does seem like 1.162 per person is high, but … think of the family that goes to the grocery twice a week, a dozen or so bags per trip, PLUS … take out bags every weekend when they dine out, and trips to Target or Wal-Mart weekly for such things as cleaning supplies, greeting cards, new socks, etc. It adds up. A quick stop at the convenience store for a pack of smokes … a bag. It adds up. Then, add in bottled water, and products that are packaged in plastic (almost everything). Sigh. Where are the inventors when you need them? Surely by now they could have come up with a viable alternative? Or … since plastic is a petroleum product … ???

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    • I fully agree! It seems that if the scientists spent less time on such far-fetched ideas as space travel, and more on finding viable alternatives to single-use plastic, the world would be far better off. Oh, but wait … plastic is a petroleum product … ie., the profits go to the oil industry … and now we see why nobody has yet come up with a viable alternative, yes? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Yes, I enjoyed seeing Elizabeth in a venue other than the debate stage … it was fun!

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  6. Plastic bag ban, we have to start somewhere but answer me this – we go to the market, buy ready to eat roast chicken, sliced ham, single serve coffee pods, mayonnaise, sour cream and pasta all encased in plastic. While waiting in line for cashier we remember plastic garbage bags ( in 2 sizes – large for the kitchen, small for bedrooms & bathroom because we can’ re-use grocery bags in small garbage receptacles ) Sale priced flats of 24 bottled water catches our eye, we pick up two. Oh crap, forgot reusable shopping bags in car, pay 10 cents each for paper bags.
    True fact – polypropylene bags (most of the green reusable bags found at supermarkets) should be used 37 times
    paper bags should be used 43 times
    cotton bags should be used 7,100 times. to equal environmental impact.

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    • Ahhhh … well, some of what you say is so true. Next step is to petition the grocery stores to be innovative and package their products (produce, rotisserie chickens, lunch meat, etc.) in something different. But, as re the water bottles, we have a number of alternatives … there are inline filters, distillers, etc. We recently switched to a distiller that removes all the chemicals and minerals from the water. Yes, I miss my lemon-water and still occasionally sneak and buy a 6-pack, but for the most part, we no longer need those plastic bottles. I haven’t found a viable alternative to trash bags yet, but it does seem that modern science ought to be working on that rather than some idiotic space program that benefits none. Sigh.

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  7. I’m glad the US is beginning to catch up with much of the rest of the world and banning single use plastic bags. One problem we are beginning to see, though, is that charging for reusable bags is all very well, but more and more of them are just dumped whether or not they are worn out (and there is more plastic in each of them than a single use bag), and a lot of people seem to get used to just paying for some every time they shop. So, a good start, but some way to go.

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    • We have a long way to go before we catch up with the rest of the world, but … it’s a start. Thing is, California, New York and Oregon are among the most progressive states, while others, particularly in the South and even the mid-west, have dug their heels in on environmental issues and are just about as foolishly adamant about keeping their ‘conveniences’ like plastic, gas-guzzling cars, etc., as they are about keeping their guns. Sigh. No, the U.S. can claim nothing to be proud of, but … we’re trying to make a start. Sigh.

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  8. Love it Jill. Just enough snark and mostly fun and good stuff. Saving the interview for after the movie playing right now, but I applaud the New York decision. I’ve been using cloth and canvas bags for years now, having started before my divorce 25 years ago. No plastic bags to toss is a good thing. Just never could get all of them rounded up and was always finding them in inconvenient places. My only plastic use is garbage liners, and since all the garbage I toss down the chute has to be in those bags I’m wondering what I can use to replace them. I would really love it if most of the shrink plastic was eliminated from wrapped items on the shelves in every store around here also.

    Now I have a load of laundry staring at me and this is the best time of day (or night) to do it. See ya later!

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    • Why thank you, Angie! Wow … you got on the re-usable bag wagon long before I did. I’m ashamed that I didn’t do it sooner, but it’s amazing what a guilt trip a granddaughter can lay on you! The only downside was that we always re-used the plastic Kroger bags for scooping the kitty boxes, but now are ordering eco-friendly kitty bags from Amazon, so a bit more expense, but well worth it. What I would like to know is why, with all the strides science has made, has nobody been able to come up with a viable alternative to plastic? Have fun with your laundry … that’s exactly what I have waiting patiently for me this evening, too! Love ‘n hugs, my dear friend!

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      • In my case it was my daughter who kept up the heat until I changed my ways. I just haven’t found an alternative for the trash bags yet. You’re right about someone somewhere inventing a viable alternative to plastic bags.

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        • Our youngsters are quicker to take up the mantle than we are! I’ve not found an alternative, either. I did find environmentally friendly kitty box bags, and we are using those, despite the fact that they are a royal pain to open! At least we’re trying … more than a lot of people can say. Hugs!


            • Quite so! I’m amazed by the rich dudes who are more concerned with making money than they are preserving and protecting our planet. Don’t they see that they are dooming their own children? They won’t be able to eat, breathe, nor drink all that money! Sigh.

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              • We are living in a “me first” society. The parents think more about money and the children follow suit, thinking that is the only way to really live. No one seems to really give anything unless they are sure of receiving something back and the children learn by example. Their children will probably follow the example and that is this country’s downfall! The children grow up thinking that is the only way for them to live, never stopping to wonder what they will do when it is all used up! We are plunging headfirst into that hell, and so many of them refuse to see it or believe they are in any way responsible.


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