It Couldn’t Happen Here … Could It?

In Russia, the term for a president is twelve years (compared to four years in the U.S.), with a limit of two terms, or twenty-four years total.  But that may soon be changing … and no, not for the better.  Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is serving his 20th year as president, has announced his support for a constitutional amendment that would allow him to seek another two terms in the Kremlin.  This would mean that Putin could serve as long as 48 years in total and would be 95 years old when he finally stepped down from the throne.PutinThe proposal began in parliament, where a member of Russia’s ruling party, Valentina Tereshkova, proposed amending the constitution in a way that would reset Putin’s presidential term count back to zero, meaning Putin could run twice more for the presidency.

“I propose that we either lift the restriction on the number of presidential terms or indicate in an article of this bill that the incumbent president, just like any other citizen, has the right to run for president after the updated constitution takes effect.”

Parliament, of course, needed Putin’s approval to move forward with the proposed amendment, and he was more than happy to comply in a 30-minute speech before Parliament.

Now, I hear you saying, “So what?  We’ve got troubles enough here at home, so why should we worry about Russia?”  But now, I ask you to think back … how many times has Trump made statements like …

“He’s [Chinese President Xi Jinping] now president for life. President for life. No, he’s great. And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot some day.”

“The disastrous IG Report on James Comey shows, in the strongest of terms, how unfairly I, and tens of millions of great people who support me, were treated. Our rights and liberties were illegally stripped away by this dishonest fool. We should be given our stolen time back?”

Or this tweet he posted last summer …Trump-foreverSure, we have a Constitution that says he is limited to two terms.  So does Russia.  Sure, we have a Congress that would have to pass such a measure.  So does Russia have a Parliament.  Sure, we have safeguards in our system of checks and balances, separation of powers … or do we?   The system is only as good as those who enforce it … such as the likes of Attorney General William Barr.

As long as there is a democratic majority in at least one chamber of Congress, as there is at the moment, then no, I do not think it could happen here.  But, just ponder for a moment.  What if, as was the case for Trump’s first two years in office, there was a republican majority in both the House and the Senate?  And what if that majority was large enough to garner a super majority (67%) in both chambers?  Then are we so certain it couldn’t happen?  I’m not.

Our system works only so long as everyone agrees to abide by the law.  As we have seen over the past three years, Trump not only refuses to abide by the law, but openly flaunts it on a day-to-day basis.  Not only that, but he has loaded his administration with sycophants who will do his bidding, and is on a mission to purge any who might be given to an attack of conscience.

All of which points up the necessity … nay, the urgency … of the upcoming elections.  Vote to ensure that our laws, our Constitution, will hold, that the foundation will not crumble.  Vote as if your life depends on it … for just maybe it does.

24 thoughts on “It Couldn’t Happen Here … Could It?

  1. Right, Trump will just end up being president forever? This is an insane notion, the mere suggestion that Trump would think of amending the constitution to prolong the existence of his administration is patently absurd. Vladimir Putin thinks it’s OK because he is a dictator, Trump is a president with limited powers.

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    • Um … Dylan? In case you hadn’t noticed, Trump very much considers himself an autocrat and yes, if he thought he could get by with awarding himself an extra term … or two … he would absolutely do so.


      • Jill, just because he has an “agenda”, doesn’t mean he is an “autocrat”.
        Obama (to name a left leaning president) had an agenda, yet I wouldn’t venture to say he was an autocrat, instead, I would just say he had terrible political ideas. I’m sure that many “never trumpers” think that #45 has terrible political ideas, but in order to classify him as an autocrat we would have to assume that he has the most supreme and absolute power in this nation, which is false. Voters have the most supreme and absolute power in this free country, and they exercised that power by electing Donald Trump.
        What do you think?

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        • When the president’s ‘agenda’ tramples the rights of the people, defies the foundation of the Constitution, then he is no longer a president, but an autocrat. When the people allow that to happen, then they are fools.


          • Name one instance where Trump’s “agenda” has trampled the rights of the people? I’m not asking for you to give me a list of the rights you think he has trampled, but rights that he has trampled that are listed in the Bill of Rights.


    • PS. Your post inspired me to wear my Trump shirt ……. are you confused? 🙂 Put it this way, IF this nightmare does become real, our family may be moving to another Country. I am sure you have probably heard how real estate agents in Canada have billboards out welcoming Americans…. and that brings me to the reason for wearing my shirt today. It says “Trump….Making CANADA Great again!” 🙂 Don’t you just love the Canadians humor!

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      • Yes, I was confused! I was ready to come with my scissors and make confetti out of your shirt! But, now I understand! Yes, I just love most things about the Canadians these days, not the least of which being Justin Trudeau!


          • Heh heh … I have two t-shirts that I hesitate to wear in public … one is an Obama shirt with the captioning “Have you seen this man? Please return him to the White House.” And the other is a Hillary Clinton shirt that says, “Don’t blame me … I voted for Hillary!” I love them both, but … don’t like to start a ruckus. Now, I do have an Obama sticker on the back of my van that says, “I Miss Obama”. One day I was putting groceries into my van at Kroger when a lady across the aisle was yelling something at me. Of course, I motioned that I don’t hear well, so she walked over and said, “I just wanted to tell you … I feel the same … I miss Obama.”

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    • I think that staying aware is key at this point. This is why our free press is so important, yet he is suing the three biggest media organizations in the nation, which I believe is an attempt to stifle them, or make them more reticent about what they publish. Also … much of what we have learned about his actions has come via leaks in his administration. Now, he is doing this purge, getting rid of any who are not 100% loyal to him … will this stop the leaks that are sometimes our only source of information?

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  2. I said this from the very beginning. & people laughed at me.

    & now the DNC is running Biden & everyone is saying “Vote Blue no matter who.”

    It’s done, we’re done. We were done a LONG time ago, long before trump. That’s what most people don’t even realize. It’s the slowest coup in history. But it’s a done deal. Get used to it.

    & that lovely golden period we had … between the end of WWII & the election of Reagan … that was the shortest golden age in history. Honestly … quite pathetic when you think about it.

    At least we got to experience it as children.


    • Eh … I think you may be a bit premature here. I won’t say you can’t possibly be right, but I won’t say it’s over until it’s over, sometime in the wee hours of November 4th. At present, though, I see a strong chance of a democratic win, especially in light of the way Trump is bungling the government response to the coronavirus pandemic. So, I don’t share your ‘gloom & doom’ prophecies, but … time will tell.


  3. I’d like to think it couldn’t happen here Jill. But, the way he’s captivated a certain segment of the population, and the whole Republican Party? Who knows? Guess what though? I WILL take to the streets on that one!!!

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