What’s It Going To Take?

Jeff’s post this evening reflects my own feelings perfectly. When are Americans going to grow up and shed their bigotry, judge people by who they are rather than what gender, race or religion they are? My best guess is … never. Backward country this has become. Good post, Jeff — thanks!

On The Fence Voters

I’m a 58-year-old white male, and I think it’s time we had a woman president. There, I said it. On Thursday, amid Senator Elizabeth Warren suspending her campaign, I watched a panel on MSNBC discussing the Senator’s exit from the race. Democratic strategist Zerlina Maxwell was the lone woman at the table.

She said something to host Craig Melvin and AP Reporter Jonathan Lemire, the two males at the table, that resonated with me. “I think it’s way past time that we started to hear from men. We need to listen to them say, ‘It’s time for a woman president.’ Men need to step up to the plate and speak out.” I may be paraphrasing a bit here, but I heard her proclamation loud and clear.

What’s it going to take, folks? In 2016 we had one of the most qualified individuals, in Hillary Clinton, to have ever run for…

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5 thoughts on “What’s It Going To Take?

  1. I think women shouldn’t be overly concerned with sexual bias within Dem party. For the Dems currently, all men and women need to just unite and work for whoever wins the nomination.

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    • I am disturbed by misogyny in any venue, whether it be a political party, office staff, or society at large. But, you are right … at this point, unity among Democrats and Independents in order to unseat the madman in the Oval Office is the top priority.

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