Just Another Snarky Thursday …

There are, apparently, only two news stories this week: Joe Biden & the coronavirus.

Joe Biden …

It was obvious from the day Joe Biden announced his candidacy in the 2020 election that he was the candidate Trump most feared.  Hence, the now-infamous call to the president of the Ukraine that got Trump impeached, and if we had conscionable senators, would have removed him from office.

Just to set the record straight before I go any further, it has already been proven that Joe Biden did nothing illegal when his son worked for Burisma in the Ukraine.  It has been discussed, investigated, etc., ad nauseam, and there is nothing.

For a time, when Bernie Sanders seemed to be coming out ahead of the pack, Trump dropped off on his rhetoric about Biden.  It was reported that Russia was not only intervening on Trump’s behalf, but also on Sanders’.  Why would they do that?  Well, Russia helped put Trump in office in 2016 because Putin saw a puppet he could use.  Putin could never have manipulated Hillary Clinton in the ways he has Trump, he understood that Trump would be easy to sway, and that was that.  It’s in Putin’s best interest to keep his puppet in the White House.  It’s largely believed that Trump could beat Bernie Sanders, if for no other reason that that label, ‘democratic socialist’, that Bernie wears.  So, if Russia helps Bernie, they help Trump as well.

But now, it appears that Trump’s nemesis on November 3rd may well be Joe Biden after all, so … the day after Biden’s Super Tuesday win, Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin attempted to plant a seed of doubt about Biden’s credibility.  He told reporters that the Senate Homeland Security Committee, of which Johnson is chairman, will be releasing an interim report on his panel’s probe of Hunter Biden’s ties to a Ukrainian gas company, Burisma.  Oh for Pete’s sake, get over it, Johnson!  ENOUGH already!  First, it has been clearly established that, while Hunter Biden may not have used good judgment, he broke no laws, and at any rate, it was nothing whatsoever to do with his father!  DROP IT!

But, Trump is clearly not going to drop it, either, for in an interview Wednesday night on Fox, he opined that it …

“will be a major issue in the campaign, I will bring that up all the time because I don’t see any way out.”

So … in other words, if you can’t win fair and square, then lie, cheat and steal!  Why should we be surprised, for that’s how he ‘won’ in 2016, though he didn’t actually win, for he lost by nearly 3 million votes!

Coronavirus …

In the U.S., it isn’t so much the virus itself that is making headline news, as the response of the loon in the White House.  He (Trump) has been on some sort of tirade for weeks now, as if somebody must have concocted the virus to personally offend him.  First, it was a hoax, or rather the media coverage of it was a hoax, designed to “bring him down”.  The latest?

Due to slow and insufficient response to the virus by the Trump administration, testing has been haphazard and inadequate.  But, since nothing can ever be Trump’s fault, it must be Obama’s fault, right?  BINGO!  He’s blaming Obama for the shortage of test kits (is there really a shortage of kits, or is it simply that they aren’t being distributed properly?) …

“The Obama administration made a decision on testing that turned out to be very detrimental to what we’re doing and we undid that decision a few days ago so that the testing can take place in a much more accurate and rapid fashion. That was a decision we disagreed with — I don’t think we would have made it — but for some reason it was made but we’ve undone that decision.”

As I said in this morning’s post … don’t believe a word of it.  But, as if that weren’t enough, Trump called in and had a chat with his good buddy Sean Hannity over at Fox last night.  Hannity asked Trump about the new estimate by the World Health Organization (WHO) that the global fatality rate for the coronavirus is around 3.4%.  Trump, however, had a ‘hunch’ …

“I think the 3.4% is really a false number. Now, this is just my hunch, based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this, because a lot of people will have this, and it’s very mild – they’ll get better very rapidly, they don’t even see a doctor, they don’t even call a doctor. You never hear about those people, so you can’t put them down in the category of the overall population, in terms of this corona flu, and/or virus. So, you just can’t do that. You know, all of a sudden it seems like 3 or 4%, which is a very high number, as opposed to a fraction of 1%. So I think that that number is very high. I think the number, personally, I would say the number is way under 1%.”

I didn’t realize you could earn a medical degree at Wharton School of Business.  Obviously, Trump knows sooooo much more than the scientists and medical experts.  Who needs all those experts when we can just ask Trump for his latest ‘hunch’?

I don’t know about you guys, but I am getting damn sick and tired of the childish, harmful games that Trump and his republican sycophants are playing.  They have put their own interests much higher on their priority list than ours, and now are even willing to gamble with our very lives.  Let’s send them a HUGE message on November 3rd … Let’s send them all packing!

25 thoughts on “Just Another Snarky Thursday …

  1. Seems like a clever ploy – don’t bother tresting (but blame Obama for your claimed inability to do it) then point out you don’t know how many folks have had it so you can’t accurately calculate the death rate. This guy may not be as dumb as we think.

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    • I guess that depends on his goal. But, he claims his ‘hunch’ is that the fatality rate is less than 1%, and this afternoon I calculated just based on the U.S. cases and it’s 5.4% … I don’t think his thumbs work as well on a calculator as they do on his Tweety-machine 😉

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  2. Trump doesn’t fear Biden AT ALL. He’s gonna walk all over him & that’s a fact. With Biden as the Dem candidate, we’re assured of four more years of Trump.

    If Trump fears anyone, it’s Sanders. Sanders is the only one that can beat Trump. But the DNC would rather have four more years of Trump than Sanders & that is also a fact.

    It doesn’t matter what party they belong to, the corporation-wing of the parties all hang together & for the same reason. Wall Street rules.

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    • I have to disagree with you that Biden’s nomination would make Trump a shoo-in. If Trump feared Sanders, he wouldn’t be standing up for him and playing tootsies with him. There is certainly corruption on both sides, more on the republican side since they are in bed with the NRA and fossil fuel industries, but I’m not so sure that Trump’s re-election is a sure thing, especially in light of his mishandling of the coronavirus response.


  3. It seems Burisma is becoming the new Benghazi for the GOP. There’s nothing there, but that won’t stop endless investigations.
    Trump’s “hunch” is similar to my own hunch about the coronavirus mortality rate. However I’d feel a lot more comfortable with this hunch if it was confirmed by science experts. So far I haven’t heard them repeating this. Therefore, Trump’s hunch does nothing to reassure me.

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    • Spot on! Nothing there, but … hey, it plays well in Poughkeepsie, so let’s run with it.

      If Trump thinks it, then I automatically assume the 180° opposite, and in this instance, I definitely think we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. But, I think the outcome is a long way off yet, and I make no predictions other than that whatever Trump says is a lie.

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  4. Dr. Trump has spoken!!! Geez, he just can’t shut the hell up can he? We do not need to hear from him. He’s making the whole thing so much worse. Yet, there he is…giving interviews…..The press awaits his every word on what’s going on. Will they never learn?

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    • My sentiments exactly! STFU, Donnie!!! I’m surprised some of his closest advisors haven’t duct-taped his mouth and tweeter thumbs before now! They must be so embarrassed. Why hasn’t somebody assassinated this a-hole by now?

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      • I heard he may go down to the CDC…or maybe not…or maybe he is. Geez, these guys just can’t shoot straight. But, if he goes, maybe he’ll shake hands with a ‘possible infected person’🤣

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        • I gather he did go down there, and announced that anybody who wants to be tested can be tested … never mind that there aren’t enough test kits. I’m betting the CDC staff were happy to see his back when he left! At first, he wasn’t going to go because of a rumour that one of the staff there may be infectious, but then that turned out to be a rumour. Like you, i wish he would pick it up … hey … let’s send him to China on a diplomatic mission! He can visit all the sick ones there, since he says this is really no big deal.

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  5. As shocking to me as many other tRump actions regarding COVID-19 were Defense Secretary Espin’s warnings to military commanders not to do anything that might undermine tRump’s message that the virus isn’t much of a threat.

    Meanwhile, as Paul Krugman and other economists have pointed out, tRump was burning the economy, using recession measures to keep it bolstered, which, of course,leaves it vulnerable to an actual recession, or a financial panic. The Fed’s move on interest rates the other day was a desperate ploy. Yet, it was so early in this disaster.

    Brace yourself; we’re in for a hellacious ride.

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    • I agree. Esper reminded me much of William Barr in his warnings. And then, he blamed the NYT for publishing it. As best I can tell, there is no valid reason to believe one single word that comes out of the present administration.

      I haven’t read Krugman’s piece yet, but it’s on my list for the next 24 hours. The Fed’s lowering of interest rates the other day was utterly ignorant … it sent exactly the wrong message! And, the response was just what I would have expected. Trump believes his re-election hinges on the stock market. His base believe that if the stock market is fine, even though they are worse off than they were four years ago, all must be well. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh yeah, my friend, it is going to be one hell of a ride … and I’m not sure where we will even land. Sigh.

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    • Michael, your point about wasting measures to boost a pretty good is lost on too many. When the economy really turns south, he will go to the bullpen and there will be no one warming up. The economy has been softening for about a year and half declining to 2.3% in 2019 from 2.9% in 2018 (remember the tax cut in Dec., 2017 was supposed to take it 4%). But, Trump looks at the stock market as his barometer. The market will fall, even before the coronavirus. Doing drastic measures is a sign of panic and one where he wants to improve the optics.

      What should be obvious from the recent fall is how little any president has control over the stock market and economy. They can provide headwinds or tailwinds (this president has done both), but can’t impact it too much. Keith

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  6. You’re going to want then a great distance away when you send them packing. I’m quite prepared to start the ball rolling with a contribution towards renting a cattle truck.Argentina should be good that time off the year.

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  7. Jill, I forwarded the attached note to several news outlets. I might post it on a few Senators’ websites. I did call Ron Johnson’s office and leave a message about my concerns that no witnesses were called to learn more about the national security risk in the White House.

    “As an independent voter and older person, I was well aware of the untruthful nature of the now president. Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked with him, said before the election “Donald Trump lies everyday even about things of no consequence.” Yet, what has surprised me most is what conservative pundit David Brooks described about the Trump White House after the disastrous travel ban roll-out calling it “equal parts chaos and incompetence.” Valuing loyalty over competence, preferring a chaotic management style, and having a disdain for planning ahead have consistently left his staff, Congress and our country in a lurch. The coronavirus lack of preparation and firing the global pandemic team last year is par for the course.”


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    • Aye … I received your email earlier and fully … 100% agree! They weren’t concerned about truth and justice in the impeachment trial, and now it has already been proven that there is no ‘smoking gun’ regarding Hunter Biden/Burisma/Joe Biden … yet now they want to make it a campaign issue, as Trump has promised to do. This administration … it’s a joke, Keith! It’s the stuff that a novelist with a wry sense of humour would dream up. Meanwhile, we sit and we wait … for justice to kick in …

      I will be sending emails to a number of senators, starting with Sen. Ron Johnson in the morning. And Senator Rob Portman is also on the list, as is Senator Mitchell McConnell. I wonder these days if it does any good, but … we have to try, yes?


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