Snarky Snippets, Volume _____?

I’ve got just a couple of small snippets to start out your Sunday …

Many things have been put on hold during this time of pandemic crisis.  Though I may disagree with the way in which they were done (no thinking or planning involved), I can’t argue against the need for these measures such as the shuttering of restaurants and pubs, people working from home or in some cases being laid off from their jobs, the closing of schools.  But, the one thing that should never ever have been put on hold are environmental regulations – the few we have left, that is.  There is no logical justification and it will only lead to further decimation of our environment.

From an article in Friday’s issue of The Guardian

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has suspended its enforcement of environmental laws during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, signaling to companies they will not face any sanction for polluting the air or water of Americans.

In an extraordinary move that has stunned former EPA officials, the Trump administration said it will not expect compliance with the routine monitoring and reporting of pollution and won’t pursue penalties for breaking these rules.


There is no end date set for this dropping of enforcement.

Andrew Wheeler, administrator of the EPA, said that coronavirus had made it difficult for businesses to protect workers and the public while adhering to clean air and water rules.

According to an article in Reuter’s, this was triggered by a letter sent to Trump by the American Petroleum Institute, using the current pandemic crisis as an excuse to be relieved of regulatory requirements for the foreseeable future.  Here’s the kicker, though … they claim to need to be free of all regulation “in order to ensure steady fuel supplies”.  But … there is currently a market glut because … nobody is going anywhere, a large portion of businesses are shuttered, and therefore we don’t need anywhere near the amount of fuel we needed just a month ago!  Additionally, it is that time of year when households are using neither heat nor air-conditioning in any large quantity.  They could cut the supply in half and still have a surplus!  There is absolutely no justifiable reason that they need relief from environmental regulations, but all they had to do is ask Trump, and Presto Bingo … they got their wish.

Would someone please explain to me just exactly how in hell the coronavirus makes it difficult for businesses to follow the few provisions that remain in the Clean Water and Air Acts???  NO, this is just a sorry excuse by Trump and his cronies, his partners in crime, to further pander to their friends in the fossil fuel and other industries.  The Clean Air and Clean Water Acts have been in effect since 1963 and 1972 respectively and cannot simply be dissed because Trump and/or Wheeler say so!  THIS IS UNCONSCIONABLE!

I am not alone in my fury.  Says Cynthia Giles, who was head of EPA enforcement during the Obama administration …

“EPA should never relinquish its right and its obligation to act immediately and decisively when there is threat to public health, no matter what the reason is. I am not aware of any instance when EPA ever relinquished this fundamental authority as it does in this memo. This memo amounts to a nationwide moratorium on enforcing the nation’s environmental laws and is an abdication of EPA’s responsibility to protect the public.”

The sooner we become fully reliant on renewable energy sources and are able to tell the oil companies where to put their oil, the happier and healthier we will all be!  It is simply unconscionable that they are attempting to profit from this crisis!

You know those $1,200 checks that are going out to anybody who filed a tax return in 2018?  Well, it is reported that Donald Trump is insisting his signature be the one on the checks.  What an ego trip!  No, wait, this goes well beyond ego … this is the sign of a truly evil megalomaniac.  Fortunately, I will not have to see a check from him, for a) I was not required to file a tax return in 2018, and b) my daughter’s will be direct-deposited into her account, so I won’t have to face the temptation of wanting to rip that check into a thousand pieces.

My recommendation to those of you who can is if you receive a check with Trump’s signature, transfer it to a charity of your choice, such as a local food pantry or homeless shelter, local hospice or whatever suits your fancy.

Remember that a couple of days ago I mentioned the Trump re-election campaign had issued a “cease and desist” order to networks who were running an ad by a PAC called Priorities USA?  Well, at the time, I couldn’t find an embeddable copy of the ad, but I have one now.  Take a look …

And, for just a bit of humour, J.L. Cauvin of New Jersey is a comedian/satirist and he has done a video that … well, you must see if for yourself!  If you close your eyes, you’d swear it was trumpie.

Alright, friends, that’s all I’ve got for now … be back this afternoon!

28 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets, Volume _____?

  1. Jill, starting with the video, too funny. I closed my eyes and it sounded like Trump. The one giveaway is he did not repeat himself three, four or five times like the president.

    On giving fossil fuel a hall pass on safety, we should remember where true welfare is spent – big industry who funds campaigns. Andrew Wheeler is a coal lobbyist, just the person you want running the EPA. We should not forget VP Dick Cheney was a petroleum executive before Bush brought him and he gutted the 2005 Energy Act to not impose water and air regs on frackers. Do you detect a trend?

    On the good side, TVA just shut down a huge coal plant in Kentucky that even McConnell or Trump could keep open. Wheeler said it was due to Obama’s War on coal, but the cost of running a coal plant is higher than natural gas and renewables.

    As I have said before, the demise of coal is not news and has been happening for ten years or so. Politicians need to shoot straight with people and help them transition with money and training. And, if that is not enough, more coal plants have been closed in Trump’s three years than under Obama’s last three.

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    • I’m glad you liked Cauvin’s video … he does sound exactly like Trump except, as you say, he doesn’t repeat himself over and over. He’s a lot easier on the eyes, too!

      I had actually forgotten about Cheney’s links to the oil industry. Yes, there is a pattern, and not surprising, since the GOP will always put profit over people. I did read about that coal plant shutting down, and hope to see many more … I only feel badly for the miners who, under a president like Obama, might have received the benefit of re-training, or might even see renewable power plants that would provide jobs to replace their old ones. Funny, isn’t it, how Trump never mentions those statistics?


  2. I like how you put it Jill. All they have to do is call Trump/Pence. Those guys would gut every damn regulation if they could get away with it. This is just another in a long line of travesty’s and outrages from this crowd. No way in hell should the EPA be derelict in their duty by law to hold these people accountable–virus or no virus. I’ve also heard they were still going through with trying to throw people off the SNAP program with new ‘work requirements.’ Remember Jill…The cruelty IS the point with these monsters.

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    • Thanks Jeff! You’re right … just another in a long line of travesties, injustices, and outright illegalities. And THAT is only the ones we’re aware of … I know there are things that haven’t been leaked, that have gone on “behind the curtain”, that would appall us. This pandemic crisis is short-term, but the ravages to the environment will last forever … now, which is more important? People are so ignorant, living only in the moment without a care for tomorrow. And now the plastic industry is trying to convince Trump & Co to disallow the city/state bans on single-use plastics! I had an argument with a store manager this afternoon who wouldn’t let me bring my reusable canvas bags in, saying I had to use their plastic bags. I walked out, after giving him a large chunk of my mind and accusing him of killing all the fish in the ocean! Yes, I think you’re right … the cruelty is the point. I don’t know how they manage to sleep at night.

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      • I don’t blame you Jill. Do you always feel you have to bite your tongue these days? I do. But sometimes, you can’t take it anymore. These people are nuts. Sometimes you have to take a stand and tell it like it is. Sounds like you did exactly that!!!

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        • I have bitten my tongue so much that it is permanently scarred and I may need a tongue-transplant in the near future. But there are times when I just cannot bite it … times when the words fly out before the brain engages! Sometimes it’s healthier for the heart to say what’s on your mind than to hold it in and ruminate on it, y’know? 😉

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          • Yes. I certainly do. The other day, we were talking, via Facetime, to our daughter and granddaughter. In the background, her husband, whose an avid Trump Cult member, kept saying “The China Virus.” You don’t know how bad I wanted to tell him off. I didn’t though Jill. Totally out of respect for our daughter. You can’t even imagine how sore my tongue was!!!! LOL

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            • Ooooohhhh … that had to be some serious tongue-biting! I’m surprised you didn’t have to go to the hospital to have it sewn back on! Personally, as I was telling my daughter the other night, I think we should call it the trump virus, since he has caused it to be so much worse here in the U.S. than it might otherwise have been!


  3. And just what happens when you leave our air and water completely unprotected in the hands of pandering fools with a megalomaniac dictator? I don’t fear what isn’t being removed as what they might put into it. Elections? I am not holding my breath they will even happen. This is a nightmare to be sure.

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    • Yes, that’s just it! The pandemic crisis is short-term, in the grand scheme of things, but the damage being done to our environment will last forever. I, too, am concerned about the elections, and we must stay ever vigilant to make our voices heard, that we WILL NOT TOLERATE our elections being suspended, postponed, or cancelled. For this, I would take my baseball bat and go bash some heads in!

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    • I think you’re right, that the EPA at this point has been so diminished, it’s focus re-directed, that it will require a complete re-structuring. I do hope Biden is up to the task, for this is the single most important issue on the docket. If this doesn’t get done, if we don’t get very serious about tackling climate change and making the necessary sacrifices, none of those other issues will matter one whit by the end of this century.

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  4. I did not hear about the relaxation of the EPA standards – that’s crazy.

    And is there no end to the size of his ego; he’s viewing these checks as a direct marketing campaign.

    And that impersonation was spot on.

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    • Oh, it gets even worse! The plastics industry is pushing for Trump to stop all the cities that have banned single-use plastic bags, saying that they are necessary during this pandemic. Well, today I went to the grocery and the first store I went to I was stopped upon entering and told I could not bring my re-usable canvas bags into the store, that I would have to use their plastic bags. I gave the manager a rather large piece of my mind and told him if he wanted to kill all the fish in the ocean and ensure his grandkids died for lack of air and water, that was on him and I would take my business elsewhere! Which I did … I went to Kroger, and was told I could use my own bags, but that I would have to pack the groceries myself. We’re being punished for trying to protect the environment! Thing is, this pandemic is short term … the damage to the environment will last forever. Sigh.


  5. It would seem that since the EPA administrator, Andrew Wheeler, has willingly at the behest of Trump suspended the enforcement of environmental laws, mayhaps his pay should also be suspended. He surely is not working for the environment or the American people any longer, if he ever was in the first place. And most certainly the American Petroleum Institute will pitch in and pay him for a job well done…I mean, what are friends for? You are more well versed than I in financial matters, but I understood that if one receives social security and is not required to file taxes they will receive a check. Imagine that Jill, your very own amazing check with a Sharpie signature by Trump!! Why it will be a collectors item, it will increase in value over time, it will become a family heirloom, it will…end up shredded in the trash, right? The ad simply repeats Trump’s own words, how can that be harmful to Trump? J. L. Caulvin is good, very good! Great snarking by the Queen of Snarks! Thank-you!

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    • I’m thinking that the pay of Trump and his entire cabinet should be suspended, for not a one of them are doing a damn thing! What is DeVos doing??? Has she come up with a plan to ensure an entire year isn’t lost for the students? No, she’s sitting in her multi-million dollar mansion living in the lap of luxury, as are all the rest of these nincompoops! In my dreams, I see the U.N. coming in here and taking over our government to ensure we are not allowed to completely destroy the earth while Trump & Co. willfully ignore all but their own hedonistic lifestyle. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

      I hadn’t looked into the stimulus checks and who would be eligible that closely, so I wasn’t aware that retirees could get one. That said, I am not eligible, as for tax purposes Chris claims both Natasha and I as dependents, and you cannot get a check if someone can claim you on their taxes. I anticipate a jumbo mess being made of this entire thing, for if there is any way to mess something up, our government will find it! Mr. Cauvin was indeed excellent! I think he has others, too … I’ll have to go in search of.


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