Jeff-BezosJeff Bezos, the man who co-founded Amazon and today is the CEO and 12% shareholder in the highly profitable company, has a net worth of $118 billion.  Just to make that a bit more visual, that’s $118,000,000,000.  It’s a lot of money, anyway you look at it.  Bezos is said to be the richest individual in the world.  The world.  Perhaps now we understand the source of the “Amazon smile”. Last year (2019) alone, Amazon posted $280 billion in revenue and $11.9 billion in profits.  At least they will actually pay federal income tax for 2019, unlike 2018 when they paid $0 on $11 billion in profits.

Amazon is one of the few companies whose business has surged during this time of coronavirus pandemic.  More and more people are ordering household supplies and even food that they cannot find in their local stores, or just to keep from having to spend much time in the local stores.  Amazon announced last week that they will be hiring up to 100,000 additional workers to cover the increased demand.  And yet …

Amazon maintains one of the stingiest paid sick leave policies among major corporations.  To add insult to injury, Amazon under CEO Bezos is requesting donations from their customers to cover sick leave for their employees!  Think on that one for a minute.


The man with more money than anybody deserves or needs, more money than he could possibly ever spend, is too cheap to fully cover his employees sick leave, but expects his customers, many of whom are currently laid off from their jobs, to pitch in.

As if that weren’t enough to make you want to dump a pan of hot berries on his bald pate, he also managed to profit ‘bigly’ by selling $3.4 billion in Amazon shares just before the stock market peaked in mid-February.  Can we say, insider trading?  Had he held onto those shares until this week, he would have lost $317 million … not that he’d even notice, for that’s pocket change for him.

I have been an Amazon customer since 2003, have a monthly standing order for household cleaning supplies, and frequently order other things we need, but … I’m going to start looking for alternatives.  Today!

39 thoughts on “Unconscionable!!!

  1. The man should be locked away, to be sure. Unfortunately, we lean quite bit on Amazon out here in the provinces as there aren’t many alternatives. But this man has a serious case of moneyglutony. Very sad.

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    • Sigh. Yes, I think people all ’round the nation rely heavily on Amazon. They created a need, then filled it, and now we know not where else to turn. Yes, he does seem to have that sense … I like that word … of moneyglutony. Or, a sense of entitlement. Both make me angry … sigh.

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  2. I think I have just become an ex prime member! As for ordering the household necessities, everything is out of stock at Amazon! And the prices have risen substantially since this began! Started an order last night but by the time most of it ships I will be back home and not need it! Maybe I should send out an appeal for money 💰 to pay for this surgery, therapy, hospital and now nursing home care ❤! The alternative could be bankruptcy for me and I sure don’t want that!

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    • I hear you! I am weighing the options, but will probably cancel my “subscribe & save” monthly order for Tide pods, Cascade, Toilet paper, coffee & tea, and revert to buying those at the grocery store. The big draw for me of the Prime membership was Christmas shopping and free shipping. I do 90% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon and pay nothing for shipping. That, plus having numerous free books & movies. But, at some point one has to make one’s voice heard, and our voice is our money, it would seem. Heck yeah … we should start a GoFundMe for your medical bills! Maybe Bezos would even contribute, since you’ve been contributing to him for so long!

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      • I’ll let you know the minute Bezos makes a contribution! Or the second Humana pays my entire bill! I’ve contributed to them even longer than Amazon! Since this is my first hospital stay since 2013, it’s not like they have paid out a lot of money for my care!

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        • I hear you! And even though they haven’t paid out much thus far, I guarantee they’ll try to get by with paying as little as possible on this one. Just tell the hospital and nursing home that if Humana doesn’t pay it, they’ll have to fight for it in court when you file for bankruptcy! Hugs!!!


  3. First, I want to say I’m not a fan of everything Amazon or Bezos does, but I think we should give credit when it’s due. He did raise wages $2/hr for all workers during this trying time. He didn’t have to. Many companies didn’t.

    Second, I don’t think this appeal for donations is directed at the average person—more likely it’s an appeal to people who are flush with cash and willing to contribute to help workers who’ve contracted the virus at work. We all owe a debt of gratitude to these people—they’re at much higher risk because they’re out there every day, filing out orders so more of us can stay at home and be safe.

    Yes, there’s unemployment insurance and sick leave, but there’s also a waiting period … and that’s hard on people who live from week-to-week on their paychecks. I think he’s trying to help them out through a tough time. He doesn’t have to … many rich people aren’t.

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    • You make some thought-provoking points. I am, at heart, more of a socialist than capitalist, and I honestly see no reason, when people are homeless in this nation and going to bed hungry at night, for any individual to have a billion dollars. I am distressed by the income disparity in this nation, and people like Bezos are doing their part to widen the income gap. However, admittedly you make some worthy points.

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      • Jill, I am going to place my comment here, as Robert makes well reasoned points. As for insider trading, it is a crime, so my guess he crossed his t’s and dotted his i’s. The market was up. I would be interested to know if he has a scheduled sell-off in place should the market go up by certain threshholds.

        I will be writing later today about my Senator Richard Burr who looks like he did insider trading. What makes it worse, while he was selling, he was telling people not to worry. You may recall, the Enron CEO was telling his employees to buy or not divest Enron stock when he knew the stock was over-valued due to his and others’ fraud. Keith

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        • Yeah, Robert does make valid points. Sigh. Still, I cannot equate one man having $118 billion, while some cannot buy a bag of rice. It’s just … not right. Oh yes, I well remember Enron. Personally, I guess I’ve already decided Burr is guilty and Kelly Loeffler as well, but I’ll come visit your post soon. I’m sorry I’ve been so remiss of late … battling a real funk and trying to come out on top means I’ve had to step back just a bit.


          • Jill, my friend, please do not cede your power to the corrupt and deceitful person in the White House or his followers. I admit it is hard to stiff arm the impact of this person as he is relentless. I do take comfort in knowing that others at least see it. I shared with Erika, who lives in Lichtenstein, but did live in the US for a time, that it would stun T’s followers that 64% of Europeans do not trust the US president and her reaction was is it that low? Keith

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            • No worries, dear friend. I’m bouncing back now … every now and then, I just get overwhelmed by it all and feel a hopelessness for a day or three. But, I always find my way back out of the rabbit hole, with a little help from my friends (no, not the kind John Lennon sang of). It is hard, sometimes, when we see the dolt in the Oval Office make mistake after mistake, then pat himself on the back and tell us all how perfect his decisions were. Sigh. I didn’t realize Erika was in Lichtenstein! I see her comments often, but never realized where she lived. You may have noticed that my international readers/friends have no love whatsoever for Trump. I’m still scratching my head over her current approval rating … I think it’s the shiny things … that $1,200 check. Do they really think that’s going to solve anything for them??? Sigh. Thanks for your encouragement, my friend.


              • Jill, I am glad you are bouncing back. I posted this comment on another post of yours and even sent it into the newspaper. I will repeat it here, as we need words to diffuse and get people to think: Keith

                The line we must use when we see incredulous Facebook posts or hear fabricated conspiracy theories (like Bill Gates concocted COVID-19 to make money), or the simple echoing of misinformation or disinformation by the president, is “I would encourage you to listen to the truthtellers.” When asked, you can mention the doctors and scientists. If asked to elaborate further, you can say “Listen to the people not patting themselves on the back telling what a great job they are doing.”

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                • Thanks Keith! I love your final sentence, encouraging them to listen to the people who aren’t wasting their time patting themselves on the back. And, I would add that listening to the one who has lied so many times that the fact checkers cannot even keep up is a fool’s errand, as you have said before. I was pleased this evening that one reader left a rather contentious comment on my “You’re Fired” post, and another reader responded, there was some very civil back-and-forth between them, and they ultimately came to a meeting of the minds and parted amicably!!! This is what civil discourse is about!!!


  4. This is our world. It’s why it’s in such a mess. What’s bizarre is that in the UK for weeks the Tory Government tried to let the market function. Suddenly it’s acting like a Labour Government, suddenly intervening, finding astronomical amounts to support its citizens. We are just waiting for the payback.

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  5. I try to use alternatives, such as WalMart, Home Depot, and eBay. There aren’t a whole lot of other choices if you want to save money and get quick delivery. Didn’t our country once have a graduated income tax that went up to somewhere around 90%? I don’t see any way we’ll get our deficit under control, and reduce the outrageous wealth gap, without a return to that kind of taxation.

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    • Heh heh … two of my nemeses on your list: I boycott Wal-Mart for the way they treat their staff, and Home Depot for their support of Trump. Perhaps I’ll either try eBay or else go back to buying everything at the grocery store at a higher price. Yes, we still do have a graduated income tax, but … with the tax cuts and tax loopholes for the wealthy and for corporations, in 2018 many MANY of the big corporations paid NO income tax, and some actually got refunds, despite being profitable! Until we put the brakes on unfettered capitalism and demand that the wealthy pay their fair share, we are going to have that huge, unconscionable income disparity.

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  6. I see the money will bring Bezos much security but little happiness because he knows how people feel about him. And remember the poor sap only gets 12% of the profits, absolute peanuts. I’m surprised he’s not looking for help with his salary.

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  7. Inexcusable! But yet, thoroughly expectable. Capitalism requires that you use someone else’s money for those things that bring you no profit. Supporting sick workers does not bring profit.
    But having the balls to ask for donations? Rather send him requests to donate to your bill-paying fund while you are sick, or laid off.
    What gets me is how most Americans, and populations of other capitalist countries, will defend capitalism to the grave. The system is rigged, and not in your favour. The opportunity to change that is here. The door is open. You just need walk through it.

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    • Well, yes and no. I’ve always felt that taking care of your staff, realizing that they are your most valuable asset, does increase your profits, in fact is your whole business. The fancy machinery is useless without dedicated people running it. If the staff is happy and feels appreciated, that is transmitted to the customer through their attitude. So, there is a payback for taking care of your people. But, obviously, the guys with a billion or so bucks sit in their ivory towers and likely don’t even know a single one of their hourly workers. Sigh.

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      • Somewhere in middle mgmt someoneone might care, but corporation with 1000s of workers, let alone 100,000s of workers, the distance between the top and bottom grows exponentially. We are but rats, and not many people like rats, do they?


    • Thanks Frank! Yes, this may well be the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m certainly hoping to find other options, even if it means going back to buying all my supplies at a higher cost at the grocery store … though at the moment, there are no cleaning supplies at the grocery! Sigh.


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  9. This is so far past disgusting there is absolutely no words. And I have seen may stories of how Bezos actually works his people practically to death in his warehouses. Many of them walk at least 18-20 miles a day filling those orders.

    Wow, this guy really needs his comuppance.

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    • I have watched a few stories of how Bezos works his people in his warehouse almost literally to death. And? He does not care. Some of these people talk about how? They end up walking at least 18-20 miles a day filling orders and? Because it is so disorganized? They will walk a mile or two for one thing and then have to walk a couple of miles in the opposite direction to get another thing.

      Bezos? Needs to reap what he has sown and lose everything.

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    • Sigh. I thought Bezos was better than that. You’re right … it is surprising now that he put up the initial amount … was it $25 million? But, compared to what he has sitting around gathering dust, he could fund every single employees sick pay. I’ve lost whatever respect I’ve ever had for him. I go back to my premise of a few months ago … we do not need millionaires, and certainly not billionaires! If the were doing the right thing, they wouldn’t have millions!


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