Coronavirus Thoughts

Our friend Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has some thoughts to share today (actually, yesterday, but I’m behind) about the coronavirus that has now caused at least 7 fatalities here in the U.S. I saw a Twitter feed today about a lady who tried for a whole day to find out where she could be tested, but to no avail. I think it’s a bit of an exaggeration when the prez says he’s got it all under control. Thanks Jeff!

On The Fence Voters

Am I living at Ground Zero?

A few days ago, I attended an appreciation day dinner in the small town where my wife works. The event was at a popular local brewery, and our gathering was in the back room where the big vats of beer sit. There were several long tables, a nice bar with wine bottles and glasses, and a buffet table with various appetizers and pizza.

I’d say about 30-35 people were present. These were all employees of the local hospital and spouses, like me. Ironically, though, the event happened on the same day that the stock market was crashing, and our current president held a press conference telling us that he had everything under control (of course). Upon entering the location, I couldn’t help but think about how someone in that room might be a carrier of the coronavirus.

I know, sounds like paranoia. But here’s…

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30 thoughts on “Coronavirus Thoughts

  1. Hi Jill! Hope you’re doing well and staying healthy/safe! T I have been very disappointed with the media’s coverage of the Coronavirus outbreak so I have recently published an article on my blog about what we should be worried about and how we can protect ourselves and others. You should see the scenes in Australia, madness over toilet paper!!!

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  2. Thank you for the information. Lately I’ve been trying to follow as much information available on the internet as possible. It’s new so there’s are confusions about the solutions or keeping the virus at bay. However I came across a nice video by WHO about the basics such as how to wash hands properly to wash away any aggressive foreign element on the skin. I hope someone finds the solution soon

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    • The fact that our own government is intentionally downplaying and keeping information from the public is actually leading to increased concern. It’s a shame when we cannot believe a thing that we are told from the very people we should be able to trust. Thanks for the WHO video.


  3. Great article! Awareness is the necessity of today’s situation. People have so many theories in mind and it all leads them to fear.

    I have done some research and added popular rumors and theories in my article that will allow readers to know the facts of the matter and it will also help people to learn how they can protect themselves.

    I have taken information from trusted and direct resources like WHO and CDC

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    • Thank you! Sadly, we cannot trust our government to provide truth or facts, and this leads to a high level of disinformation, spreading of rumours, and fear at a perhaps unwarranted level.


  4. There are two sites worth following for the COVID 19 outbreak. One is live reporting on the numbers and the second is on travel restrictions.

    Having just travelled back to UK from Thailand, I was not surprised to be ushered quickly through our stop in Bahrain… They didn’t let our feet touch ground and we went straight onto the connecting flight (despite the fact that Bahrain has more cases than Thailand). The measures in Heathrow were negligible, despite tha coughing, spluttering passengers on our connected flight (mostly Indian from Mumbai). The UK cases are climbing rapidly now. I would urge people not to panic, but when our government announced today that all schools will be closed until mid-march and government will pay sick pay from day one to stop workers spreading infection, we can be certain that this is a potentially deadly disease for anyone with underlying conditions or
    compromised immunity.

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  5. I find it interesting that there is no Coronavirus (yet) in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, S. America, Africa, Scandinavian countries and perhaps a few more and maybe they just don’t report like Russia or I’ve missed it.

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  6. Here we go Jill…
    This was going to happen (no not conspiracy etc…Nature)
    posted this on Jeff’s site…just have to say it

    Writing from the UK:
    All conveyable ‘diseases’ can carry that aura of being scary. They are unseen so you can’t dodge them and you personally never know who is incubating it and thus a possible source you can catch it from.
    The thing is, they do happen. They are part of Nature. Responsible governments should take the necessary steps to limit the spread and give all possible support to the Health System both those treating, limiting and seeking a way of eradicating the threat.
    All we can do is follow rules for hygiene. In this case cover your sneeze or cough, wash your hands. Don’t panic buy, keep calm and go about your daily routine.
    Do not believe any internet postings about conspiracies, rumours and the usual garbage the deluded or mischief makers spread.
    Listen to the information from the Health Authorities (and not any politicians, as they may be prone to panic).
    It will come and it will go.
    If we are fortunate loss of Life will be minimal. What will be required of the population is to contribute as best they can to the running of their locality, because there is a definite risk of noticeable portions of the working population being laid up for periods of maybe 2-4 weeks.
    And finally. It was going to happen. This is it. WE, the people, step up.

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