Jolly Monday — Just a Few Laughs

Last evening I said to Jolly that maybe we’d need to take a hiatus from Jolly Monday this week, for I really wasn’t in the mood.  Jolly, however, was having none of it!

jolly“Gwammie … NO!  Our fwiends need us more den ever now, ‘cause it’s scawy and sad and we needs to make ‘em laugh.  Pwease, Gwammie, PWEASE?”

Well, how can I resist the little guy when he puts it that way, when he cares so much about all of you?  And so, between us, we will use all our wiles and charms to try to make you laugh this morning!  Grab a donut or piece of fruit, and settle in for a few minutes with me ‘n Jolly.

Toilet paper anyone?

Toilet paper, or loo paper for my UK readers, is on the minds of just about everybody today.  Imagine one woman’s shock, though, when she ordered a supply of 48 rolls from a company called Who Gives a Crap, only to be billed over $2,000!  Haidee Janetzki of Toowoomba, Australia, had been ordering from the company on a regular basis for several years, but decided to change the brand to a cheaper one.  What she didn’t realize was that instead of 48 rolls, she accidentally ordered 48 boxes … hmmmm, I think I’m beginning to see why there is a shortage!

Says Janetzki …

“And when it asked for quantity, I put 48, thinking that would be a box of 48 rolls. Turned out it was 48 boxes. The courier man turned up at the door with two pallets of toilet paper instead of one box.”

A look at her credit card statement showed that she had been billed $2,153.78 plus shipping!  She said the recent toilet paper shortages stemming from coronavirus concerns have simplified the process of getting rid of the rolls. The family has started selling the toilet paper at a slight mark-up to support a school trip her daughter’s class is planning.  Personally, I would have sent it back, but …

Art made of what???

Take a look at this mural by 23-year-old Oscar Olivares from Venezuela and see if you can guess what it’s made of …mural-VenzuelaOscar Olivares, in collaboration with the local environmental organization OkoSpiri and Movimiento en la Arquitectura para el Futuro (eng. Movement in Architecture for the Future), has created a gigantic mural using recycled plastic bottle caps and container lids.It took 2.5 months to plaster over 200,000 various plastic caps on a wall of a small square, Plaza Escalona in El Hatillo Municipality, Caracas. The mural extends a total of 45 meters in length, measuring 3.5 meters at its shortest point and 7.25 meters at its highest point.mural-Venzuela-2

“The initiative came from ONG OkoSpiri—they invited me to participate as the artist of the project of creating the first eco-mural of Venezuela using just bottle cap. At first, it sounds impossible, but I did some research and dove deep into pointillism and color. It helped me understand that it was not only possible to make a good mural using caps, but also something hard yet impressive and thus worth it.”

Oscar explains the symbolism behind the mural …mural-Venzuela-oscar

“The mural begins with the city of Caracas (where the mural is) at night with an arepa moon. The arepa is the most typical food of Venezuela and something that connects all of the people of the country—the rich and the poor. In the sky inspired by Van Gogh, you can see two Ovnis (UFOs) that represents our connection with the outer space. Then, we have some sunflowers and in the most important part of the mural, the four macaws in different sizes and perspectives flying around. You can witness these birds flying around Caracas all the time, they are always in a couple or groups. At the end of the mural, you will see an Araguaney—that is the national tree of Venezuela with the name of the mural “Oko-mural” inspired by ONG OkoSpiri.”

mural-Venzuela-3The plastic cap mural is reportedly one of the largest ecological murals in South America and the first of its kind in Venezuela. The idea behind the work of art is to raise awareness among the residents of Caracas and beyond about the ecological problems that the country faces.

Pandas … Pandas … Pandas!

Today is National Panda Day!  According to the National Day Calendar people …

wwf-pandaNational Panda Day draws attention to one of the world’s unique bears. Pandas are also one of the world’s most endangered and adored animals. Conservationists and animal lovers alike spread the word about increasing efforts of the international community dedicated to protecting and restoring habitat.

Native to China, giant pandas are members of the Bear (Ursidae) family. Their rapidly shrinking habitat is a major cause for concern.  As an endangered species, successful panda breeding programs are rare. In the wild, there are approximately only 1,864 (according to the World Wide Fund for Nature) and 100 living in zoos around the world.

With their white face and black eyes and body, Panda bears are easily identifiable. However, despite their sweet disposition, they tend to isolate themselves in the wild. They eat mostly plants and do not hibernate in the winter like many other bears.

So, naturally I have a cute animal video …

I think Jolly is just back from Phil’s Phun where he found some phunny cartoons …


jollyWell, folks, I guess it’s time for us to all get down to the business at hand and get this week off to a grand start!  Share those smiles, and keep a positive attitude this week, okay?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!


Oh … I almost forgot!  Hugh … thought you might need these for the week ahead …


56 thoughts on “Jolly Monday — Just a Few Laughs

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! I must warn you, however, that this is mostly a very political blog. On Monday mornings I do these Jolly Monday posts, meant to get the week started with a laugh. On Wednesday mornings I do a ‘good people’ post, highlighting people who are going out of their way to help their fellow humans or the planet. And on Saturday mornings I do ‘Saturday Surprise’, sometimes featuring animals, or unique things around the world, or just humour. The rest of the time, though, my posts are left-leaning political. I’m glad you came and liked what you saw … welcome to the family!

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  1. I have sent you a few cartoons Jill.
    I think people can wash themselves off with a shower sprayer and a designated cloth if they run out of toilet paper. It makes no sense to block up their sewers in their home. What is wrong with people? 🤪

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    • I’ve got no idea what’s wrong with people, but … I’d probably have thought of paper towels as a first substitute myself. 😉 Got the ‘toons … thank you!


  2. As usual, I am late to the Party! I am glad you haven’t given up on the humour. Jolly is right, we all need it more than ever.

    I loved that mural… How fantastic to use up all that plastic waste! And the cartoon of the lions looking at their menu cracked me up!

    I get cartoons and funnies all the time from people… I will send the more family appropriate ones to you be email… Even the one’s about COVID 19. Although it is no laughing matter, the humour around it helps to ease the stress. People need to do that. Stress actually weakens the immune system, so anything that relieves stress is useful.

    One cartoon I received was people talking in a bar…
    Question: Why is everyone buying so much toilet paper?
    Answer: Because everytime someone sneezes, a hundred people sh#t themselves!


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    • You weren’t too late! This party goes on for a long time! I’m glad you found something to smile about! Yes, please do send me some … I’m always on the lookout for new ideas. I’ve done some cartoons about coronavirus, but stopped, for I thought some might think I was making light of something so serious. I do still do the ones about the goofiness of hoarding and such, though. Loved the joke! I read today that somewhere, the sewers are backing up, as people are using substitutes like paper towels and such in lieu of toilet paper.

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  3. So glad the Jolly convinced you otherwise Jill.
    No slamming of hands on counters, ‘Them Crooked Vultures’ (The crew in The Whitehouse, not the band) an’t worth it. Just send an envelope to the GOP and when they open it they will find a piece of paper with the words ‘Ahhhh-Tishoooooo!….Cough-cough-cough’ written on it.
    Best set of cartoons ever, and that’s saying something- loved the lions looking at the menu.

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  4. The cartoons cracked me up, but I have to admit to staring at the first photos for a long time looking for the visual punchlines: half and half with 30% more something? Was that the joke? Funny toast? I eventually passed them over and figured they were mostly just snacks to get us in the mood. Was I right or did I miss all kinds of visual jokes that everyone else thought was a riot?

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    • Please forgive my intrusion, but I may be of assistance in clarifying the confusion over the included Half & Half. I do so because I was the person that encouraged Jill to offer this on the Jolly Monday posts. If you will indulge my Propensity for Loquacity, I will gladly tell you about this product. My youngest Daughter and Mother of my only Grandchild, 6 year old Benjamin, brought him to Gem’s (me) house every morning on her way to work. Coffee was at the ready to be taken with her in a travel cup. She prefers fat free Half & Half instead of my beloved full fat…to me that requires another explanation as to how is it fat free and still half cream? But, I digress. A quart or two of fat free was always kept for her use. I detest the stuff, it seems an insult to every cow that puts their everything into the cream they produce. But again, I digress. Sadly, for me, Benjamin began kindergarten this September and no longer spends his weekdays with Gem. This also found me with 1 1/2 quarts of fat free Half & Half with a looming expiration date. I also detest waste of any sort and had to find a way to quickly utilize the stuff. As I was standing in the dairy section of the supermarket trying to determine what could be added to make this stuff palatable, I came across this new Land O’ Lakes Coffeehouse Half & Half with 30% more cream. I purchased a quart even though it costs more and was not on sale…desperate times call for desperate measures. I was delighted to find that by using half of hers added to half of this my problem was solved. When at the end of the first quart and still needing more, another quart of the Coffehouse was purchased. When I finally came to the end of the horrid fat free I still had about 1/2 quart of the Coffeehouse remaining. As stated earlier, I detest waste and began to use the remainder in my coffee. By the end of that quart, I was hooked and remain so to the present. One might well point out that 30% more cream is not the healthiest choice, and I cannot dispute that fact…but, to me it is well worth it for the creamy taste. My point here, and there is one in here somewhere, is that NO it is not a joke! Hope this helped. Thank-you!

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      • Oh Thank You, Ellen, for engaging your P for L, for you have given me a double chuckle, plus have answered Donnalee’s question beautifully! So yes, Donnalee, this is a real product, and nope, no joke. Every Monday morning, I put out fun snacks for my readers to munch on while they begin their week with just a bit of humour!


      • I am very pro-fat and indeed use only half-and-half in my coffee, so I understand, comrade! Thanks for the explanation!

        I did something very similar when I recently bought an apple pie that had way too much sugar in it, and then got the usual good kind with almost no sugar and then ate pieces of each smooshed together to divide the too-much-sugar of the one. We seem to be practical people–

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  5. I am so relieved to see that Jolly has found YOU! At nearly 4 AM this morning after reading your comment on my comment on yesterday’s “On Common Sense and Humanity” I thought that you were slipping into the pit of despair and even added a comment saying so! Total Aside here, but there is an abundance of activity on that post this afternoon! Beyond a doubt our attempts to maintain our Jolly will face challenges, but we must NEVER give in to despair or we are lost! Excuse me for a minute whilst I step off my soapbox and move on to commenting on this Jolly post. Now then, today’s offerings are much appreciated and the pastries are tempting indeed. Although there does appear to be less bacon than usual, hopefully each of your bacon lovers will share. I am grateful for the Half & Half of the plus variety, it adds so much to my coffee. It has occurred to me here of late that were I to stockpile anything, Half & Half would definitely be at the top of my list. My pantry is always stocked with a variety of flavored coffee by taking advantage of sales whenever they appear, so no worries there! I can survive without many things…but not without my nicely creamed cups of coffee! I must also commend Jolly and yourself for the other offerings herein that add much needed smiles and happiness to this Monday. Benjamin would so love the Panda video and it will be saved for whenever he shall be able to visit again. Another Total Aside, but mayhaps Jolly should resume juiceboxes for Benjamin in place of the glass of milk until further notice. I should perhaps end this already lengthy comment here and now, but I would be remiss not to share today’s holiday celebration with you as I have already done so in other places. It would also seem that I have refound my Propensity for Loquacity! Today is the third Monday in March which since 2004 has been celebrated as both “Act Happy Day” and “National Wellderly Day”. The former is for everyone, young and old alike, and the latter for those of us considered elderly…we need happiness too! Dr. Dale Anderson of Minnesota created both on this day “in an effort to promote the health benefits of happiness, humor, and laughter”. The good Doctor suggests beginning each day staring in the mirror and letting out a 15-second belly laugh. This kicks in those endorphins and sets the tone for the day. The goal here, according to him, is to put your mind in a happy mood right away in the morning so that it will brighten the rest of the day. Frankly, it is my opinion that if one can stare at oneself in the mirror first thing in the morning without laughing, mayhaps they are incapable of laughing…a sad misfortune indeed! Dr. Anderson says that when things don’t seem happy if you ACT like you are happy by smiling and laughing, you are on your way to actually being happy. So, Smile and Be Happy or at least Act Happy! Thank-You, Jill and Jolly!!

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    • Well, I have a confession to make. I am deep in the pit of despair, but only worked really hard to pop my head out for a bit on account of Jolly said we owed it to our friends. I awoke angry this morning, have punched the crap out of my printer, beaten the kitchen counter (I think I cracked a bone in my hand), and thrown a few things. Nothing in the news today served to calm my angst. I am in defiant mode, in “I hate the world” mode, and were it not for the fact that my girls need me, I would be in suicidal mode. That said …

      You’re right … there was less bacon than usual, for the stores were sold out! Larry, Jerry, David and Emily can fight over it or share … ’tis up to them! I was hoping you would save the Panda video for Benjamin, for I thought of him when I came across it. I nearly choked on my wine when I read that about “Act Happy Day” … I have been trying to do just that, though I’m not sure how good an actress I am! I tried your advice of standing in front of the mirror and laughing for 15 minutes, but … sorry, no laugh in this belly today. Sigh. I see you are suggesting a return to the juice boxes instead of milk … have his tastes changed again? I shall make note of it.

      Have a happy week if you can, my friend! Love ‘n hugs ❤


  6. You and Jolly succeeded again in bringing smiles! Great job! Glad you listened to Jolly, we need to keep smiling! 🙂
    Love Pandas and that video was cute!
    Wow on all those bottle caps, I wouldn’t have guessed that, and it looks pretty cool. Have a great day my friend!

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    • Heh heh … it’s all in the interpretation! Dearest Emily … I can only tell you to try to have a good week. Your workdays are challenging enough, and now the latest rash of … what? Ignorance? Fools? Anyway, smile just once today … and I shall do the same.


  7. Jill, the woman with the surplus TP could make a killing these days. TP is hard to come by in stores. I have popped into a couple of stores the past few days – one had no chicken, whole or pieces. Another had no potatoes, except for a some sweet potatoes.

    I love the bottle cap artist. That is talent and putting to use something that often does not get recycled.

    By the way “Unicorns and cartwheels” sounds like a cool song title. Where is Bernie Taupin and Elton John? If “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” can be a song title, why not “Unicorns and cartwheels?” Keith

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    • We stopped on Sunday evening at a large grocery, Meijer (not sure if they have them down your way), and the entire produce section was cleaned out, except for a few organic things. Nary a potato, banana, apple, or onion. No bread, no chicken, no water, no cleaning supplies at all! I was so angry I shoved my cart into a display and walked out. People are pigs.

      Yes, I thought the mural was gorgeous, and especially loved the part with sunflowers.

      I think you may be onto something with the “Unicorns and Cartwheels” title!!! Next time I speak with Elton, I’ll mention it!


  8. Unicorns must be careful about cartwheels.
    The panda video was fun to watch. How can anyone not like pandas? I understand they are actually a type of raccoon, and not bears at all.
    Let’s hope this week goes better for the world than last week.

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    • I’m with you … who doesn’t love the adorable pandas! Mmmmm … I think that pandas are actually a species of bears, but Koalas, that are often referred to as bears, are not actually bears, but a marsupial. Either way, they are darned cute. I don’t think, my friend, that this week stands a chance of being better than last week, but instead is getting off to an even worse start. Sigh.

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    Hi peeps, please head over to Filosofa and get your happy fix for the week. And if you don’t follow her yet change it please. She is one of the most inspiring and caring people I know. Happy Monday to you all, despite everything! 🙋‍♀️🐝


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