America Needs Integrity, Not BS

Just the title of this one says it all … integrity … the thing that is most missing in our government today. Even Trump’s own sycophants cannot deny it, cannot justify or excuse it, so their latest tactic is to simply tell us to “get over it”. B.S. Thanks, Jerry, for the reminder of what we’re missing. I still say somebody must’ve drugged ol’ Tucker! 😉

On The Fence Voters

“Donald Trump is a salesman. He’s a talker. He’s a boaster, a booster, a compulsive self-promoter. At times, he’s a full-blown BS artist.” If you assumed a liberal or even a conservative “never-Trumper” made that statement, you’d be wrong. Tucker Carlson, one of President Trump’s most loyal and vocal supporters, said that on his Fox TV show in late November of 2019. Carlson openly admitted what everyone knew, but that 35 percent of Americans still deny.

Carlson also admitted, “One of the reasons progressives say they hate Donald Trump is because he lies a lot.” Whether progressives hate Trump or not could be debated, but that Trump is a liar is now a settled fact, as attested to by one of his most-dedicated defenders. In that same broadcast, Carlson further acknowledged that Trump’s boast that his inaugural crowd was the largest in history was a lie: “The crowd at the…

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8 thoughts on “America Needs Integrity, Not BS

  1. Jill, this post has a sinilat theme to the one I just posted. The president claims hoaxes and fake news, but he is the biggest purveyor of hoaxes and fake news. Carlson pulled the final punch. Trump makes rash decisions off what makes him look good. Who it helps (or may help) is secondary to the ego. What is lost is his followers don’t realize the wealthy and corporations are benefitting greatly from Trump’s decisions. Keith

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    • Yes, I saw your post earlier, meant to check it out, but got sidetracked (too much to keep up with these days!). I just went, and you are right … Integrity in our government is a forgotten concept, it would seem. Can we turn it around? I surely hope so.


      • Thanks. I cleaned up this comment and added a PS to the On the Fence blog post. It is good Carlson recognized the lying, but he fell short of defining why that is a problem, especially when you layer in corrupt, bullying, egotistical, chaotic and largely uniformed decisionmaking. Keith

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        • I noticed that you added a link to Jerry’s post! Tucker fell short of defining why it is such a problem because … Tucker himself doesn’t see it as a problem, I think, but sees it as the way the game of politics ought to be played. Ethics? Morality? Greater good? Those aren’t Tucker’s concerns any more than they are Trump’s. Sigh.


          • Jill, to put it simply, America is no longer trusted as it once was because its leader is untrustworthy. That is a problem by itself, but then you add the corruption, bullying, chaos, less than informed judgment, etc. and the incumbent is a national security risk. Keith

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