Twelve Years of Bloomberg as Mayor: A New Yorker’s Perspective (Part Three)

This is the third part of Brendan’s series on what he saw first-hand while living in New York City while Mike Bloomberg was Mayor. There are certainly some eye-openers here! Thank you, Brendan, for this excellent birds-eye view of the Mayor, and for your generous permission to share with my readers!

Blind Injustice

Those of you who’ve been on my blog during the last week or so will know that I’m doing a mini-series on what it was like to have current candidate for president Michael Bloomberg as Mayor of New York City. I explained in Part One why his record as mayor is relevant, and I explained in Part Two the multitude of problems he had with his treatment of others. Today is the third and finalpart of my mini-series, which will go into his record on some other issues, as well as where we should go from here with the Bloomberg candidacy.

One of the most important issues this campaign is that of trying to “save our democracy.” And rightfully so, because there is a genuine fear among many that President Trump is dangerous to American democracy. However, if Mayor Bloomberg’s record tells us anything, it’s that he would also be…

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7 thoughts on “Twelve Years of Bloomberg as Mayor: A New Yorker’s Perspective (Part Three)

  1. those were well-written and researched posts by Brendan, so thanks for making me aware of them. At this point, it does not matter, he has dropped out of the race and announced his support for Biden. I just hope he continues to spend on ads with the goal of defeating Trump.

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    • Agreed. The thing about keeping the SUVs idling all day so that he will be in complete comfort whenever he decides to go somewhere set my teeth on edge. Not only a colossal waste of taxpayer’s money, but look how much carbon was being into the atmosphere! Does this dolt think his is the only comfort that matters??? I fear that as long as Citizens United is the law of the land, we will never again have a fair and honest election. Luckily, Bloomberg got only a handful of votes today for Super Tuesday, but I’m warned that he has a “strategy” up his sleeve. Sigh.

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