Sherrod Brown Speaks … Boy Does He Ever Speak!!!

There are very few politicians in Ohio for whom I have the least bit of respect.  Jim Jordan and Warren Davidson are the lowest of low in my book, and after Tuesday’s fiasco, I’d like to take a baseball bat to Governor DeWine’s head.  But Senator Sherrod Brown has always seemed like a good guy who cares about the people he represents.

Earlier today, a friend sent me this video clip and … WOW!  You tell ’em, Sherrod!  Take a look for yourself …

22 thoughts on “Sherrod Brown Speaks … Boy Does He Ever Speak!!!

  1. Jill, well said on all counts. The big stimilus being considered misses an opporrunity to fund renewable energy. One good outcome of the coronavirus is carbon emissions are fewer and the air is noticeably cleaner. It should come as no surprise, the bigger bailouts will go to fossil fuel industry. Keith

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  2. Hello Jill. Powerful address. He highlights the differences between the parties as to who they wish to take care of very well. I wish I could say he will succeed with such a compelling argument, but we all know that McConnell and the Republicans are now beyond shame and negative feedback. They simply do not care because they no longer work for or feel the need to have the voters support. They have their big money donors who have become the real constituents. From the Republican mindset we have no democracy , we have a plutocracy , and they love it as they reap the benefits of it. I wish I had better news but I don’t. The Democrats far too long felt they could just take a little of the poison and not be harmed. As we have seen in recent history in this country we have only one part, the far right party, and the middle right party. They both suck from the same big donors teat, the only difference is the middle right called Democrats try to keep the lower incomes from revolting with small incremental advances that really don’t help the people at all. for example $15 dollar per hour wage has been pushed by the progressives for over 6 years, maybe longer, yet now when most companies are already forced to pay nearly $13 dollars an hour they are begrudgingly allowing the Democratic party to claim to support a $15 dollar minimum wage. Now that it means little to no advance. It really would have meant something 6 to 10 years ago. The more I see of our governmental system and the semi two parties the more I realize we do not really have a democracy, we have a thin veneer covering a bought and paid for system that doesn’t even bother to hide that fact from us anymore. Hugs

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    • I was really pleased to hear him stand so vehemently against Mitchie and Trump! I agree that Mitch will not likely be moved by it, but I’m hoping that at least a few of the republican senators find their cojones and stay at work until the House bill is passed. If they stay and work, there actually isn’t much Mitch can do … they can override him. The question is, will they find those cojones? I know they haven’t in the past, but this situation is quite a bit more serious and has the potential to completely demolish the economy of this nation if not handled properly, so it’s my hope they will realize the solemnity of it and act appropriately. All their wealth won’t do them one damn bit of good if the people all die of either the virus, suicide, violence, or starving to death. Hugs!

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