Discord & Dissension – Part XI -The Climate

The single most important issue in the 2020 election (apart from unseating Trump, of course) is climate change. We have stepped back 20 years in the last three years under Trump, and quite frankly, time is running out. The earth’s resources are finite and we are using them at an alarming rate. For this, Part XI of our series Discord & Dissension, Jeff discusses where we are, where we need to go, how we can get there, and what happens if we don’t.

On The Fence Voters

While the Republican and Democratic Parties disagree on most things these days, nothing epitomizes the significant divide more than does climate change. And it’s not just those who sit in Congress either. According to a recent Pew Research poll conducted in February of this year, among Democrats and independents who lean to the Democratic Party, 78% said climate change should be a top priority.

However, among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, only 21% felt the same way. To put that in even more stark terms, Democrats view climate as a top priority by nearly three times that of Republicans.

And, it gets even worse when registered voters were asked whether climate change is a problem for the country today. 77% of Democrats/lean Democrat said yes, it was a huge problem, and 17% said it was a moderately big problem—a net of 94%. On the flip side, Republicans/lean Republican answered 13/27% for…

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3 thoughts on “Discord & Dissension – Part XI -The Climate

  1. A very good and important post, Jeff/Jill. In one of my posts on climate change, I mentioned that scientists believe we will be seeing more strange ailments due to new bugs that will proliferate. I’m waiting to see if the COVID-19 pandemic will be discussed in this regard.
    I’m very glad that you stressed Biden’s environmental plans and his flexibility. Also the urgency of holding the House and taking the Senate. The Democrats succeeded in vastly improving this 2 trillion dollar stimulus package, but trump has already stated he’ll ignore the safeguards preventing him and his cronies from overtaking that $500 billion slush fund. Mnuchin is probably moving that money even before the oversight committee can convene. Shameful!

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    • Thanks Annie! I have seen some reporting that there may be a connection between climate change and the coronavirus, but thus far nothing concrete. Yes, sigh … Trump has made it clear that he will dictate how this stimulus bill will be disbursed and that he will not allow Congress to be informed of the details. Well, it will bite him … at least, I hope. Meanwhile, the U.S. is a bankrupt nation (in more ways than one) and the day will come when it’s time to pay for all this idiocy.

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