Taking Sides against Dictators

Sometimes we are so mired in the muck of our own troubles that we cannot, as the old saying goes, “see the forest for the trees”. Our friend David in the UK, however, has a quite clear view of the state of our nation today, and I’d like to share it with you this afternoon. Thank you, David, for your clarity and also for caring.



I  quite openly admit to having pinched the piece above from my friend Scottie of  https://scottiestoybox.com/, when I read it in the context of the elections due in the U.S.A in November 2020 I thought to myself surely most of these are basic human rights that should be granted rather than fought for these days..Surely we have enlightened Government if not enlightened management over our major businesses.

Not so here. Following the end of the Obama era Government, one of enlightenment and the attempt to establish a National Health Service for everyone which was bitterly rejected as being Socialism, the election was won by the joke.There was a groundswell of reaction against his opponent  for having the temerity to be a woman but in the end Hillary Clinton still polled 3,000.000 more votes than Trump but lost on Electoral  College votes.

Trump himself has a base of Evangelists who see…

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11 thoughts on “Taking Sides against Dictators

  1. Fascinating to see that it took a crisis of this magnitude to implement all the necessary social net policies which Bernie had advocated for. If we had medicare for all in place, more ppl would have been saved by free and early testing. With a fair living wage, the entire financial structure would be more stable as more ppl would have enough savings to see them thru this crisis, rather than mired in bureaucratic gridlock of claiming unemployment, food stamps, and waiting for “Trump checks” handouts. I pray the gov’t has learned from this tragedy, although I highly doubt it. Western gov’ts are reactive as opposed to socialist who are more proactive and caring of their citizens.

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    • It would be nice, but “government” is a collection of people who put their own self-interests ahead of ours, put profit over people, so no … as soon as this crisis has passed, they will try to go back to their same old ways. Might not be possible, for this crisis is going to leave a trail of destruction in its wake, but the likes of Trump and McConnell will still have their own interests at heart, not ours.

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      • Sad but true, as these are only temporary emergency half measures. I know our so-called leaders can’t wait for ppl to get back to work so it’s business as usual for them to cater to their donor class. To hell with the working class… revert back to rugged individualism, but corporate welfare for the rich. The injustice is staggering.

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