♫ Kenny Rogers — Final Tribute ♫

Well, folks, it’s been a week of memories, hasn’t it?  I’m sad to see it end, and I realize I didn’t get to all the requests from everybody, but I have made note of them and … Kenny’s legacy, his music, remains with us to be played over and over, whenever we want.  I debated what to do for this final post.  Lady was requested by a couple of people, but since I had already played it twice, last May and in October 2018, I held off on that one.  For tonight’s grand finale, if you will, I selected a few songs and tributes from other artists.  Rather than take up space with trivia & lyrics, I shall let the videos speak for themselves.  First, of course, it had to be Dolly’s own tribute …

What would any tribute to Kenny be without his iconic The Gambler

Even morning talk/news show Good Morning America had to say ‘goodbye’ to Kenny in style …

And, as our friend Ellen suggested, there might be no better tribute than this song by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, You Can’t Make Old Friends …

I finish with a recording that Kenny, along with so many other wonderful artists, such as Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Michael Jackson, James Ingram, and too many to even name, participated in to raise money for humanitarian aid.  The first recording session on January 21st, 1985 brought together some of the most well-known artists in the music industry at the time.

This one never fails to bring a lump to my throat and a tear to my eyes.  What a perfect way, I think, to close this tribute to a great artist …

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this week-long tribute to the late Kenny Rogers … I have certainly enjoyed doing it!  R.I,P. Kenny,  and thank you for all you have given us.

26 thoughts on “♫ Kenny Rogers — Final Tribute ♫

  1. Hi Jill,
    Belated thank you for playing Reuben James. I haven’t written much about your tribute for various reasons, one being I wanted to see what your fans requested. All this week I had one more song in mind, but did not want to be greedy. I don’t know if anyone else mentioned it or not, but to me it’s always been one of his best love songs, and he had plenty. I hope someday you will get around to playing Something’s Burning. Thank you again.

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    • You’re most welcome, rg! I actually did have another request for “Something’s Burning”, but … there are only so many posts in a week and there were several I did not get around to. Larry of Just Drive Will You also requested it, so I will no doubt play it at some point. You doing okay up there? Give Gail a hug for me!


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