A Lone Mini Snark

I just have one very short mini-snark today …

It is sad that we do not believe anything that we are told by our federal government.  It is beyond sad, frightening in fact, during this time of crisis when we our very lives depend on having accurate information, but we know we cannot trust that information.  For the past two years, when monthly employment data was released, I’ve just rolled my eyes and said, “Yeah, right”.  No way we added 225,000 jobs in January, a month that typically sees a decline as companies lay off seasonal workers, winter sets in and there is less activity.

But the release of employment data for March earlier today by the Department of Labour is a slap in the face … do they really believe we are so stupid as to believe that only 701,000 jobs were lost, when 6.6 million people filed claims for unemployment in one single week ending March 28th???  I realize that the jobs lost won’t precisely match the unemployment claims, for a number of reasons, one being timing, another being that some companies like Amazon and grocery companies actually hired large numbers.  But this disparity is an outright lie.  I, for one, don’t like paying people to lie to me.  It undermines our safety and our ability to plan accordingly.

Our friend Keith’s timing was prescient with his post today, speaking of the lies we are being told, and I urge you to wander over and check out his post.

Note to Readers:

Part XII of mine and Jeff’s project, Discord & Dissension, was initially planned for this afternoon, but due to unforeseen circumstances, must be delayed until next week.  It was our initial intent to publish once a week, every Friday, but obviously when we planned this project last December, we could not have foreseen the nightmare that would usher in the year.  Both Jeff and I see this as our mission, our goal for the rest of the year, to bring you the most accurate assessments of candidates and issues, to keep you informed and also to motivate and inspire our readers to make this election count.  We will return next Friday with Part XII, and that is a promise.  Thank you all for your patience.

22 thoughts on “A Lone Mini Snark

  1. What? You expected a shred of truth in this most crucial point in the election year? Paleeease. Why would an unconscionable person such as our fearless leader suddenly take to honesty with so much at stake? Mere lives do not matter to him and his ilk. We are just the ‘masses’, after all.

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    • Yeah, silly me, eh? No, our lives do not matter to him or his cronies … the only thing that matters to them is money and power. Sigh. I will laugh, though, when they wake one morning and find that their money has no value, for there is nothing to buy, nobody to clean their homes, grow their food, or make the products that give them such a nice profit. They forget just how much they need us ‘masses’. Time to show them, I think.

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  2. I often watch Andrew Cuomo’s press conferences and other CNN programs but skip Trump’s comments these days. I got tired of his lies and nasty comments to the good questions of the press. I just pick up the comments of the others on his team later. I’m also shocked and upset with the U.S. Navy for firing the captain of that ship who was trying to keep those boys from dying. At least those young sailors appreciated him getting them to safety as I’m sure their parents did also. One mother said as much. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • I saw a poll earlier today that more people watch Cuomo’s than Trump’s, for they get facts from Cuomo. I cannot stand to watch Trump … he literally makes me ill with his facial contortions, his vulgarity and nastiness, and worst of all, his bragging about how “perfect” he is. The sailors aboard that ship gave him a standing ovation and cheered him, so yeah, they did appreciate him. So do I … if we leave it up to our federal government, we will never get another fact about anything. Sigh.

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  3. The disparity struck me as strange too. Perhaps there’s a legitimate explanation. But the credibility of this administration has dropped so low, that it’s easy to assume they’re fudging the numbers.

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    • I’m sure there is a partial explanation, but not enough to explain this huge disparity. As you say, they have no credibility to begin with, so I don’t believe a thing that comes out of this administration unless it is backed up by other sources.

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  4. Jill, thanks for the link. I think there is a lag in the data. The data is supposed to be arms length. In Brazil, the former president wound up in jail for dressing up the numbers. Keith

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    • That may well be, but they ought not to report the numbers until they have all the numbers … it decimates their credibility. Hmmmm … reckon we could send Trump to jail for lying about … everything?


  5. Not one ounce of credibility Jill. Not one. Never before, and hopefully never again will we have someone like him again. Heaven help us if we do…..

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    • No, and I think that he doesn’t know how to be honest. It seems that when asked a question, he immediately seeks the most convenient lie. And even though his words are recorded, he later denies all the lies. I do hope we learn a lesson from this, but … look at his approval ratings. WTF???

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  6. a question. If you don’t believe anything our government says, do you believe the CDC about the number of Coronavirus cases in the country? If so, why? They are a part of the government under the HHS.

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    • Nope, I don’t believe anything anymore. I do believe that there are more cases and deaths in the U.S. than any other country, for the data comes from multiple sources, but as for the exact data? It’s a moving target, and our government will lie to us wherever they can. Damn shame that our own paid employees are the enemy, isn’t it?


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