A Few Mini-Rants

I am past snarky and into full-blown ranting today.  You may want to cover your ears for this one.


I read this morning that Trump’s re-election campaign plans to fly this atrocity …Trump-blimp… over swing states between May and July of this year.  I do not need to step outside and see that piece of crap flying over my house!  I momentarily considered whether it would be possible for me to buy a rocket-launcher to shoot the bloody thing out of the air, but I despise all types of firearms, and there would be people aboard, so I won’t do that.  I do hope, however, it gets grounded by the FAA or sabotaged so that it never makes it off the ground.  This is certainly an affront to humanity!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So much ignorance …

Don Trump Junior, aka Junior, is truly a chip off the ol’ block.  As ignorant and crude as his father, he seems to feel a need to prove his ignorance on a near-daily basis.  Last week, in an interview aired on Fox News, Junior made this claim about democratic members of Congress …

“For them to try to take a pandemic and seemingly hope that it comes here and kills millions of people so that they could end Donald Trump’s streak of winning is a new level of sickness.”

Say WHAT???

Nobody in their right mind … oh wait, it’s a Trump we’re talking about … forget the ‘right mind’ part.  But, even Mike Pence showed his extreme ignorance yesterday morning when, on CNN’s State of the Union program, Jake Tapper asked Pence …

“Can we agree that neither Democrats nor Republicans want Americans to get coronavirus and die from it? I mean, that does seem like very extreme rhetoric.”

But nooooo … Pence responded that Junior’s point was “understandable” in light of the criticism that has been directed at Trump’s handling of the coronavirus.  Pence said that now is not the time for politics …

“Responding to the kind of things that have been hurled is understandable, but what the president has charged us to do…is to set the politics aside on this and to work the problem.”

Say WHAT???Trump-scientistHe’s right that this is not the time for political gamesmanship, but WHO THE SAM HELL STARTED IT???  Trump.  It was Trump who claimed the whole thing was a hoax to “bring him down”.  There is so damn much ignorance in the Trump family and their cohorts that it’s mind-boggling.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

More about the anti-Greta …

I mentioned a few days ago that the GOP has found their very own teen climate denier, Naomi Seibt.  While Greta is fighting to wake us up to what is being done to our environment, Ms. Seibt is an extreme climate denier.  She spoke at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) on Friday, where she said …

“Today climate change science really is not science at all. The goal is to shame humanity. Climate change alarmism at its very core is a despicably anti-human ideology and we are told to look down at our achievements with guilt, with shame and disgust, and not even to take into account the many major benefits we have achieved by using fossil fuels as our main energy source.”

Seriously???  Who coached this kid?

But wait … there’s more to love hate.  She’s also an apparent white supremacist at heart.  In a variety of YouTube videos and interviews, she has expressed support for Canadian alt-right internet activist Stefan Molyneux, a “cult leader who amplifies scientific racism, eugenics and white supremacism”, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).  Molyneux has made such statements as …

“I am an empiricist, and I could not help but notice that I could have peaceful, free, easy, civilized and safe discussions in what is, essentially, an all-white country.”

When asked at CPAC whether she still supports Molyneux, she replied that he was her ‘inspiration’.

This 19-year-old actress is no Greta Thunberg, is never going to make the cover of Time Magazine as Ms. Thunberg did, and I hope will never be taken seriously.  This, in my book, is exploitation, pure and simple.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Let’s end on a more uplifting note.  A couple of weeks ago, David sent me this video of a couple of people who have a great deal of good sense:  Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot … take a look …

36 thoughts on “A Few Mini-Rants

  1. Seriously…Junior for President… in 2024????? I keep asking myself …Can it get any worse? And ….there you have it! Maybe Jared or Ivanka…. as Vice President! I am feeling sick!!!!! Someone wake me from this nightmare!!!!! 😥

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    • One question I have learned never to ask is “Can it possibly get any worse?”, for the answer is always gonna be “Yes”, and when you ask the question, fate seems compelled to prove it to you. Sigh. Hang in, soul sister … we’ll get through this. I would like to say Junior doesn’t stand a chance, but … that’s what I said about Senior in 2016 and look where that got us. 🙄

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  2. I shot an arrow in the air. A drone picked it up and took it to a blimp. When the arrow was stuck in the side of the blimp, all the air rushed our, and it tossed and it tuned and it flew out of site. It came to land I know not where.

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      • Only if you promise to make it land in Jason Kenney’s fat ass. The man is proving to be the little Napoleon I always knew he would be. He tells us he is not lowering education funding, yet his policies are resulting in 500 fewer jobs in just two of the provinces many education facilities. We haven’t heard yet from the other hundreds of facilities we have. So where are these maintained funds going? Not to mention all the other services/industries who are talking about employment cuts. Meanwhile he is increasing spending on fossil fuel production. And he is jetting around the world trying to talk jp new markets for his fracked oil supply.
        Ah, now I’m getting snarky…

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  3. Even though I can’t stand it, I’ll have to admit the blimp thing is pretty clever and eye-catching. But you are right, Don, Jr. is just as bad as Sr. My fear is that he is being groomed to be a Presidential candidate in the not too distant future. And I just feel bad for Naomi…

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  4. Jill, Greta does her homework and knows the facts. I am very impressed with her composure. When I saw her speak, she handled a heckler with aplomb. As for Junior, two comments – he has been instructed by his father to say how we are winning so much with this president. I don’t see the same view. He is also smug like Trump sycophants as of it replaces facts. I have always detested smugness as it tries to overwhelm others. Roger Ailes built Fox News on smugness not facts. A key reason I left the GOP was a tendency to make things up. That was in 2007 and it is worse now. So, like his father, Junior has earned the right to be disbelieved. Keith

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    • I agree … I find her amazing for a young lady her age, and especially one with Asperger’s!

      Yes, the smugness is one of the many things I detest about both Junior and Senior, as well as the arrogance. It seems to me that Trump believes he is only accountable to the 40% of the people in this country that support him, but not to the rest of us. I’ve lived under both Democratic and Republican presidents in my lifetime, but never did I feel so left out in the cold by the president.


      • Jill, in addition to the smugness, they both try to present themselves as the victims. Again, Senior’s worst enemy stares back from the mirror when he shaves. As for Junior, he is not even the most desirable sibling. Keith

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        • You are so right about his own worst enemy. In my book, the ONLY desirable sibling might be Tiffany, who has little to do with the rest of the clan and is working toward a law degree. The rest are … Trumps.


  5. Reading your snippets — it was all news that I’d already read, except for the Jill sauce — I kept hearing this weird noise. As it grew, breaching my focus, I realize that it was the GRRR in my throat getting louder and angrier. The hypocrisy, duplicity, and outright bullshit that we see from this group, from applied situational ethics to propaganda, is sickening and infuriating.

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    • The “Jill sauce” … I rather like that! I know just that GRRR sound, for it follows me wherever I do these days. It is sickening and infuriating, and is costing us our appetite, our sleep, and more. This reign of Trump so needs to end. Sigh.

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    • Hmmmmm … you’ve given me an idea! A helium-filled small replica of the baby trump balloon attached to the peak of my roof, so when (if) they fly that abominable Trump/Pence balloon over, they will see just what I think of them! Otherwise, perhaps large letters glued to my roof that read “Hillary Clinton For Prez”.

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  6. Criticism of Donald Trump’s handling of Coronavirus was perfectly right considering he wandered round claiming it was a Democrat hoax meant to discredit him and not a killer virus he should protect against.Perhaps Don Jmr would do well to remember that and that the Democrats didn’t pick up the virus and bring it over.Thanks for showing Greta and George.

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    • Yeah, but you know his fragile ego cannot handle criticism. And, right there were his handy minions to slap away the mean ol’ scientists, reporters and democrats that would dare to think he doesn’t know what he’s doing! Thank YOU for sending me that clip … I love both Greta and George … people with brains and compassion.

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    • Thanks Jack. Yes, it is stupid looking. Heck, maybe I should get a helium-filled small replica of the Baby Trump blimp and attach it to my roof so that if they bring the bloomin’ Trump/Pence blimp over, they’ll see what I think of them! Hugs, Jack! ❤

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