The Media Drops The Ball-Again

Our friend Jeff introduces us to Eric Boehlert, a journalist who calls a spade a spade, unlike far too many today! Take a minute to read and ponder, if you will. Thanks Jeff!

On The Fence Voters

For over three years now, our national media continues to try and normalize this president. Nobody points this out better than media critic Eric Boehlert. You’ve maybe seen Eric on MSNBC, as he’s regularly on AM Joy on most weekends. For years he wrote for Media Matters, a progressive non-profit organization that specializes in monitoring and analyzing conservative media lies and misinformation. In addition, he has a regular segment on progressive talk-show host Stephanie Miller every Monday on SiriusXM Channel 127. Now, he has his new website: Press Run. I hope you enjoy Eric’s take. As usual, he’s spot on. There are links below if you’d like to subscribe to his site. It’s free.

How Ap, NPR, and NYT help whitewash Trump’s virus madness

Normalizing carries a high price

By Eric Boehlert

After three years we start to lose the words and the right language to describe Trump’s often demented…

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7 thoughts on “The Media Drops The Ball-Again

  1. Jill, this is the headline and subheadline from The Guardian today. It speaks for itself:

    “Republican Michigan mayor endorses Biden instead of ‘deranged’ Trump

    Michael Taylor, mayor of Sterling Heights, says he’s voting for former vice-president as Biden and Sanders battle for key state.” Keith

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      • PS – I was pleased to see my local newspaper print my letter to the editor this morning. The Charlotte Observer ran it under the headline, “White House chaos leave us in a lurch.” Here is the piece:

        “As an independent voter and older person, I was well aware of the untruthful nature of the now president. Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked with him said before the election “Donald Trump lies everyday even about things of no consequence.” Yet, what has surprised me most is what conservative pundit David Brooks described about the Trump White House after the disastrous travel ban roll-out calling it “equal parts chaos and incompetence.” Valuing loyalty over competence, preferring a chaotic management style, and having a disdain for planning ahead have consistently left his staff, Congress and our country in a lurch. The coronavirus lack of preparation and firing the global pandemic team last year is par for the course.”

        Please feel free to adapt and use. I was very pleased they ran it and included the two quotes. Keith

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