Jolly’s BAAAACK!

Good Monday morning, friends!  Well, Jolly is back after his little adventure last week … thanks to Larry for sending him back home … and he’s in fine form today!  So, did you all have a wonderful weekend?  It was sunny for a change on both Saturday and Sunday, and relatively warm both days, so I’ve got no complaints.  We’ve got some fun stuff for you this morning to make up for last week, so grab a snack and a cuppa and settle in for a few chuckles.   Oh, a word of warning … I’ve been teaching Jolly the fine art of Mexican cooking …

Germ-free and feelin’ good …

For obvious reasons, we are all being extra-cautious about washing our hands and keeping hand sanitizer handy at all times.  But one man had a novel idea for making his own sanitizer … and I don’t think his purpose was necessarily to save money …

“I made some hand sanitizer out your vodka. The hand sanitizer doesn’t taste bad either. Cheers to Tito’s vodka. Keeping me germ-free and feeling good at the same time.”

Tito’s Vodka quickly responded …TitosWell, for those of you who may have been considering this … now you know better!

Guess who came to dinner … er, the wedding?

Riva Weinstock got married last week and naturally she invited her kid brother, Mendl, to the wedding.  Mendl brought a very special guest to Riva’s wedding!riva-and-mendl-weinstockYep, his guest of honour was none other than a llama!  In a tuxedo!  Turns out that back in 2015 when Riva and Mendl were teenagers, she began talking about what sort of wedding she might want, and Mendl jokingly said that if she invited him to such an affair, he would bring a llama.

Mendl has a long memory, so back in October when his sister called to tell him of her upcoming wedding, he began making his plans and sure enough, kept his promise!  I love it!  The llama probably upstaged the happy couple, though!

Where’s Waldo?

Who says dogs can’t climb trees?  Now, I don’t know how or why ol’ Waldo decided to climb that tree … he might have been chasing a squirrel, or maybe the neighbor’s cat was chasing him.  Either way, he ended up about 20 feet into a tree somewhere in Kansas City.Waldo-1Animal Services were called, and it took three officers to climb the tree and carry Waldo down.WaldoOnce Waldo knew he was safe, he fell asleep in the officer’s arms as he was completing intake paperwork.

Walking over a … WHAT???

You’ve heard of the Flying Wallendas, the family of daredevil high wire walkers that started with Karl Wallenda back in 1905.  Well, the family is now in its fifth generation of high wire walkers, and despite numerous tragedies over the years, they are still at it!

Nik Wallenda, who has made history a number of times, carrying on the tradition of his late great-grandfather Karl (who died at age 73 while attempting a high wire walk between the towers of Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico), took a walk across the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua!  Take a look …

I am afraid of heights, so I found it hard to watch, but at the same time, couldn’t take my eyes away!  Wow … just wow.


What’s the purpose of an airport?  No, not a trick question, but definitely a rhetorical one.  An airport is a central processing center for passengers and crew flying to or from a destination.  It is a functional structure.  Sure, it’s nice if it has a little café, maybe a gift shop with some books or souvenirs, bit overall it is not an art museum, just a functional building.

So, what’s with the governing board of Tampa International Airport, that they just allocated some $2.4 million to put a giant pink flamingo in the middle of the airport.  A 21-foot pink flamingo!pink-flamingoMind you, I like flamingos.  I have a stuffed pink flamingo named Merlin and when you squeeze his hand, he dances and sings Hey Macarena!  But … for the price, this airport flamingo, who probably doesn’t even sing and dance, seems a bit of a waste of both space and money.  But, what do I know … maybe it will take traveler’s minds off the fact that the big tube they are about to walk into and fly high in the air was likely made by Boeing.

How ‘bout a few ‘toons ‘n memes?


Well, folks … what Jolly???  Oh … yes … Jolly found a cute animal video to round out the morning.  Meet Alfie …

jollyI hope you all have a great week.  Keep safe, be happy, and please remember to share your gorgeous smiles!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa ‘n Jolly!!!


56 thoughts on “Jolly’s BAAAACK!

  1. Well, as you can see, I have been missing so much, I hadn’t even noticed that Jolly was missing. I came by specifically for the smile and not disappointed. ☺️ It sure beats the Heck out of everything else I am reading.
    I liked the cartoons especially. ☺️

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    • Well I was wondering where you had gotten off to! Glad to see you’re alright … back in the UK now? Yes, Jolly took a hike for a few days, but he’s back and in fine form now … I’m glad he brought you a smile! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, back in UK. In semi self-isolation because of COVID19… Possible exposure on flight back. 13 days now, but have been feeling slightly off… So have no idea. I can’t get tested as our NHS is almost on its knees trying to deal with people calling their reporting line. It is now suggested that people who become sick, just isolate themselves at home. They must not go to their doctor. Our government has said that we are anywhere between 4 and 2 weeks behind Italy and that it is suspected that there are currently at least 10,000 unreported cases in UK.

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        • So, what happens if somebody becomes dehydrated or needs some treatment just to stay alive, or if someone has a heart attack? Are they supposed to just stay at home and die, and NHS will come around and collect the bodies in a few months? It is said that we are one week behind Italy, and the entire U.S. has lost their bloomin’ marbles! The grocery shelves have no bottled water, no loo paper, no milk, and the cereal aisle looks like it was ransacked. Crazy people!!!! 10,000 is a lot for the size of the UK! There are 4 cases in the hospital about a mile from our home. Keep safe, if you can, my friend!


          • UK expects a lot of people to die, and the rest to gain some sort of immunity. I heard on the radio today that not even doctors can get tested now. I think Britain’s stoic story that we are doing this according to best advice is hiding the fact that we do not have enough test kits or treatment centres where people can be isolated.
            If you think the US has gone crazy, we’ll so have a lot of countries. Spain is following Italy into complete lock down. Bars, restaurants and public places closed. All schools closed. Starting on Monday, La Guardia will be on duty with road closures in or out of towns. Only essential shopping allowed and some travel to some work places. Everyone has to stay home. That will eventually come to UK when the deaths start mounting up.
            I have said that I will keep in touch with a friend in Spain and if I learn he is sick and then don’t hear from him, I will inform his son. They are somewhat estranged, but he is his only next of kin.

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            • Gary mentioned that in his comment, too. It seems a rather disorganized sort of plan to me, but heck, the U.S., as far as I can tell, has NO plan, so …

              Yes, I read about Spain and also France earlier today. And, I’ve read speculation that the same will happen here. You’ll find me sleeping on the street if they try it here. I don’t much take being ordered not to do something very well. In the words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

              I hope you keep hearing from your friend in Spain every day!


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  3. I’m glad Jolly returned safely – a Greyhound bus is just not as reliable as it used to be. Yes, leave it to Floridians to find a way to waste money – hell, flamingoes are not even a native species. Your newfound passion for Mexican cooking – does that mean I’ll have bacon tacos for breakfast? Thanks, Jill. Nice start to a new week.😍

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  4. Good Morning Jill! I love Jolly and the smiles he gave this morning! Gotta love that brother and his memory! Cracks me up!
    Gee! Can’t think of anything else that 2 million dollars would be better spent on, besides a ginormous flamingo! OH Gosh!
    I sooo could not be a dare devil!
    Awh on the Alpaca!
    Hugs and wishes for a wonderful Monday for you. Oh and your Mexican food made me hungry!

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  5. Welcome back Jolly..I was surprised not to be notified of the new post this morning.I love the smartly dressed Llama who can attend a wedding. Well done to the Wallenda’s that was quite a crossing.I’m prepared to bet that 25 year old didn’t manage to get many similar 25 year olds at her birthday.

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    • Did you check to make sure you’re still following … remember WP was playing tricks a few weeks ago? I rather liked the llama myself … he looked pretty darn handsome! No, I imagine most of her friends were somewhere around 100!


  6. Let’s see, our stuffed pink flamingo is named Flame, but she does not sing and dance. In fact, she cannot even stand up. She sits on the halfwall and dangles her feet over the edge. Speaking of feet, why is it the flamingo at the airport has 3 legs? Or does she have a “half-sister” hanging around?

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    • Mine does not stand, either … he dances from a sitting position with his legs dangling over the shelf. I don’t have any idea why the Tampa flamingo has three legs … perhaps she is a mutant?


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