Discord & Dissension — Taking A Short Break

Our apologies, but Discord & Dissention – Part X will be delayed by one week.  As you can imagine, the news cycle of the past two weeks, with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the daily plunge of global financial markets, and the Bernie & Joe Show have kept us a bit off our feed.  We needed just a bit of a break, to step back and re-focus on this project that we expect to last through election day on November 3rd.  This likely won’t be the last time we take a week off, but we don’t plan to make it a habit, either.  We will be back in one week with Part X or our project, and we hope you’ll join us then.

Jeff & Jill

4 thoughts on “Discord & Dissension — Taking A Short Break

  1. Looking forward to the next installment of this series, excellent work Jill & Jeff.

    In the meantime, Sen. Tulsi Gabbard details UBI plan for crisis. $1000/ mo for every single citizen until this medical crisis abates.
    I think she makes alot of sense. Simply divert the billions currently financing the Afghanistan war and give it back to the taxpayers! Support our families and at the same time revive our economy and stock market. Win-Win-Win!

    I doubt her plan will pass the senate tho, what would Repugs do without war?

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    • Well, that’s a lovely plan, but not at all practical, nor necessary. Some people will need that level of financial assistance, but most of us don’t. With our national debt in the trillions and rising every day, we can hardly even consider just giving away money to every person in the country.

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      • Those who don’t need it may choose to donate it to a worthy cause. Besides, this plan is only a stop gap measure to tie citizens (working families, poor, students, part time) over until the crisis abates. What’s a few trillion on top of an already bloated deficit. You and I both know it will never get paid off.
        Did you know the Treasury shored up the bank repo market with 1.5 TRILLION this morning in order to avoid a banking collapse? So banks are entitled to gov’t bailouts but the citizens who pay taxes are not?
        Don’t tell me u’r a closet Republican? 😉


        • Well, what you and I both know is that most who received such a windfall would not turn it around and give it to those who really need it, but would keep it and find something to spend it on. Some would be generous, but most would not. No, I’m not a closet republican, and I think you know me well enough by now to know that I am very much a socialist, but … I am also a pragmatist, and in that role, I see that it makes no sense to just start giving money to everyone. Much better to cover some things for all, such as testing and medical treatment, and use any other available funds to help those who are truly in need. Someday soon, there will be a hefty price to pay for allowing our national debt to get so far out of hand … you and I will pay it, not the wealthy who cannot even be bothered to pay taxes. Let us not add to it unnecessarily. The bill that was worked out by Pelosi tonight seems much more sensible than Tulsi Gabbard’s give-a-way, and while i doubt McConnell will bring it to the floor for a Senate vote, he might be more likely to consider this than he would a free-for-all.


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