On Dead Flowers, Fools, and More

I woke this morning to another dark, dreary, rainy day, as they have all been for the past two weeks.  At least my hallway wasn’t flooded by rain being blown under the door, as it was Saturday.  Our neighborhood looks ugly right now … in fact, I woke thinking the whole world looks ugly, so I opened the front door, hoping to brighten my outlook by seeing my 20 or so crocuses that bloomed last week … only to find them … dead. Must have been the torrential downpours and sub-freezing temperatures over the weekend.  And thus starts another week …


They walk among us …

Last night, in a really rotten mood to begin with, I saw a friend’s post on Facebook …

rob nealeigh

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, my fingers hit the keyboard in response.  I thought about it for just about a half-second before hitting ‘send’, and then thought no more about it.  Needless to say, when I logged onto Facebook this morning, I received a pop-up saying that Rob Nealeigh is no longer my friend.  I really didn’t mind, for he is the son of a man I used to work with, and while I greatly respect his father, I don’t know the son very well.  But I am still scratching my head …

“More open and offers itself to the press more than ever before”???  Does it, then, not matter that everything that is said to the press is 95% certain to be a lie? As long as they say something, it matters not whether we can believe it? Transparency???  It will take a decade after Trump leaves office to find all the things they have done that we knew nothing about, all the lies that have hidden reality, all the monies that have been siphoned from the public coffers.  And there’s that meaningless phrase again: “Trump tells it like it is”NO NO NO … Trump lies!  He lies even when there is no reason to lie!  If you asked him the colour of his tie, he would say it is blue when it was really red, just because he is a pathological liar.  Lying and transparency are two entirely different things!

One time, back before the 2016 election, I asked another friend to be more specific when she said, “Trump tells it like it is”.  What, exactly, do you mean by that … what has he said that was “telling it like it is.”  She told me I was just another ‘libtard’ and by the next morning she, too, had unfriended me on Facebook.  There is no answer to that question … it’s a buzz-phrase they’ve been taught to say, and they have no idea what they’re even talking about, yet we are ignorant for trying to pin them down.

And “… they continue to win for the American people”???  What the Sam Hell have they ‘won’???  We are no longer trusted by our allies, we have become the most racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, homophobic nation in the western world, and we are more internally divided than at any time since 1865.  Funny, but if this is winning, I think I’d rather be a loser!

I think I’d like to propose that all who are so blindly enamoured of Trump be made to wear their maga hats when out in public so that we know to stay away from them.  Else we can imprint a Trump tattoo on their foreheads … anything that identifies them, for these are dangerous people!  Yet further proof that our education system is failing miserably.

The headline on the BBC website reads

Trump to Deploy National Guard to Fight Virus

Seriously???  The National Guard can fight and kill the coronavirus?  Hmmmm 🤔.  Somehow, I don’t think so.  I think what is meant is that Trump plans to use the National Guard against us!  We are told that …

“Troops will be used in New York, California and Washington to deliver medical aid and set up medical stations …”

But, do we believe a word Trump says?  No, sadly we cannot.  I think it is only a matter of time before he declares martial law, at least in some areas.  It is a sad state of affairs that we cannot trust our own government, the very people we elected and whose salaries we pay, but … they are not working in our best interest.  Trust?  Nope … not a crumb.  The one thing, the most important thing right now, is that we must guard and protect our November 3rd election.  I sense it is in grave danger.

And about that bill in Congress …

Even in times of crisis, the United States Senate led by the ignoble Mitch McConnell, cannot get their act together and work in a bi-partisan manner.  The Democrats want the emergency stimulus bill, which is worth almost $1.4 trillion, to include more money for state and local governments and hospitals, while Trump’s Republicans are pushing for quick action to reassure financial markets.

Let’s call a spade a spade.  Trump and the Senate Republicans want the bill to shore up: a) the fossil fuel industry; b) the hotel industry; c) the airline industry; and d) the casino industry.  None of which helps We the People in the least.  Cooks, dishwashers, servers, clerks, cashiers, bartenders … hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of them are now without a paycheck.  They can apply for unemployment, but it takes time and will only be between 50% – 67% of their income.  Still, the rent comes due, the electric bill must be paid, groceries must be bought, and the children will outgrow their shoes.

This bill should be … nay, must be … about helping the people … the average people, not the wealthy CEOs who will fare just fine without help — they won’t miss a meal and I guarantee they can pay their mortgage … and even find toilet paper to buy.  It is interesting to note that the bill failed to pass the Senate on Sunday, getting 47 votes and thus falling short of the 60 needed in the 100-member chamber. So, apparently at least 4 republican senators voted against it.  Hmmmm … veddy interesting.

And I end with more macabre humour, the only kind there is these days …toon

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  1. speaking of the stimulus that was recently passed, here’s a good question.

    ” The $6 trillion stimulus divided by 100 million families is $60,000 per family, but even families that qualify won’t average $3000 each in payments. Where is all the other money going? The $1200 checks are cheese in the mouse trap.”

    Now before you correct me on the math, I did hear trump say in a press conference that it could end up being 6 trillion.

    The Kennedy center for the arts got 25 million and yet they let go of the orchestra. They don’t deserve that money, give it to independent artists who are truly struggling, I know many myself.

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    • Well, I hate to correct your math, but the math is key here. The stimulus bill is $2.2 trillion, which is a good bit different than $6 trillion. Now, for the breakdown … I have a chart, but I’ll just list it here:
      $560 billion for individuals
      $500 billion for big corporations (grrrrrr)
      $377 billion for small businesses
      $340 billion for state and local governments
      $153.5 billion for public health
      $26 billion for safety net
      $43.7 billion for education and other

      This bill won’t end up being $6 trillion, they will have to pass other bills if they want to spend more. Hope that helps clarify?


      • Hi Jill.

        I know that the current bill was 2.2 trillion but I did hear trump say it would be 6 trillion and maybe he was projecting into the future so I think the dude who tweeted that was going off that same sound clip I heard.

        I totally agree with you that big corporations shouldn’t get anything and neither should the airlines. they surely have enough so they can fend for themselves and after all, with all of these stay at home orders going into place, who is going to fly anyway?

        If I were president, I would not be popular with the big corporations, I can tell you that right now.

        I’d bring back the line item veto of the first George bush and special interests would not be happy.

        I hope you’re doing well my friend.

        big hugs.

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        • Yeah, I hear he’s already talking about the ‘next’ stimulus bill. Thing is, we cannot just keep spending without any revenue! Trump & Co seem not to understand the basic rules here. My guess is he is planning another stimulus bill to hit just before the election, for it seems that people forget everything else when they feast their eyes on a check … never mind that the check is barely going to cover the month’s rent or mortgage and then it will be gone forever. Sigh. Like you, I would not be popular with the corporations if I were in charge, and if you’re not popular with them, you cannot get elected, for they basically own the election. Sigh. I’m good … frustrated, but otherwise fine. And you? How are the girls handling being homeschooled? Big Hugs back to you, my friend!


          • well home schooling is really just the teachers sending assignments for them to do on the school portal.

            I guess I never mentioned it but Cameron is a boy though it is also a girl name.

            He spilled a huge glass of water on the wife’s work computer because he ran into her office to tell her he ate all the grapes and wasn’t paying attention.

            Time to do my first really dark ambient set on YouTube after everyone, and I mean everyone, even the cat, goes to bed.

            Or maybe I’ll drink instead. If I had more hands, I’d drink and play, that would make the music darker. I’d ask a friend to come over and feed me drinks while I play but that would break the social distancing rules even though I really badly want to see her, another dear friend of mine. bla.

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            • Oh! I am so sorry … I always just thought you had two girls. My bad! I hope your wife’s computer wasn’t ruined by the water spill? Poor Cameron must have felt awful! It’s 4:00 a.m. now, so I’m guessing you are working on your dark ambient music. Hopefully with a nice glass of wine by your side, but … stick to the music … it’s healthier for you! Hugs!


  2. That catch phrase, much like ‘Have a nice day’ is just a smile with a knife behind their backs. And much like all else that the red hats say, there is noting solid to back it up. BTW, have you heard the suggestions posited by the (not so great) state of Texas, suggesting that the elderly ‘take a hit’ and take their chances with mortality so that the economy doesn’t suffer. He is 71 and willing to take his chances for the good of the country. Ha! I have so many words for this guy but I have already spewed to my husband this morning and need to find some peace. I’m sorry about your crocuses. We are as dry here as you are wet. Soon our turtles will have to ride each other’s backs to stay out of the muck.

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    • You’re right … it’s just something they say, yet they have no clue what they even mean by it … a trite little phrase. Oh yeah, that was Lt. Gov. Dan Abbott and I look for him to be ousted asap. What an ignorant, stupid thing for him to have said! Good luck, my friend, finding peace. I’ve lost the ability to sleep, and lost my appetite. (I still like my wine, though). I wish I could send you some of our rain … a bit of sunshine would be so welcome. Well, actually we had a full 3 minutes of sunshine today!!! 🤣

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        • A well-reasoned argument, for sure. I’m thinking that we’re not going to know for a year or so what the actual fatality rate is, and I’m sure that’s going to depend on the demographics, age group, etc. I vacillate between thinking we’re not doing enough and thinking the response is overkill. What I do know is it has certainly brought out the worst in humans, and I’m so disgusted that for the first time ever, I’m questioning my desire to live in this world. Sigh. Hugs!


      • We had some promising clouds as I spent five, count em, FIVE hours trying to apply for unemployment benefits only to be redirected no less than a dozen times due to their not being able to ‘identify’ me by my SS but I was advised to continue with the application and could finish later, as long as it was done by Friday or else it would all be deleted. And to complete the pre application application I had to fill out a Workforce application which wouldn’t let me move forward because my SS info couldn’t be verified from the unemployment site! 🤪🤬🤯😱😩😩😩😩

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        • And we actually had sunshine … ALL DAY today!!! Oh what a MESS that all is!!! Perhaps you’d do better to go there in person? I hope you get it straightened out by Friday! This is ridiculous … they should be making it as easy as they can for everyone, not nearly impossible! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


          • I try to be realistic. Imagine hundreds of thousands of people attempting to log into an already idiotically prepared system for filing, with pitfalls and labyrinth style pathways, dead ends and timers. After the sixth time I was rebooted back the beginning, I kind felt the way I did when attempting to play Super Mario Brothers video games with you kid. Level up, die, level up, die. Sadly, the glitches are put there to frustrate people into giving up. No, there is no ‘in person’ and I wouldn’t want that. A thousand years ago I was laid off in my 8th month of pregnancy and di that routine. Long lines at 8 am, sitting before judgmental coiffed ladies or frowning men, then repeating that each week as you have to being in your employment boo with signatures to prove you applied for jobs. At least I can scream, curse and shake my fists at the compute. And it will forgive me. 😉

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            • My friend … I would have broken something by now, likely my own knuckles! I loved your mention of playing Super Mario with the kid … granddaughter Natasha could beat me by the time she was 4 years old! To this day, she gently guides me! Still fun, though. Hey, Cheryl … I’m crossing my fingers that you are able to complete the unemployment app today and that it will be smooth sailing from here on. Sigh. Hang in, my friend. Hugs!


  3. Jill, I’m just bone tired…I don’t even comment that much anymore.
    I’m tired of worrying about the virus. I’m tired of trump and his cronies. I’m tired of the greed of the republicans. I’m tired of the religious right forcing their views on everyone else and their judgement of everyone else.

    I’m tired of racism, like white supremacists wanting to spread the corona virus to policemen and Jewish people. I’m tired of trump today saying he wouldn’t allow people to say hateful things to the Chinese about this virus after he was the one calling it the Chinese virus for days. I’m tired of his greed and stupidity saying today he wants to ease social isolation in a couple of weeks when we are just in the early stages of this thing.

    And yes I’m tired in some ways of losing the social life with my friends I so enjoyed, but I am isolating all I can.

    But nothing compares more than the absolute bone dead, hopeless feelings, numb and defeated feelings I have toward his cult like base. I just have no words to explain my dismay, fear, loathing and weariness I have for them.

    I watched a show on the History Channel about cults and how they form and why. There is a charismatic leader, many of he followers have unfulfilled lives, angry lives, isolated lives and are prone to conspiracy theories and mistrust. It does change certain brainwave activity and it becomes like mass hypnosis. These people are lost and no amount of conversation, facts, reading material, persuasion will change their mind on the cult leader. It is pointless to try.

    I want no friends or Facebook friends that are trump supporters. I want no one in my life like that. They are poison and toxic.

    So don’t waste a moments thought on it. They are blinded by the light of unreason.

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  4. Jill, as you know, openly lying, misinforming and disinforming is not being transparent. Being unable to respond to even easy questions is not being a leader.

    Apparently, there is an AP article noting the president is not handling the stay in at the White House very well. He is blowing up at everyone, he is crashing and disrupting agendas, he is denigrating people he thinks are not doing enough, even more so than usual. This is from several internal sources.

    Transparent nor leader are words I would use to define this president. Keith

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    • So true, my friend. The reality is that this nation is adrift with NO leadership at the helm. And, while we may not have hit the iceberg just yet, it looms large ahead of us and the ship is taking on water. What could possibly go wrong, eh?

      I haven’t seen that article, but it doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. It is an election year and his one ‘claim to fame’, the market, is in the tank. It is like a never-ending roller coaster ride, and now he cannot even go to his campaign rallies and see the people in their maga hats cheering him on, so surely it is taking a toll. I’d laugh if his entire staff walked out on him. I’d be pleased if Mike Pence and the cabinet members finally found their consciences and invoked the 25th Amendment, for surely this man is not sane by any stretch of the imagination.

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      • Jill, there is an interesting article link at the end of my current post on the primary focus on the economy. I also added a paragraph in a comment to that post from another Washington Post piece on Trump versus the scientists that I found interesting. I have a new image of Trump stuck in my mind. The toddler tugging on mommy’s skirt in the store wanting candy For some reason, that visual image seems to define him well. Keith

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        • I’ll have to pop over and check it out … been fighting some real depression for a couple of days, and I’m behind on everything. Heh heh … I can certainly see Trump as the toddler tugging on his mum’s skirt … or in his case, probably looking up her skirt! I’ll check it out in a bit.

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          • Don’t feel depressed. You are doing an invaluable job for your readers here. And know the feeling that we sane folks, are all in this together. I was looking at some old photos yesterday of my husband and I at a party laughing, having a good time and I had this sudden feeling of just how fleeting life is. He has been dead for almost 7 years
            Life simply is short and often hard. It’s just a brute fact. I do take an antidepressant and it does take the edge off feelings and I need that.
            I’m actually enjoying being at home, being lazy, not having to get dressed or put on makeup. I have home projects to do. Plus being in Florida, it’s sunny and warm..I had dinner at a friends home last night sitting in her carport 6’ apart.
            Take care, Jill. We are all here for you.😊😊❤️❤️


  5. I suppose Chump’s supporters can’t admit they’ve been wrong the whole time so have to cling to their own reality.I think the MAGA hat now stands for Make America Grovel Again as the tax break heads for the billionaires for the second time and the payout promised to the normal person to help with expenses during this coronavirus is dropping from $2000 to $1600 to $800 and is expected to be about $1.50 because the rich have left the bank empty.I hope the figures from the Democrat Bench are better and really address the problem. I’m not so sure these days.

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    • I’ve long said I thought the reason his base is so stuck-like-glue to him is that to do otherwise would require them to admit they … gasp … made a mistake. He keeps promising them it will be fine, and they are clinging to his promises like a lifeline. Even now, when their 401(k) retirement funds are drying up like a piece of cheese left in the desert, they cling to him in hope, as he promises to “open America up” in 15 days and that the economy will re-bound. I’ve come to the conclusion that the ignorance of the masses will be the undoing of this nation. Perhaps in a decade, long after you and I are likely gone, this will become the United States of Korea, or the United Saudi States, for surely we will soon be ripe for the pickings. I gather the bill in the Senate is now more about helping the people, but still the corporations and companies like Trump’s will benefit where they have no real need to. But, even helping the people … this is not a solution, but rather a stop-gap measure, rather like putting a band aid (plaster) on a skinned elbow. And, like you, I’m not so sure these days either. Sigh.


      • Can’t you see? Imagine the dilemma he faces now. Elections are looming, he needs all the votes he can get. He wants to keep his financially set friends on board so he needs the economy to be strong. You know, doctors, attorneys, banks, mortgage companies, etc must be fed. Then there are the little starving people who could really push his numbers up. They need a bone tossed to them now more than ever. Hey! Let’s lower gas prices even though one can go anywhere and many can’t even go to work anymore. Why? They need money since they won’t be getting salaries for who knows how long. Appeal to the tenants for lease suspension? Yeah! That’ll do it. Wait! Those are my buddies. They won’t like that. What to do, what to do…..you thought he was crazy before. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Pipers will be paid. His close cronies are afraid of something and I’m afraid of knowing the absolute truth, 🤦‍♀️


  6. Yesterday morning the Australian ABC news channel live-streamed Trump’s press conference. Now I only caught a bit of it, and can’t say (but can imagine) what went on either side, but the 5 minutes I heard was an extremely detailed listing of the numbers of medical equipment being sent to areas like New York. “And we are sending 53,672 masks, and 3,406 other things and so on” (I have made those numbers up.) Then he went on to list supplies sent to other areas. My heart went out to you all, because in these times we need, and are looking for, decisive leadership, clear messages and positive help. What I saw of this press conference did not give me a sense of either, merely a shopping list.

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    • No, my friend, we have no leadership. We have an authoritarian who has claimed many a time that he and he alone has all the answers, that he knows more than the experts, no matter what the topic. We cannot trust anything that we are told by our government, for they all say precisely what they are told to say by Trump. The one medical expert who has tried to tell us the truth, Dr. Fauci, is about to be fired for disagreeing with Trump, for telling the truth. Sigh. The U.S. is likely to end up being the hardest hit, only because we have no sensible leadership. Sigh.


  7. Scarlet letters were wrong in Puritan society, MAGA hats are just as wrong today. But having said that, you can bet Trump wanrs to subsidize all the CEOs of the big corporations even if they don’t need it. Their salaries WILL BE PAID complete with bonuses. You the people, not so much.

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  8. The old money talks from at especially. Why bother helping anyone but the corporations and stockholders? I’m waiting, hoping, for him to be struck by lightning or suffer a witch’s curse, I dont care which. Put a video referral on my blog this morning that will make you sick.

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  9. Curb Your Enthusiasm had a funny episode where Larry David wore a MAGA hat as a way to get out of things he didn’t want to do; like meeting someone for lunch. He knew those people would not want to be around someone wearing such a hat…

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  10. I get it Jill. Being unfriended by that guy is nothing but a positive. You don’t deserve the anguish. My wife has lost several ‘friends’ on Facebook the way you did. And like she said, they weren’t really friends to begin with. You can’t reason with these people. Ever. I think it’s his last line, though, that really tells you all you need to know about him. God put Trump in charge? Really? If true, I want no part of that God because he or she(it?) is clueless!!

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  11. to follow your logic to its natural conclusion, we should require all social democrats to wear a shirt with the hammer and sickle symbol so people who don’t agree with their ideology can avoid them too. While we’re at it, let’s have garb particular to all political identities so we all know who to avoid at all times? See how ridiculous this argument is?
    I don’t care if someone is a supporter of Hillary Clinton, Bernie sanders, Donald trump, Barak Obama, etc. as long as they don’t tell me how to believe, what to do or how to think. I prefer to be left to myself for those attributes.

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    • Dear Scott
      Why would you say the hammer and sickle symbolize social democracy? Aside from the fact the hammer and sickle flagged Russian communism, otherwise known as elitist capitalism, social democracy is somewhere in-between capitalism and true communism. The difference is the state owns industry and shares its profits with everyone, while capitalism has the wealthy owning industry, and hoarding the money.
      I agree with you that if one side should have to wear MAGA hats, the opposite side should have to wear SJW (Social Justice Warrior) hats, but what about all the others in the middle, the fence-sitters, or the non-participants. What would you make them wear? What colour uniform should an Independent wear?
      Please, stop the world and let me off…

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      • sorry about getting the symbol wrong but I was just being absurd to demonstrate how silly the notion was of calling one political group to wear something to make them stand out to those who don’t agree with them

        I agree with you, let me off the planet. I grow more and more weary with every passing hour.

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        • Absurd or not, the reason I responded is because so many Republicans think exactly that way, if one isn’t a capitalist then one is a dirty commie. Because you are brought up to believe in communism, as many are in this world, that does not make you dirty. The thing is, the world has never seen a truly communist nation, so nobody knows yet if it can work or not.

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          • now regarding the coronavirus, I guess you’ve heard that the original study in the UK that people over here have been using as their model for predictions of catastrophe has had to been severely walked back. In other words, maybe our government overreacted when trying to destroy the economy? Not surprising really considering everything.

            Here’s the medical expert I trust on the matter, Dr. Birx.

            someone posted this video.


    • Sigh … not gonna argue with you tonight, my friend. It is late, and I am suffering from the stresses of the past few days enough without getting into an argument with a treasured friend. Hugs.


  12. I understand Trump’s approval rating is now higher than ever, somewhere in the mid 50’s. I don’t get it. Hasn’t he dropped the ball in this crisis when it comes to availability of testing, PPE, and failed attempts to reassure investors? Amongst other things? You’re right, the education system is failing miserably.

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    • His overall approval rating as of yesterday was 43.7%. In mid-February, it reached an all-time high of 44.9% and it looked as if, for the first time, he might reach 45%, but then along came ol’ coronavirus to wreck him. Some 55%, according to an ABC/Ipsos poll, approve of his handling of the pandemic crisis, but … surely that cannot be right!!! Do they have eyes and ears??? Sigh.

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