About That ‘Stimulus Bill’ …

Let me just start by saying one thing:  No, Donald Trump, you have not done a great job.  Thanks to your bungling and mismanagement, the U.S. is quite possibly in the worst shape it has ever been in.  Thanks.  It speaks volumes that a number of television networks are editing or refusing to air Trump’s daily bragging sessions, otherwise known as ‘updates’ or ‘press briefings’ because they say he is providing too much misinformation.

Yesterday, the House passed and Trump signed the “Coronavirus Aid Package”, aka bailout bill, aka emergency stimulus package.  The U.S. government doesn’t actually … have … $2 trillion … to spend, being $23 trillion in debt (this works out to approximately $69,696,969.69 worth of debt for every man, woman and child in the U.S.), but Donald Trump has always used other people’s money to do what he wants, so that’s nothing new.  But, let’s take a look at that ‘stimulus package’ and what’s actually in it:stimulus-pkgYou’ll notice that big corporations are getting almost as much as individuals.  Funny that, for the CEOs of the big corporations have plenty of money … in fact, they should be giving us money instead of the other way around.  And you’ll also notice that education was just an afterthought.  Close all the schools with no advance planning, no guidance or direction, and then throw them a biscuit.

But the thing I want to talk about today is that $339.8 billion for state and local governments.  Or rather, the strings attached to that money.

  • Trump demanded that governors show deference to the administration during the coronavirus crisis, saying, “I want them to be appreciative. I don’t want them to say things that aren’t true. I want them to be appreciative. We’ve done a great job.”

  • Trump has sparred with a handful of Democratic governors who are asking for aid and medical equipment to help combat their coronavirus outbreaks, most notably Jay Inslee of Washington and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. On Friday, he called Whitmer “the woman from Michigan” and said “she has no idea what’s going on.”

  • Trump implied that he believed Vice President Mike Pence shouldn’t call them if they did not show the proper appreciation. “You know what I say? If they don’t treat you right, I don’t call,” Trump said.

I ask you, friends, is this the sort of person you really want leading the nation in a crisis (or at any other time, for that matter)?  It isn’t Trump’s money … it is our money!

I remember a time when my children were little, and my son wanted something at the store that I couldn’t afford.  I explained to him that I did not have enough money to buy it for him, and he responded, “But mommy … you gots a checkbook!”  He was probably 3 or 4 at the time, so it was understandable that he did not understand the concept of banking and money.  Donald Trump is 73 years of age and doesn’t it just seem like he should have figured this all out by now?

Another aspect of this ‘stimulus bill’ is that democrats insisted on a newly appointed Inspector General who would provide oversight in the disbursement of funds, especially the loans to businesses.  The democrats intent was to ensure that Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin could not abuse the bailout fund. They feared that Mr. Trump, who has previously stonewalled congressional oversight, would do the same when it came to the corporate aid program.

Now, however, Trump is claiming that he can and will ignore the oversight provision.  Two hours after signing the bill, Trump issued a statement saying that as president, he can gag the special inspector general for pandemic recovery, known by the acronym S.I.G.P.R., and keep information from Congress.

“I do not understand, and my administration will not treat, this provision as permitting the S.I.G.P.R. to issue reports to the Congress without the presidential supervision required.”

Checks and balances???  Congressional oversight???  Not for Donald Trump.  This, folks, is the behaviour of a dictator.  This is a Putin or an Erdoğan.  This is not in any way, shape or form, in accordance with the foundation of law in the United States, the Constitution.

In light of his authoritarian ways, his unconscionable lust for power, and his complete disregard for the laws of the land, it is more imperative today than ever before that this ‘man’ be removed from office.  It is more crucial than ever that we have a fair and honest election on November 3rd no matter what.

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  1. Jill, the line we must use when we see incredulous Facebook posts or hear fabricated conspiracy theories (like Bill Gates concocted COVID-19 tp make money), or the simple echoing of misinformation or disinformation by the president, is “I would encourage you to listen to the truthtellers.” When asked, you can mention the doctors and scientists. If asked to elaborate further, you can say “Listen to the people not patting themselves on the back telling what a great job they are doing.”


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    • Oh, I hadn’t heard the Bill Gates’ theory! I agree with you re the truthtellers, but those on the right will tell you that Sean Hannity et al are the ‘real’ truthtellers and that the mainstream media lie all the time just trying to ‘take Trump down’. There is such a disconnect and I don’t know how to bring the two sides together anymore.


      • The Trumpster/Repugnant/Faux/Briebart/Trumpster side? Does not want peace. They do not want to get along with anyone but each other. But what do you expect from them? They love their hate they spew, it gives them life. They watch Faux, Briebart and Trump spew their hate cause it is like a crack or meth hit off a pipe to them.

        I was watching this spread of hate, unreasoning, unmitigated hate by Trumpsters on two programs Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert. They were showing Fox News website and YouTube comments filled with promotion of hate, bigotry, misogyny by Trumpsters against all us eeevvvvveeeelllll libertards and demoncrats as they call us.

        Heck they showed where even the nicest people we know, people like Tom Hanks, coming under vile, violent attacks by them. Oh and now ! and the Reich Wingers are all proclaiming that Hanks runs a pedo ring just like they proclaimed Hillary and Poindexter ran that satanic pedo ring at the infamous Pizzagate pizza place basement and tunnels lie and? There is not even a basement or tunnel to the damn place. With Pizzagate? Two of the psycho Trumpsters who believed this lie? Caused the innocent owner, his workers and his family real terror. One? Went in and held them hostage for hours creating a police standoff. He fired his gun off. He kept screaming at the owner and family in the place, terrorizing them, demanding to know where that basement was. It ended finally, he went to prison. But even when the mainstream media reported on this? The day after this bozo got sent to prison? Another psycho Trumpster? Tried to burn the place down. Despite the fact? It is a proven fact because even the blueprints of the place was released? THERE IS NO BASEMENT, THERE IS NO TUNNELS UNDER THE PLACE AND NEVER WAS.

        But? Fox promoted this, Reich Wing media promoted this, Briebart promoted this. And? After all this went down and it was proven a lie? Did any of them apologize to this innocent business owner or other owners they terrorized over this massive lie, that was spewed simply because of Fox News, Briebart, and Trumpsters incredible hate against Hillary Clinton? Heck no. They are proud of it. They even still promote the Pizzagate lie.

        They live on hate because that is all these people have left for themselves.They want all of us? To be as miserable, as hate filled, as violent prone as they are. And they are pissed? We are not. They want their Civil War and are pissed? We are not giving it to them.

        And? How many Trumpsters have been busted and put in prison for their hate? Trumpsters are in prison for all kinds of terrorist acts, acts of murder, acts of even mass murder. But they do not care. They want more of this. They want to burn all of us down in their hate for us and their love for Trump.

        I’ve been on this damn rock for 61 years now. I saw the Civil Rights movement, the assassinations of Jack and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr, I watched on national TV as Walter Cronkite brought us scenes of the damn KKK marching on Washington, of KKK marching in the streets, of black people and white Civil Rights workers being brutally murdered, black churches being firebombed, and just overall terror. I saw Kent State, etc.We survived. The good people rose up and beat back the evil ones again. But this time it seems different. And? I do not know if we will be able to this time? Beat this back and win. Cause it is that bad. It truly is that bad now.

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  2. I just read that Margaret and Helen posting. It literally made me spit out my morning tea. Why? Because I actually worked at the Cheesecake Factory. Trust me, they do not need a bailout with what they paid us. And I LOVE cheesecake. You ought to try by Ultimate Triple Death by Chocolate Cheesecake. It will cure ya of what ever ailes you.

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    • Medicare For All would require a separate standing bill. This is a temporary stop-gap bill and couldn’t have included a full-blown healthcare measure such as ACA or Medicare for All. However, that said … Medicare for All doesn’t stand a chance of passing as long as there is a republican majority in either branch of Congress, and as long as Trump is in office, so you won’t see that proposed with any degree of seriousness until at least one of the other of those two conditions changes.


  4. Excellent post! As you might imagine, I have read various reports from different sources concerning the Stimulus Bill and the fact that Trump’s little Sharpie was at the ready to change it right after his magnanimous gift of signing it into law. If you have not yet read the expletive laden one from “Margaret and Helen”, you should!! Seriously though, it was in a column in Mother Jones that I came across the response from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that she posted on Twitter. Now, I do not always agree with the fiery A.O.C. but she makes a valid point : “And just like that, the Congressional oversight provisions for the 1/2 TRILLION dollar Wall St slush fund ( which were *already* too weak ) are tossed away the day the bill is signed. This is a frightening amount of public money to have given a corrupt admin w/O accountability.” Honestly, I could not agree with her more! Thank-you!

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    • Hah! I actually started reading Margaret & Helen’s post earlier this evening, but I felt the heartbeat getting out of sync and my blood pressure rising, so I saved it, flagged it, and will read it in full tomorrow … er, rather, later today. I actually saw AOC’s tweet on Twitter and re-tweeted it earlier today! She is definitely spot on in this one! Hugs, my friend!


    • Y’know … I’m not sure, given that nearly half the population now think Trump is great, that this nation deserves any better than it is getting. It is their blind racism and bigotry that has led us to this moment, so … maybe we are getting exactly what we deserve. Not me, not others who think like me, but … the bigots and gun-lovin’ racists. Sigh. But thanks, my friend, for caring and for your compassion. I just want to leave … I’d almost rather be living in Iran or Afghanistan than here. 😥

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  5. Dearest Jill,
    The comment I would most like to make is probably too crude for readers with sensitive ears and eyes. It involved Trump’s narcissistic tendencies, and how he expects to be worshipped by others. Please consider this comment to be the assuaging of those readers. Thank you.

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    • Ahhhh rg … Trump doesn’t just have narcissistic tendencies, but he is, in my book, a full-blown megalomaniac with homicidal tendencies. No, I’m not exaggerating. He might not use a gun or a knife, but he is killing people for his own self-interest nonetheless. And the damn-fool republicans are too bloomin’ stupid to see it … they are applauding and cheering because he’s signed a bill that will allow us to go even further in debt to send them a lousy $1200 check that will barely cover a month’s rent. Fools and idiots populate the GOP today. Yes, I understand just what you would have liked to say in your comment, and for what my opinion is worth, feel free to let loose! LuL

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      • No, I’ve calmed down a bit since I wrote that, though I am not sure why. Trump is using his wage-slaves to boost his ego, destroy the environment, and increase the chance of nuclear war. He is a true SCALAWAG. There, I said it! LuL2.

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  6. I fail to understand how this bill which was passed by both houses and was then signed into law by none other than Trump can be amended without the houses agreement within hours of signing it.This has to be a blatant attempt to cover up where payments are going to and for how much, I include in that any business Trump has an interest in.
    I hate to nit pick but I must disagree with you on something. You say this money is not his it;s yours. I would say the debt it yours. After next January he’ll be off somewhere probably living tax free and laughing his socks off. The worst President in the History of America verified.

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    • By law, it cannot. But, Trump has been convinced by Attorney General William Barr, and by the U.S. Senate that he is above the law, that he can do whatever he damn well pleases. Eventually, perhaps he will push that envelope too far even for the republicans, but right now they all seem to be seeing only the shiny objects ($1200 checks, etc) dangling in front of their eyes and they are blind to the fact that he is burning the U.S. Constitution. It is indeed a blatant attempt to hide where the money is going and I hope … sincerely hope … that Congress will censure him and find a way to put a stop to this madness.

      Well, if you must nitpick, then technically you are correct. The U.S. has not got $2.2 trillion in reserve, so it will be raised by incurring even more debt on top of the $23 trillion we already owe. I am seriously considering advising my daughter and the few remaining tax clients I have to stop paying federal income taxes. If Exxon-Mobile and Amazon, as well as hundreds of other profitable corporations, don’t have to pay taxes, then why should we the average Joe keep paying them? Heck, he’s already living the life of Riley, tax free. He spends as much time at his Florida resort as he spends in Washington, at out expense. Sigh. Yes, he is in fact the worst president in the history of this nation … perhaps in the history of any nation. Sigh.

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    • I’m trying, my friend, but we’ve got to remove some people’s rose-coloured glasses, and remove other people’s heads from the sand. ‘Til we can do that, I fear this nightmare is only going to get worse. He has been told by both Attorney General Barr and the U.S. Senate that he is above the law and can do whatever he damn well pleases. We must stop the madness … but we need those 45.8% who now approve of the job he’s doing to come back to reality. Sigh.

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        • Sigh. Sad to say, I seriously doubt it. There’s a reason he’s called ‘Teflon Don’. I’ll just be happy to get rid of him. I would love to see him in an orange jumpsuit for the rest of his days, but … he knows how to play the game and has a cadre of lawyers to keep him safe from having to obey any laws.


          • They actually said that about the original Teflon Don John Gotti and he finally ended up in a prison cell. This is why Trump is so desperate to be re-elected.

            Let’s take the Mueller investigation. Did you know there are 14 secret, sealed indictments from that? And? the way time seals on them are? Suggest? They are for Trump, Trump Jr, Ivanka and others.

            Then? You got New Yorks Attorney Generals Office who have been investigating Trump big time. I am sure they too? Have many surprises for Trump.

            I got a feeling this is all going to end one of two ways.

            I agree with Cohen, he loses? He has to lose by a massive landslide and the Electoral College huge loss. But even that does not matter. As Cohen says? He is not going to give up power if he loses. I honestly believe if he does loses big time? He is going to attempt to negate the election and even go so far as attempting to start martial law. Of course his die hard Repugnants and Trumpsters will be behind him on this.

            So I think our FBI, National Security and even military are already aware and prepared for this.Especially? On election night. I got a feeling they are going to be watching Trump and his cronies like a hawk. Should Trump lose they will be ready. I have heard our generals. They hate Trump really they know he is a wanna be dictater. I am sure? They already got plans for all those Trumpsers and those Reich-Wing ChristoPastors of his who have already called for a Civil War if Trump was impeached and removed from office.

            Heck if our national security people and our military people will no longer tell Trump any of our secrets cause they know he is going to give them to Putin, like he more than likely did in is private two hour meeting with him in Helsinki and basically even admitted to doing? They are not going to tell them how they are setting things up to take care of these problems should they occur.

            Or? If Trump and Melania head out to Ukraine, Jared and Ivanka head to Israel, and Diaper Donnie Jr and Eric go on one of their infamous hunting trips to Africa, right before election night? Then they are heading on the lam.

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  7. Now Jill, you know as well as I do that this upcoming election will neither be fair or honest. Both corporate Democrats and Repugs will be doing everything in their power to rig the election in favor of Trump…

    We’re royally screwed for the next 4 years, now’s the time to expose all the high crimes and misdemeanors from this corrupt tyrannical president. Dissect this “stimulus” bill and u’ll find it’s corporate welfare, a power grab to transfer wealth and consolidate power for the elite ruling class. We live in a plutocracy, the sooner we admit this the better we can find solutions to overcome inequality and restore our Constitutional rights.

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