We the People
Sea to Shining Sea
United State

Mr. Donald F. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

29 March 2020

Dear Mr. Trump,

We the People regret to inform you that your services will no longer be needed.  We understood in the beginning, more than three years ago, that you were inexperienced and new to this type of work, and we decided after your first big mistakes that you would need time to grow into the job.  We have given you that time … more than three years of time … but instead of growing into the job, you have become increasingly inept and incompetent.

It would take more than this letter to list all the many mistakes you have made, but let us clarify a few of the worst:

  • Constantly demeaning citizens of this nation who are, technically, your employers. This has included lying about them and name-calling reminiscent of a junior high student.
  • Unprecedented racism and bigotry that is far beneath the dignity of your position and damaging to the continuity of this nation.
  • The terrible things you have allowed to happen to immigrants who came here seeking asylum, seeking to make a better life for their families. You tore their children out of their very arms, threw them in cages, and thus far six of those children have died as a result.  Not only was this in violation of the laws of this country, but it qualifies as international ‘crimes against humanity’.
  • When you were hired, it was made clear to you that you must step away from your own businesses for the duration of your employment with us, but instead, you have used our money to fund your own businesses, with nearly-every-weekend visits to your Florida resort, requiring your staff and Secret Service protection to pay you for the “privilege” of traveling with you.
  • A man is judged by the company he keeps, and to date a number of your companions and associates are in prison, or soon will be. This speaks volumes to us about your character, or rather lack thereof.
  • On at least eight occasions you have directly incited violence, calling on people to attack those who criticized you. In addition, you have made utterly ridiculous videos of yourself that you posted on Twitter … again, something we would expect of a 13-year-old boy, not a public office-holder.
  • One of the most important aspects of your job is honesty and integrity, and you have failed miserably in both. It would take a book to enumerate every instance, but suffice it to say that your employers no longer trust or believe a word you say.
  • Your negligence cost nearly 3,000 lives in Puerto Rico in 2017-2018 after Hurricane Maria. In addition, your bungling and mishandling of the situation with the coronavirus pandemic has already cost thousands of lives and we cannot even begin to estimate what the ultimate death toll will be.  Many of those lives would have been saved if you had not allowed your greed and ego to get in the way of taking appropriate action.
  • Your predecessor implemented some excellent regulations to, along with every other nation on the planet, work toward reversing the damages caused by years of burning carbon-based fossil fuels. Within a matter of weeks after accepting your job, you destroyed almost every one of those regulations and have contributed significantly to the decline of the air we breathe, water we drink, and the safety of the food we eat.  It is almost as if you are willfully attempting to kill your employers.
  • You have acted without dignity or compunction toward our friends and allies, and as a result we no longer have the respect or trust of the very friends who we may someday need to be able to call on for help. Meanwhile, you have cozied up to our enemies and acted without the oversight of Congress, which we mandated when we hired you.

All in all, Mr. Trump, you have been given more than ample time to prove yourself up to the task, and in every single instance, you have failed.  You have abused your power, and devalued the office you hold. As a result of your failures, we are left with a debt of more than $25 trillion and a large number of terrible messes that will take decades to clean up.  Therefore, we are requesting your resignation, effective immediately, to be submitted in writing to We the People in care of The Washington Post.

You will have exactly one week, until Sunday, April 5th, to remove your family and personal belongings from the residence we provided you at the above address.  Your possessions will be closely checked by White House security to ensure that you take only that which belongs to you and your family.  Any damages found after you have left will be billed to you through your attorney.

You will receive one month’s severance pay, but we cannot provide Secret Service protection once you are gone, as we have done for all of your predecessors, as you have bankrupted the country and we simply cannot afford it.

Best wishes for your future endeavours,


56 thoughts on “YOU’RE FIRED!!!

  1. I have one question.

    I have seen videos of hospitals around the country and have reports of people who tell me that they drive through the big medical centers in their towns and they are almost empty.

    The ambience I hear in the videos suggests to me that the surroundings are very quiet.

    What the hell is going on here, a pandemic? I don’t think so.

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    • I have to believe that yes, this is a pandemic. Not having seen the videos your … wait a minute … you can’t have seen any videos! Are you pulling my leg, my friend? Anyway, I’m not aware of empty hospitals, though some medical centers are shut down or have reduced hours and staffing, but I have to believe it when the WHO (World Health Organization) says it has reached pandemic stage, and when the CDC statistics report more than 3,000 deaths in the U.S. alone.


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  3. Like, solid letter girl ✌️.
    Continuing with the 60s analogy.
    LBJ had high ratings initially…of course he had earned them with his social ‘Great Society’ programmes….
    Then came Vietnam. and the ratings, they were still high….. to begin with.
    Then the body bags kept on coming.
    How will this miniature, this manifestation of 50,000,000+ voters fears, manage if the Virus body bags keep on coming?

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  4. I hoped he might mature some over the past three years, but emotionally and socially, he’s still stuck in early adolescent narcissism. His recent refusals of assistance to states whose leaders don’t sufficiently “appreciate” him is one of many examples.

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    • If anything, he has gotten worse, and especially since the Senate gave him carte blanche when they acquitted him of the impeachment charges … charges on which he was proven guilty. He took that as the keys to the castle and ran wild with it. What we know he has done, is likely only the tip of the iceberg, and I’m betting he has done things that would still yet cause our jaws to drop. He must go in November … there can be no other choice.

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    • Thank you, Margie!!! He is, indeed, the worst president this nation has ever had, and I cannot imagine how any could be worse. If he is re-elected in November, though, I think we will find out how HE can be even worse. I think Adolf Hitler might end up looking like a choir boy in comparison.

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  5. Brilliant!! Would that it could be this easily accomplished! You have composed an excellent letter and there is only one small change that I, for my part, would make. Whilst it is proper form to include a complimentary close to any letter, Trump is undeserving of any compliments much less in closure to this letter. Therefore I would change ‘Best wishes for your future endeavors’ to “Be Gone”…not forgetting to add the obligatory comma after those words before adding my signature right beneath the closing line! Thank-you! P.S. Did you intend to type Donald F. Trump rather than Donald J. Trump…though undoubtedly he has earned an “F” for his presidency!

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    • Please excuse my impropriety! As an afterthought, I am inclined to revise the words that appear at the beginning of the body of this letter from ‘regret to inform you’ to “can no longer wait to inform you”…there is not a minim of regret, which translates to a drop! Thank-you!

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    • Thank you, dear Ellen! First, the middle initial is intentional … in my book, it stands for the third letter in WTF. Donald Effing Trump. And, I agree with your change, BUT … my goal was to hold myself to a much higher standard than him, so I will leave the ‘complimentary close’, though it really wasn’t complimentary, as it stands. I am, after all, a professional. 😉

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      • Indeed, you are a professional and you admirably held yourself to higher standards than Trump. In truth, my friend, that does not take very much as he has no standards. Therefore, that slyly removed “J” with the well earned “F” still maintains those higher standards. I may not have made clear in my comments that the revisions are mine and mine alone…in this particular case I have no problem lowering my usually higher standards!! Thank-you!

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        • You’re quite right about that — he has no standards! Yeah, I started using ‘F’ for his middle name some time ago when I realized it was more appropriate. Throughout history, there have been many men named ‘John’ who were men of integrity, and it seems rather a slap in the face to allow Trump to use that name. F*** seems much more fitting. Heh heh … you are the definition of high standards, my friend!


  6. Nothing like blaming one president for the debt, just for starters when it was the last president who doubled it and the president before that who also did the same. Maybe those two should have been fired too.

    Oh wait, but that was in the past so we don’t want to talk aobut that do we.

    And if the silly democrats weren’t screaming aobut trump being xenephobic when he first wanted to ban travel from China earlier in the year, maybr this situation wouldn’t be as bad as it is now. Oh, but that’s history too so we can’t talk about that either.

    Maybe we should also fire the democrats, now there’s a good idea.

    In fact, let’s just fire the whole damn government, burn everything down and start over.

    Everyone is fired!

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    • Dear Scott,
      Please help me to understand your defence of President Trump. When he came to power, he ranted and raved about the progress Obama made, and blamed him for everything under the sun. He undercut what Obama was able to accomplish BEFORE the do-nothing republican Senate stopped him from doing anything at all.
      Well now, the do-nothing republican Senate is refusing to do what congress is trying to enact, while they allow Trump to basically destroy the Republic of the United states of America.
      Trump is spending money faster than any president before him, money he does not have because he stopped taxing the rich. I cannot find any up-to-date figures on comparative debt between Trump and other presidents, but it seems to me when Trump took over there was talk about an $8trillion debt. In three years that debt is approaching $25trillion. I don’t know that these numbers include the cost of borrowing money, called interest, but I doubt it does. Can you even imagine the amount of money the US is currently paying to manage the interest payments? Whomever these debts are owed to, you will be paying interest for the next thousand years. If Trump gets another 4 years, the USA will not only be bankrupt, but be for sale. How are you going to feel then?
      We have had numerous discussions in the past, Scott, and I have always found you to be a reasonable person. But when it comes to Trump and his presidency, you seem to have a blind spot that is currently widening by leaps and bounds. The more Jill shows how unfit he is for leadership, the more you use the rhetoric that Trump himself is telling his followers to believe, even though he knows they are lies.
      I would love to understand, but I do not.

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      • I’m not so much defending the president as trying to call into light the bias that people seem to have against the party they oppose on a daily basis and to those same people, calling out the bias, in their minds, is probably the same as defending the indefensible.

        Yes, trump has broken many promises, to many to mention and like other presidents before him, he continues to raise the debt.

        why is it that when I call this behavior of previous presidents out, people suggest that I have a blind spot for trump who is doing the same thing that others before him have done?

        Please explain this to me, I don’t understand it and maybe I’m the one who doesn’t get it.

        I have no loyalty to party or president.

        The more I read and interact with people at least in the virtual world, the more I am beginning to have the belief that it is an exercise in futility to debate or try to voice my opinions which often go against the current groupthink of the day. I grow weary of the implications that I favor party and personality over virtue.

        I think it throws some of you guys for a loop that I can’t be pinned down to a particular party or ideology and don’t give into the tribalism of the 21st century.

        I am this close to being done with all of it.

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        • For starters, you no longer come across as being open-minded. Maybe it’s just my imagination, I don’t know, but as I said above, I’m not hearing discussion, I am hearing rhetoric, which is why I asked.
          You’re right that every administration blames a lot of things on previous administrations, but according to this administration Obama did nothing worth preserving. And you are continually telling us to look to see what Obama didn’t do (without noting that the Republican Senate would not let let do anything from 2012 to 2016, just like they are not letting Congress do anything since losing it in 2018).
          I am not a republican or a democrat, not living in the USA, so I couldn’t care less what party is in power. But Trump is only a Republican in name. He used to self-introduce as a Democrat, but no longer. He is a man of convenience, and right now it is convenient to look and sound both Republican and Evangelical. In reality he is only one thing, a Trumpian. And because you write like you are defending him is why so many people are giving you grief.
          Jill’s website is more-than-obviously Anti-Trump. Yes you can write whatever you want here, but you have to know Trumpian rhetoric is not going to stand up. It is going to be slashed to pieces, in fact, because there is nothing he does that is defensible using reason or logic. He is incapable of telling the complete truth, even when he is trying not to outright lie.
          Also you keep asking us to look at the past, whoever that might be. We are looking at the present and the future, because he has already wiped out the past. And we can see he is destroying the future, not just in the USA, but for the whole world.
          Because there were assholes in the past is no reason we have to put up with a bigger asshole right now. Living is about progressing, not regressing. Evolution, not devolution.
          Whether you want to believe it or not, Trump and his buddies are a blight on humanity. A cancer. I’m sorry, but that is the truth. And false news cannot change that!

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          • you make good points and I can appreciate all of them.

            Thank you for helping me regain perspective.

            Perhaps I need to step away from the politics of the day for a bit, regain clarity and become grounded again.

            I can only speak for myself when I say that this isolation and social distancing deal is creating some issues for me that I haven’t imagined.

            I apologize for the lack of what is usually more clear and objective commentary on my part, please forgive my recent ramblings. I shall try to do better, that is all any of us can do, except for Trump because he elects not to.

            Have a good night my friend.

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            • You too, Scott. I know what it is like to get so wrapped up in one thing you lose focus on others. We should have an internal clock inside us at times. Maybe evolution will give us one, some day.

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              • I thank you both, Scott and rg, for proving to us all that we CAN come to an issue from different viewpoints, listen to each other, and find a meeting of the minds. Doesn’t have to mean we agree, but simply that we speak with respect, and listen when it is our turn to do so, giving though to the others’ point of view. Thank you both for your respectfulness, for listening to each other, and for proving that civil discourse is not dead! I love you both!!!!

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            • I thank you both, Scott and rg, for proving to us all that we CAN come to an issue from different viewpoints, listen to each other, and find a meeting of the minds. Doesn’t have to mean we agree, but simply that we speak with respect, and listen when it is our turn to do so, giving though to the others’ point of view. Thank you both for your respectfulness, for listening to each other, and for proving that civil discourse is not dead! I love you both!!!!


    • Okay, Scott … for starters, Presidents Bush and Obama are no longer in office. I am talking about Donald Trump, the ‘man’ who has done, in my book, the most long-lasting damage to this nation in our history. Worse yet, the damage he has done affects every nation on the globe, not just the U.S. The “what-about-ism” goes nowhere with me. Sure, what-about President Roosevelt, who interned Japanese-American citizens? Or whadabout President Reagan and Iran-Contra? Or Nixon and Watergate? As you can see, they have all made their mistakes, but that is not the topic at hand. I am talking about Trump, the most lying, dishonest, greedy & arrogant president who is destroying the environment and costing lives … LIVES … every day. If you want to re-hash the past, write a post on your blog and we will respond to it. My post, though was only about Trump. And please, Scott, bear in mind that I am neither a republican nor a democrat. I am registered with neither party, and have voted for both at one time or another. I consider myself a democratic socialist, who believes the purpose of government is to treat ALL people equally and ensure equal rights and opportunities for all. That does not mean pandering to the wealthy, nor does it mean robbing from the poor to give to the rich, as Trump is doing. You want to blow up the whole government? Fine … let’s see if Kim would like to drop a nuke right on D.C. … I really don’t care at this point, for I’ve seen the future if Trump remains in office, and … it is not a pretty sight. Hugs.

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      • Good discussion in the comments. Just taking the debt as one issue, while Obama will be remembered as a pretty good president, to me a key failure was to put on the shelf the Simpson-Bowles Deficit Reduction Act. Dems and Reps did not like it as for every $1 of tax increases it asked for $2 of spending cuts. Obama should have said, let’s start with this and make changes. What both parties fail to understand is we need both spending cuts and tax increases to solve the debt – the math will not otherwise work.

        That was when the debt was about half of what it is now. I find the Freedom Caucus who got elected on reducing the debt the height of hypocrisy when they voted for a tax law change in December 2017 that increased the debt by $1.5 trillion – we did not need that, so now when we spend $2 trillion because of COVID-19, we have to go deeper into the well to borrow money.

        On top of the many reasons not to vote for Trump (climate, environment, corruption, chaos, lying, global leadership retrenchment, et al), his cavalier short term financial focus to prop up a long running pretty good economy to be a little better for a little while was indicative of why he had six corporate bankruptcies and other failed investments. Even on the COVID-19, his primary focus has been his image, first, the stock market second (his proxy for the economy) then the people, third. This is not a recipe for good decisions and is one reason for his inconsistency.

        But, at the heart of all of this, is I do not believe a word the president says and that makes me sad. All presidents lie to some extent, but this one is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime including Richard Nixon and he was a crook.

        But, before we burn the government down, please read Michael Lewis’ “The Fifth Risk,” which reveals what the true risk that has been heightened by this “chaotic and incompetent” president’s White House (per conservative David Brooks) and that is the gutting and hamstringing of people who know what they are doing to serve us. Could they be more efficient, always? But, for the very large part are dedicated public servants trying to do a good job. Lewis based his book on the required briefing materials prepared by the outgoing administration that went largely unread and not even picked up when briefings went unattended by incoming (or not even appointed) Trump people.

        Keith (Independent voter)

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