Filosofa Rants

Donald Trump and his administration defy description.  I can use every adjective in my vocabulary and still not have defined the abomination that is not-so-affectionately called “the swamp”.

Let us look back to Tuesday, when Donald Trump gave an impromptu presser outside the Capitol.  When asked by one reporter a question regarding the economic downturn triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, Trump answered …

“It will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away… Be calm. It’s really working out. And a lot of good things are going to happen. The consumer is ready, and the consumer is so powerful in our country with what we’ve done with tax cuts and regulation cuts and all of those things. The consumer has never been in a better position than they are right now. So a lot of good things are going to happen.”

Huh?  Does he think we are four-year-old children looking to our daddy for affirmation that “everything will be okay”?  And “a lot of good things”???  What good things?  People dying, panic in the markets, a NCAA tournament being played sans spectators?  Nearly two thousand cases in the U.S.?  (Yes, Donnie, you must count the cases that were on the ship Diamond Princess … like it or not, the ship is not a nation, and the people aboard it are U.S. citizens)  And since you opened the bloody door, Donnie … those tax cuts and regulation cuts have hurt … HURT … the consumers, the citizens of this nation.  With your tax cuts, you benefited the wealthy, at the cost of the average worker.  And with your ignominious regulation roll-backs, you are killing us slowly as you allow more and more crap to be put into the atmosphere by your rich bitch friends in the fossil fuel and logging industries.  KILLING US!  Killing future generations.  Killing the ecosystem that supports life on Planet Earth.  And for what, pray tell???

How many more lies will the people of this nation put up with?  How much longer will the republicans who support Trump be willing to risk their lives and the lives of their children & grandchildren, to feed the ego of the megalomaniac who sits on his fat derriere in a chair in the Oval Office that Hillary Clinton earned, not him?

Last June, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who had not given a single press briefing for three full months, left her position as White House Press Secretary and was replaced by Melania Trump’s “chief of staff for communications”, though I have not the faintest idea why Melania needs such a person.  Since accepting the position of Press Secretary, Ms. Grisham has not held one single press briefing.  Not one.  The job of White House Press Secretary is to be a liaison between the administration and the public.  WE THE PEOPLE pay this woman $183,000 per year to … what???  Well, let’s see … a few days ago she could be heard screeching at reporters attending a press conference to “Get out .. just GO … GET OUT!” repeatedly.  Very unprofessional.  Oh, and I hear she appears frequently on Fox News shows.

Donald Trump’s “campaign” is suing the three top news outlets in the country:  The Washington Post, New York Times, and CNN.  The lawsuits, according to all legal experts, are frivolous and his campaign stands zero chance of winning any of them.  However, winning them was never the purpose.  The purpose was always to send a warning shot over the bow, so to speak.  To cause media outlets to think twice before printing anything in the least bit critical of Trump.  Now, let’s think about this for a minute …

Since long before he took office, Trump has denigrated the press, has attempted to bully and intimidate them.  The most heinous was the many times he referred to them as “the enemy of the people”, a term for which any other president in our nation’s history would have been censured, but not Trump.  He communicates via Twitter, rather than holding actual press conferences or actually talking to reporters.  He is purging his staff of any who cannot prove they are 100% loyal to him.  The only way the press have often known what was transpiring within the administration has been through leaks by staff … those are likely to dry up in light of his purges.  And now, he is suing any who criticize him.  What do you think all this adds up to?

It adds up to the fact that there is likely to be even less transparency for the next eight months than there has been in the past three years, and that has been little enough.  It means we will have no idea what the truth is, what is being done to within the confines of the government we pay for.  We have been lied to so many times, and now, with an actual crisis facing this nation, the press has been stifled and all he can do is tell us more lies.  No, people, everything is NOT under control, there are NOT good things happening, and Donald Trump is in so far over his head that he is drowning in the muck he has created.

The man who holds the highest office in this nation does not have any leadership skills, lacks intelligence, is more concerned about his image than our lives, and has surrounded himself with buffoons and bozos.  My friends, we are not in a good place.  The things you can do are support the free press, keep calling and writing to your representatives in Congress, send letters to your local newspapers, and most important of all:  Vote this son of a bitch out of office on November 3rd!

28 thoughts on “Filosofa Rants

    • So I heard … and, at the risk of sounding cruel … I really don’t care. If he has it, I would have to say it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Perhaps karma is a bitch after all, eh?


  1. Since accepting the position of Press Secretary, Ms. Grisham has not held one single press briefing.
    And why should she? Her boss makes all the important (and not so important) announcements via Twitter.

    But you’re correct. $138,000/year … for what? Ahhhh, but’s it’s just money. OUR money!

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  2. Since accepting the position of Press Secretary, Ms. Grisham has not held one single press briefing.

    I’m going to look on the positive side here.

    Not holding a press conference is a better way of keeping us informed, than holding a press conference full of lies.

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    • He’s long since proven that he does NOT have what it takes, and now he is only adding insult to injury, playing with lives. As David mentioned in an earlier comment, I hope this will be his Waterloo … at least we’ll be rid of the monster. You keep safe as well, Jack. Hugs! ❤


    • Sigh. He always has to blame somebody … I note that he made an exception of the UK … is it because he has golf courses there, or is it that he’s trying to pander to Boris? It’s all political with him … if anybody thinks he gives a rat’s ass about human lives, they should think again.


  3. Jill, look at the focus of his concern. It is less the coronavirus and more the impact on the economy. The news said the coronavirus is his top priority, but my sense is it is more for damage control of his image.

    I have finally started reading “The Fifth Risk” by Michael Lewis. Its focus is on the countless legions of public servants and how ill-prepared the Trump administration was and is by firing Chris Christie’s transition team (and tossing their work), not having appointees named as a result, and blowing off required vetting sessions to learn what these folks do. So far, the only surprise it is even more chaotic and incompetent than we knew. Keith

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    • Indeed, he is far more concerned about the stock market, which he seems to think is the only indicator of the health of the economy, than the lives of people. But, are we surprised by that?

      I have not yet read Lewis’ book, though it is on my list. Amazing, isn’t it, how he can be so grossly incompetent and still maintain a 40% base despite it all? You might consider writing a review of the book when you finish?


      • Jill, it is getting harder for the president to hide with financial news reporters drawing a straight line to his impulsive and inconsistent comments and the market crash. Regardless of the veracity of the EU travel ban, he again failed to apprise the EU and other parties he was so doing and they heard about it in the middle of the night. This is not unlike his disastrous first travel ban in 2017 which was pulled after two days. Keith

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  4. The WHO has stayed on top of the Coronavirus problem. They offered test kits and offered advice as to the crisis this was turning into. One man decided to downplay this by suggesting it was nothing more than a cold. It will go away,he said. Well it will go away but how many people must die from this ‘cold’.while it does.

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