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If anybody had asked me late last year what effect a global crisis such as … oh, say a pandemic that spread at the speed of lightning … would have on the people of this nation, I would have answered that it would bring people closer together, cause them to set aside their differences and care about each other much as we did in the days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  And I would have been oh so very wrong.  I would have been giving the people of this nation far too much undeserved credit.

While I am no fan of George W. Bush, I must give credit where it is due.  In the days following 9/11, he was a leader in every sense of the word, and it was in part his leadership that brought people together.  He made it clear that we were all in this together, and that together we would survive.  He grieved with us and gave us strength and hope to carry on.  In the current crisis, we have no such leader, but rather a bungling oaf whose own desires will always be a higher priority for him than the needs of this nation.

Unlike 2001, today we have no real leader and rather than bring the nation together, Donald Trump has fanned the flames of discord.  I won’t even delve into his very poor handling of this crisis from day one, for that has been covered everywhere ad nauseam.  But it is beyond disturbing that he continues to operate under a philosophy of “divide and conquer”, even as the nation burns.  What I find even more disturbing, however, is that some 46% of the people in this nation believe he is doing a fantastic job, when in fact he has let us down in the worst way possible.  Rather than encouraging us all to help one another, to set aside our differences for the moment and work together for the good of all, he stands in front of the nation and casts blame.  Blame the democrats, he says.  Blame Obama, blame the governors of states who are trying to keep their people safe … blame anybody, he tells us, except him.  He says, “No, I don’t take responsibility at all.”

But wait … isn’t leadership all about responsibility?  Is that not what he was hired to do, to be responsible for the well-being of the country and its 330 million inhabitants?  I’m confused … how can the “president” not take responsibility?

How is it possible that nearly half the people in this country approve of the job he is doing?  What does this say about We the People?  Does it say that those 46% are so determined to fulfill their goal of making the U.S. a white, Christian, and largely male-dominated country that they are willing to sacrifice decency, sacrifice the future of the nation?  Are the people of this country so blind that they cannot see how he is putting his own self-interest ahead of the people of this nation?  Or is it simply that in times of crisis, people take comfort in continuity, rejecting change altogether?  Whatever it is, I am frankly disgusted and fed up with those who applaud him at this point in time.  I’ve tried and failed to understand their motives.

Donald Trump will never be anything different than what he is today, a greedy, arrogant, narcissistic excuse for a man who cares for nobody and nothing other than himself.  I might have expected that, given the circumstances we are facing today, some 90% of the people in this nation would be calling for his resignation, if not his head on a platter.  But instead, more people than ever are gravitating toward him, hypnotized perhaps by his promises … promises that he cannot keep.

My biggest fear, something I fear far more than catching the coronavirus and dying, is that this newfound approval will carry forward into the election and hand Donald Trump another four years at the helm.  That, my friends, would be the most disastrous thing that this nation would have ever faced.  We cannot, must not let that happen.

49 thoughts on “Filosofa Ponders …

  1. I’ve heard that Mike DeWine in Ohio said he doesn’t believe the public should know the number of negative cases. In Illinois
    @JBPritzker will not release #COVID19
    hospitalization numbers, number in ICUs. Governors should release all statistics about the pandemic, wouldn’t you agree? After all, it is case numbers and data from models that have been proven faulty which is driving policy decisions which directly effect the economy.Do we not need more transparency from all of our leaders on this front? It’s bad enough that China lied about the coronavirus in the very beginning, silencing doctors, expelling journalists, ect, we should not follow their lead.
    Maybe these state officials don’t want to be held accountable if it turns out that the numbers don’t add up, after all, they have their preciouspolitical careers to protect, citizens bedamned.

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    • On this, I fully agree with you … we have a right to know the facts, not Trump’s or DeWine’s fairy tale versions. I once respected DeWine, though he is a republican and leans toward business rather than people. But, when he postponed the democratic primaries, I sent him a scathing email telling him he had deprived me of my right to have my voice heard, and telling him I hoped he choked on a turnip (that’s my ‘curse’ on them these days). Yes, we need and are entitled to complete transparency from our government on this crisis, and I doubt we are getting even a small part of the data.


  2. I think Bush was lucky. He managed to convince a majority of the US population they had a single enemy and mobilised the military to punish this one enemy irrespective of whether there was evidence of involvement or not. Trump has no such enemy to direct the military against and is unable to use rhetoric in this fight. There is no space in this pandemic for you are either with us or against us mantra.

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    • I agree that ultimately Bush acted in poor judgment and … lied to the people of this nation. But, you are right that in the days after, there was a clear enemy: al-Qaeda and Usama bin Laden. And you are also right that there is no enemy, nobody to blame in this situation, so Trump is trying to spin around and point the finger at as many as he can: the Chinese, the democrats, Chuck Schumer, impeachment, Barack Obama, etc.


  3. Trump and his vice lickspittle along with the GOP will never take credit where it is due, meaning the failure to adequately and expeditiously protect the citizens of this country. They will and do take credit where it is not due…the list is endless! It is astounding to me that there are so very many people that accept his exaggerations, misleading comments and yes the outright lies as truth and fact! I am reminded of the words of a great humorist from the !800’s, Josh Billings : “As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand.” And, so it goes! Thank-you!

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    • This is also what astounds me, that some 45% of the adults in this nation believe that he is doing a good job, hang on his every word, and savour his lies as if they were a piece of chocolate. Never before have I realized the extent to which this nation is ignorant. The Billings quote is certainly apt. Sigh.


      • Why is acknowledging that coronavirus originated in China considered irresponsible blaming by trump?That doesn’t make a damn bit of sense.

        Now, calling it the Chinese virus was stupid and reprehensible because that phraising implies the notion that the Chinese people are somehow responsible and that it isn’t true.

        Now we all know that it’s their communist party leaders who are responsible and if, in anyone’s mind, that is conflated or regarded as xenephobic, well I really don’t know what to say about that because there is no logical connection there.

        Speaking out against an ideology like communism, when it’s their ideology of supression and secretive dealings with situations just to save face which drive their polocy decisions, is necessary when one is trying to get at the truth or the root of the issue to ensure it doesn’t repeat itself.

        by the way, I don’t believe the Russians either when they say they haven’t had many cases of the virus.

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        • Nobody said that acknowledging it originated in Wuhan China was wrong, but to refer to it as the Chinese virus was unconscionable and has caused racist incidents in heavily Asian populated areas of the country.

          I don’t think anybody deliberately or maliciously started the coronavirus … it happened. Leaders in a number of countries have let the ball drop, but I don’t think it’s fair to blame communism or the communist party for the virus any more than it would be fair to blame Trump. What we can blame the leaders of many countries for is not being upfront and forthcoming with data and information. Be careful about believing everything you hear in some of those out-of-the-mainstream publications, Scott. Some go out of their way to fact check and provide fact-based information, but many are in it for the sensationalism. If you read something in one of those, at least check to see if you can find the same information in a more credible source before you take it to the bank.

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          • Trump thrives on discord so calling it the chinese virus, knowing that people will resort to racist actions is just the sort of attention he desires.

            No, I don’t think Chinese leaders were responsible for the virus in the sense that it was manufactured in a lab like some people believe but as you say, it didn’t help that leaders of their country as well as others, including ours, weren’t responsive in the early stages of this deal.

            as Benjamin Franklin so wisely said “An Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”Going by memory on that one because I don’t want to have to use google for everything. lol.

            How are you doing my friend?

            I’ve been streaming concerts on YouTube over the last three nights and I’m planning another one tonight.

            Music helps me cope with being locked in and other people enjoy them so it’s a win for all.

            big hugs.


            • You got the Benjamin Franklin quote exactly right … good memory, for while I knew the quote, I did not know who originated it. I’m doing okay, dear Scott … I stay angry so much of the time that I’ve lost both my appetite and my ability to sleep, but hey … eating and sleeping are much over-rated anyway, yes? I wish I could tune everything out, but … it’s not in my nature to be able to do so, and so I ruminate, rant about what is being done to this country, rant about the idiocy of some of the people in this country, and at the end of the day, my words make no difference, but at least I have tried. I did get the email about your concert, and had thought I might log in for a bit, but the girls and I were playing a game, having a bit of family time, so I didn’t get to. One of these nights, though, I will! Take care, Scott … and keep producing beautiful music. Hugs!


              • Hi Jill and the rest of you.

                I hope it’s okay that I give the link to my latest ambient concert on youtube, I think you guys might enjoy this one. don’t let the dark ambient title mislead you, I just forgot to edit it properly when I set up the stream.

                This one is very pleasant, very peaceful and not dark at all.

                all done with minimal rehearsal, just going where the music took me and before you know it, 55 minutes were gone.

                Hoping all of you have a good day and are staying safe.

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  4. Trump’s tone has changed, but not much else. He continues to lie, mislead, and attempt to revise history so he looks better. News today mentioned that the Secret Service had an emergency order for golf carts by one of Trump’s courses. Looks like he might be going golfing this weekend. Standing by for details…

    Despite his newly somber (mostly) tone, efforts to resolve testing, ventilator, and mask shortages continue. New comments about his quid pro quo governing style have emerged as he insists that he needs to be treated nice by governors if they want the U.S. government’s help (hey, it worked for Florida). Two more troubling hallmarks of his influence and these times remain: people (say they) continue to believe the coronavirus pandemic is being exaggerated in order to undermine Trump because of his earliest commitments that it was a hoax; and their refusal to believe any news contrary to their own views, labeling anything like that as ‘fake news’, a Pavlovian reaction to a ringing bell. Even confronted with voluminous evidence, they deny it and accuse others of lying. I’ve heard first-hand experience with some of these. They end up saying, “I know what I know,” a tautology that’s sure to lead to more deaths.

    Libertarians seem to have the hook deepest in them from Trump’s early dismissals of the coronavirus. (I’m still pissed about Rand Paul, being tested, “out of an abundance of caution”, and then ignoring every other guideline for what to do. What bullshit and hypocrisy.) Although he likes to claim that he always took it very seriously (despite yuuuggge amounts of evidence showing him doing otherwise), his early suggestions that it would be gone quickly seem to have spurred the Libertarians to new levels of willful obstinance, claiming they’re exercising civil disobedience by ignoring social distancing and isolation. MAGAs are actively resisting any safety measures because they like triggering liberals.

    So are so many people blind? Asinine? Principled? Misled? All of that, and more, it seems.

    Hugs and cheers, M

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  5. Although better than Trump our lot are not really up to the job. We are so far behind the curve. We struggle to get to 10000 tests a day (with so many empty words) and Germany tests 500000 a day. Most of this Government were warned in a pandemic test 3 years ago about how deficient our system was – they buried the test. We will get through this but no thanks to our leaders. The best thing they could do is hand over the crisis management to the military planners. They will get the logistics right. Let professionals run the crisis not self interested buffoons.

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    • My friend, the worst, stupidest, cruelest person imaginable would outshine Trump. He has done everything wrong, and it almost appears as if he’s gone out of his way to find things he could do wrong. That said, yeah, I think most western nations have done a piss-poor job of managing this. We all became complacent, the rich capitalists were content to wallow in all their wealth, and we never dreamed this could happen. Now that it has, will people re-assess their priorities? Will they finally figure out that money is not the be-all and end-all that makes the world go ’round? Sigh. I doubt it. I agree so wholeheartedly with your last sentence … let the professionals do their jobs and get the political egos out of the way!


  6. So you aren’t convinced he’s finally seen the light Jill? That his ‘tone’ is somber…he’s more ‘presidential?’ He’s finally believes this is the real deal? OMG….I can’t take it. I refuse to watch his ridiculous press briefings/campaign rallies…whatever you want to call them. It’s absolutely amazing how the bungling and incompetence continues unabated. I fear what you fear…November gets here, the economy starts to pick up….he claims credit for less than 100k deaths(yes…credit!!!), and he squeaks his way to another electoral victory. I know that sounds pessimistic. But, I do not have confidence in my country Jill. It went out the door in 2016.

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    • I’m afraid not, Jeff. I have a very sensitive b.s. meter, and every time he opens his mouth, my meter goes wacky. He is, I truly believe, an evil person who is incapable of even coming across as caring or compassionate. Every time I see a picture of somebody handing him their baby to kiss, I shudder and wonder if that poor baby has been scarred for life. He is not only the worst president this nation has ever had, but I think he has the potential to be worse than some of the most cruel, evil dictators in history. All he needs is the right venue (a blindfolded nation with its hands tied and voices silenced) and he will kill this nation. You are more optimistic than I, and have more faith in the people of this nation. I hope you are right.

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    • I agree, and I hope you’re right that the people of this nation still have a bit of good sense, though some days I have to wonder. He is a bad person … I cannot call him a ‘man’, for in my book he is not one.
      He is evil, and my biggest fear is that the fools in this nation will allow him to fulfill his dream … to be an evil dictator. Sigh.
      But, did you mean to yell?

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      • consider this, even some democrats are saying the president is doing okay with the coronavirus crisis but I imagine none of you guys want to even consider the possibility that such a thing could occur, it would put a chink in the blind fury of the “I hate trump” montra.

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        • Scott … his bungling, his lies, his self-aggrandizing has cost lives and is continuing to cost lives. He is definitely NOT doing okay. For Pete’s sake … he’s playing games with much-needed equipment and supplies, is promoting a drug that the medical community has not tested on the coronavirus and which causes many side effects, including heart problems, and I could go on and on. No, Scott, no matter who says it, he is NOT doing a good job. His staff ought to put him in a padded room without his phone, and allow the adults to take over before more lives are unnecessarily lost.


          • I would also suggest that these state and local politicians who have mandated that specific surgeries not occur due to this lockup should have the blood of all the people who will die of cancers that weren’t treated because they weren’t caught in time. that blood should be dumped in buckets on their heads as they are ceremoniously thrown out of office.

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            • Well, I would agree with you there, my friend, but … it is only elective surgeries … things that are not for life-threatening or serious conditions … that were postponed. They didn’t stop things like surgery to remove cancerous tumours, heart surgery, appendicitis, etc.


  8. Nah, I’m not worried about it. There is no clear prediction of what will happen, but it’ll be strange, and it won’t be him–it’ll be different than that somehow. Huh, unsure right now. I DO genuinely believe that the more people fixate on NOT HIM OMG NOT HIM OMG the more he’ll be there, and the more people focus on SOMEBODY TO BE GOOD AT THIS, the more likely we are to get that. I really believe that putting the focus on the solution moves things along much better than fixating on the same old problem–like staying stuck on a frame of film and not letting the movie keep going versus letting the movie play and looking forward to the next act–you know?

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  9. The main worldwide issue today is not the virus (though it will hurt many) it is the current world leadership. You have one who cultivates hate. “The democrats are responsible. The Chinese. Whoever.” He is never respònsible for anything, right?
    The local Tramp here does the same: “Everything is the fault of the ‘Conservatives'” who are putting this country in danger. HE is fighting for “the People”.
    Hatred and greed are a dangerous combination.
    we will soon complete 3 weeks in lockdown. How are you doing? The numbers in the US are bad. Stay safe. Stay put.

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    • You are so right, my friend. Yes, the virus will take lives, more than needed to be, at least in this country. But, the virus is short-term and will end, whereas the environment and our governments are long-term and cannot simply be ignored. A friend commented that “if our lives are saved, then so what if we lose some of our freedom”, and as you might imagine, I went into fits of apoplexy. In the U.S., I very much fear our November elections will be compromised or canceled. If we are forced to endure another 4 years of Trump, this nation will become a dictatorship and we will not see another chance to have a voice in our government in our lifetimes. But, people are so scared of the current threat that they are tuning out these things. We truly have a madman at the helm, and this pandemic crisis has played directly into his hand. I think the toll of the pandemic will far exceed the number of people who actually die from coronavirus. I look for the suicide rate to double, perhaps triple in this year. Sigh. You keep well also, my friend. Thinking of you … 🤗

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      • Never lose hope. Dictators always end up the same way. Bad. 🙂
        Having said that HE does not worry me any more as much as the dozens idiots who run along him. Just read about Lt-Governor of Texas (Dan Freaking Patrick?) comments that the elderly should be sacrificed to the economy? More or less? What is this? The man in the high castle? Nazi America?

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        • You are spot on that his sycophants are of at least equal concern. Oh yeah, Dan Patrick who said all us oldsters should sacrifice ourselves for the sake of opening the nation before the economy crashes. Or what about this latest … gun shops have been declared “essential” services, in the same category as grocery stores, hospitals and pharmacies. Sigh. Only in America. I think that under the right circumstances, the U.S. in 4 years could make Nazi Germany look like a shining star. Sigh.

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          • I’ve heard about essential gun shops in New Hampshire… Sigh.
            I stopped looking at the man in the high castle (Though I like Philip K. Dick very much) because of that. “Nazi America” was too credible… Re-sigh.

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              • As most series these days, it takes a toll on the viewer. I have enough crime on the street to watch “Narcos” or “Pablo Escobar”. And the Tramp is enough to make me puke…(pardon my French)
                As far as the man in the high castle we took in 1 or 2 seasons at the most. But it’s interesting… Stay safe.

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                • I rarely watch t.v., in part because of being mostly deaf and having to rely on closed-captioning is a drain, and in part because there really isn’t much on that interests me. My daughter got me hooked on a UK soap opera, Coronation Street, and we watch that together a few nights a week, but for me, that’s about it. Heh heh … your “French” is much cleaner than mine these days! I’ve darn near worn out the “F-word”. You keep safe as well, my friend.

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                  • Thanks for the laugh. 🤣I will keep on with my French when need be. 😉
                    Sorry about your hearing. That must be a bore, though it has its virtues: you can turn off all the idiots that surround us… Hearing aids any good? I must confess I am probably loosing some hearing, we use the subtitles as a “help”. Though some subtitles are a roar: “Ominous instrumentals”. Then “tragic” instrumentals… etc… Wonder you writes those adjectives…
                    Be good Jill. 😷

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                    • Oh, after 68 years, I’m used to it. And closed captioning is great, but … you can’t watch the action on the screen if you’re hurriedly reading the captioning before it switches, so overall, I’d rather read a book. I have been told that hearing aids wouldn’t help, but lately I hear they have new technology that might. I’ll look into them one of these days. Indeed, sometimes the captioning is so bad that it is entertainment in itself! You too, Brian!

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