Just A Couple Of Tidbits …

This, yesterday, from the MIT Technology Review:

Trump is considering a fossil fuel bailout, amid coronavirus worries

The Trump administration is “strongly considering” pushing a bailout package for US oil and natural-gas companies, as plummeting fuel prices and the coronavirus outbreak hammer the industry, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

The details: The aid would likely take the form of low-interest government loans to shale drillers, the newspaper reported, citing sources familiar with the White House discussions. That would throw a lifeline to a heavily indebted industry with increasingly limited access to private capital. Analysts say this week’s historic plunge in oil prices, if sustained, could force major US players into a battle for survival.

Criticisms: The proposal was quickly criticized by climate and energy observers. They argue that federal aid for the energy sector should go toward clean technologies that could help combat climate risks, rather than propping up fossil-fuel companies.

Republican support for the idea would stand in sharp contrast to conservative criticisms of the Obama administration’s efforts to support renewables companies in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

In related news: The oil and gas proposal follows President Trump’s announcement Monday that the administration would work to support other sectors rocked by the escalating public health crisis, including airlines, cruise ships, and hotels. It also comes at the same time that an effort to pass a bipartisan climate and clean energy bill seems to be unraveling.

Questionable priorities: The administration has moved rapidly to aid businesses despite a lackadaisical response to the spread of the virus itself. After early warnings from the devastating outbreak in China, the federal government largely failed to prepare for the coming crisis, health experts say. Among other issues, the US is way behind other nations in testing. Trump himself has consistently downplayed the risks and spread erroneous advice and information.

Doesn’t it just figure that in a crisis, the first people Trump uses our money to help are his wealthy friends in the fossil fuel industry?  Those who should, in truth, be using their vast wealth to help the rest of us, instead are likely to receive help while we founder.  Gee, thanks Donnie.

Since the first news of the coronavirus, Trump has lied to the public.  Over and over and over.  He has made it all about him, for in his narrow world, everything must be about him.  He claimed it was a media hoax to try to ‘bring him down’.  He claimed the coronavirus was nothing more than a common cold.  Then most recently he claimed that reporters were trying to catch the virus so that they could pass it on to him on Air Force One.  He claimed that he knew more than the scientists.  He told the public there were plenty of test kits and anybody who wished to could be tested.  All of which were lies.  But now, it appears, he has found a new way to use this pandemic to his benefit.

At a rally in South Carolina, he renewed his call for a ‘wall’ on the southern border, intimating that the coronavirus had come to the U.S. through immigration, though Mexico has a far lower occurrence rate than the U.S.  And this morning, Trump met with only republican senators to pitch the idea of payroll tax cuts that would largely benefit only higher paid workers … surprise.  If there is a way to turn this crisis into a benefit for Trump, he’s hellbent and determined to find it.  At what cost?  Well, let’s just say that reducing revenue and increasing costs … can only increase the national debt and deficit at an even faster pace.  Sooner or later, the piper must be paid, folks.

In other news …

Harvey Weinstein, the notorious abuser of women who was the catalyst for the #MeToo movement, has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for sexually assaulting two women in New York.  Weinstein still faces charges in Los Angeles, which could add to his prison sentence.  Given that he is now 67 years old, I think we can safely say we will all be safe from Mr. W.  However, there are many more like him out there, men who truly seem to believe that women were put on this earth for little purpose other than their pleasure.  At the risk of sounding cruel, I frankly hope Mr. Weinstein gets a bit of his own treatment while he’s in prison.

50 thoughts on “Just A Couple Of Tidbits …

  1. I wonder if his loyal voters are still allowed to come up and hug him even if they’re coughing and sweating from a high fever or are being separated before they even get in the venue. I thought I noticed at one recent one they’d moved his microphone way far from the background crowd. He’s really desperate since I read he’s a germaphobe. Even Heraldo Rivera told someone in Trump’s retinue they should tell him to stop shaking hands as he’s setting a bad example. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • Ewww … who could stand to hug him? I wouldn’t even shake his hand, even under the best of circumstances! Yeah, I’ve also read that he’s a germaphobe … but since he’s already filled with toxic waste, I doubt he would catch it. And, at the risk of sounding cruel, I wouldn’t shed a tear if he did catch it.

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    • here’s a quote from facebook that sums up things pretty well.

      “In times of crisis, people rely on the media to get them information as quickly and accurately as possible, something that’s all the more important when

      learning the facts and responding properly is literally a matter of life and death. The more that news reports focus on parsing the words of elected officials

      rather than going to the sources who can tell us what science says is really going on, the more they do a disservice not just to readers, but to the cause

      of stopping a pandemic.”

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      • Fortunately, our media have been doing just that, presenting the views and cautionary advice of the experts. They have also covered the bungling and incoherent views expressed by the White House, but only in contrast to the professional opinions of the medical experts who actually know of what they speak. Keep safe, Scott … we can bicker and banter, but you are a good friend, and I do care. Hugs!


  2. how is trump bailing out oil and gas any different from when obama bailed out banks and the auto industry? Both political parasites have and are going to use your tax dollars. If you’re critical of trump doing to an industry what Obama did to another industry but weren’t enraged at his bailout, I would seriously question the intelecdtial integrity of anyone who was okay with one form of government assistance but isn’t okay with the other.
    Think about it.


    • It should be noted the auto industry paid the government back, who actually made a profit on the loans. One can argue the rationale to do so, but I thought it is important to note that distinction. Keith


    • Well, bottom line is that when you cut revenue and don’t/can’t decrease spending by an equivalent amount, you’re going to have a deficit. We already have a significant deficit, and more importantly, a huge national debt that is projected to only go higher in coming years. The tax cut is not the solution, as it would benefit higher paid workers far more than lower paid workers. And … if payroll taxes are suspended, as he has talked of doing … what will fund Social Security and Medicare? Not a wise move from any angle you look at it.

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        • Oh, it will definitely catch up with us. You cannot keep robbing from Peter to pay Paul, as they say, forever. Thing is, though, that Trump’s idea of cutting costs is to cut things that help those most in need, like food stamps, Medicaid, and now he’s even talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare. Meanwhile, he’ll keep bailing out his buddies. It’s rather a reverse Robin Hood … rob from the poor to give to the rich.

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  3. That man is the very definition of corrupt as well as stupid. Surely this time even the Repubs must be fed up of him putting the Country at risk over Coronavirus..Test kits were available from the WHO much earlier. Where is his consideration for US citizen ?

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    • Yep, corrupt, stupid, and a whole bunch of other adjectives I could think of. It seems that some republicans are not very happy with the way he has handled the coronavirus situation, but they’re only rolling their eyes, I think, not taking any action. Yes, test kits were offered by WHO and he turned them down! And it’s been a series of faux pas ever since, but he in his unsurpassed wisdom claims to know what he’s doing. Hah! With nearly 2,000 cases now, events are being canceled, employees are being laid off, businesses closing, schools closing … and travel to and from Europe prohibited effective Friday. I feel like a prisoner, in a way. Not that I had travel plans, but … it’s frightening to feel that you couldn’t leave if you wanted to.

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      • I hope the Coronavirus will prove to be his Waterloo, that the crisis in America is attributable solely to his stupidity and mismanagement.Delays that caused deaths are because test kits weren’t available and yet they were ffered and refused. Some repubs must go further than just rolling their eyes as Americans die.

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