Snarky … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … Snippets


Tonight I have enough snark to fill an entire shelf, nay, an entire room!  So, hold onto your hats and maybe open a window to let the heat out.

Save the masks for the docs & nurses!

Both the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control have said that surgical masks should only be worn by healthcare workers, infected people or those who are taking care of someone who is infected.  These are the experts in the field.  And, the fact is that healthcare workers in hospitals are desperate for masks to protect them when they are working with infectious patients, but there is a severe shortage of the personal protective equipment they need.

So, along comes Donald Trump and his wrecking crew who are expected to announce sometime today that everybody should be wearing a mask when out in public.  Brilliant … the front-line doctors and nurses cannot get masks, but the government suggests that every Tom, Dick and Harry should be snatching them up for their own personal use, even though washing their hands is the far better option.

I think doctors and hospitals all across the nation should sue the federal government for putting their lives in danger.  In fact, I hope they do.  And no, I won’t wear a mask … I cannot, for I would choke to death with something covering my mouth.  Take your mask, Trump, and put it where the sun don’t shine.

Impeachment caused WHAT???

The U.S. is now the hardest-hit nation on the globe by the coronavirus, thanks in large part to the bungling responses of Trump and his wrecking crew throughout January, February and March.  Within the U.S. the State of New York has seen the most cases and deaths.  There are a number of reasons for that, but Trump has his own idea … he blames it on his own impeachment!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

In a letter to Senator Chuck Schumer …


The letter was in response to one from Schumer requesting Trump to appoint a logistical expert from the military to use the Defense Production Act to properly allocate resources to the states.  The utter bombast of Trump’s letter is enough to make one growl, but for him to refer to his impeachment as a hoax and then make the assumption that the coronavirus would not have become a problem had it not been for his well-deserved impeachment deserves a full-throated banshee scream!

Mail-in ballots?  Why not???

The U.S. elections are exactly seven months from today.  Given that we are told by experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci that we cannot even begin to predict when it will be safe for the nation to come to life again, many of us are deeply concerned about that November 3rd election and are in favour of going to a Universal Vote by Mail system.  Already, there are 27 states, including my own, that have no-excuse absentee voting, and in three states, all voting is done by mail.  It isn’t rocket science.

Yet Trump and his wrecking crew are sitting on their fat arses on this one, debating, saying it may be too risky.  I champion 100% mail-in voting this year for a number of reasons.  First, it would ensure that we have an election.  Second, I believe it would increase voter turnout significantly.  Third, it would put an end to many of the voter disenfranchisement tactics used by republicans in numerous states, such as moving polling places, closing polls early, requiring voter I.D., etc.

One of their arguments against universal mail-in voting is that it would take time to get the systems in place.  Only six states have no current accommodation for mail-in ballots … all other states already have the systems in place to provide and count mail-in ballots.  But more to the point … time’s a-wasting!  Okay, if it’s going to take time and effort, get off your arses and get busy doing it!  Stop talking and balking, stop looking for excuses to take away our right to a fair and honest election and start developing the damn system!  What the hell do you think we’re paying you for???

But I smell a rat …

The headline in Fortune reads …

USPS warns it might have to shutter by June as $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package provides no funding

And in Business Insider

Lawmakers are sounding the alarm on the coronavirus shuttering the USPS by June

Now … how would mail-in ballots work if there is no mail?  Now do you smell the rat?


To another issue, though, if the USPS were to shut down … nearly one million people in this country would not be able to receive their life-saving medication by mail.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Golf, anyone?

Looks like the ‘person’ in the Oval Office is planning a bit of golf this weekend, while the nation literally burns.  The Secret Service this week signed a $45,000 contract (our money) to rent a fleet of golf carts in Northern Virginia, saying it needed them quickly to protect a “dignitary” in the town of Sterling, home to one of Trump’s golf clubs.

Trump-golfAll of Virginia is under a stay-at-home order from Governor Ralph Northam, lasting until June 10. But that order allows golf courses to remain open … I suppose like churches in Florida, golf courses in Virginia are considered “essential”.  Funny how words can have different meanings, depending on who’s using them, isn’t it?

32 thoughts on “Snarky … grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … Snippets

  1. that is scary about the USPS shutting down; there are so many intangible benefits that it provides that it would be a disaster to close down.
    As to the mask issue, while I agree that health care workers should have priority for medical masks and N95, I think it is important that all of us wear some sort of facial covering when we go out in public. I think that will be one of the keys to flattening the curve… With Trump saying such behavior is voluntary, he is just adding to the confusion.

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  2. It has been written and said by several, Mark Twain among them, that “Truth is stranger than Fiction” and we are living the truth of those words? How I long for the Good Old Days, even early 2016 will do! Thank-you!

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    • Yes, I never realized just how true that saying is, but as you say, we are living proof. I keep hoping to wake some morning and find it was all a horrible nightmare and that President Obama is still in the White House! But then … I suppose we’d have to live the nightmare of the last 3 years over again. 😱


  3. You never cease to boggle my mind with your fantasy tales about this fictional president of the USA. Your imagination is truly incredible. I don’t know how you think them up. It’s truly reassuring to know that nothing like it could happen in any civilised part of the real world.

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  4. No, the impeachment did not cause the problem in the USA.

    The failure of the senate to follow through is what caused the problem. If they had removed Trump, we would have Pence. And while Pence is not anybody brilliant, he at least knows enough to pay attention to the experts.

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    • Yep, the Senate handed him a blank cheque and told him to “Have fun”. He now believes that there is no law that can constrain him. No, I’m no Pence fan, but it’s all relative. Relative to the buffoon in the Oval Office, Pence would be a breath of fresh air.

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  5. Jill, this is a key reason I do not pay attention to what this person says or tweets. The heavy odds is it is untruthful. I am rarely surprised at how far he will go with a lie to cover his behind. The thought of telling the truth at the onset is beyond his apprehension.

    Why downplay the risk in the first place? Would a reasonable expectation be that a president who said we need to get ready for this pandemic be viewed favorably? So, why downplay it, naysay it and call it a hoax? It truly makes no sense that a president would do this.

    But, that word sense comes into play. He calculated he could make it go away by lying about it. But, here is the normal modus operandi for the US president that has been crafted a long time ago when he first started out.

    – Lie
    – Lie about the lie when the lie no longer works
    – Blame others when the first two fail to work, which is in essence another form of lying
    – Sue or denigrate people to not reveal the lie

    On this latter one, his campaign is suing TV stations not to run an ad that shows truthfully how Trump downplayed the pandemic through the end of February.

    He is telling the truth a little more since he cannot hide people getting sick and dying. Yet, as conservative pundit David Brooks says, “he is doing better, but his narcissism and neurosis keep getting in the way.” What is simply amazing is Brooks is talking about the president of the United States. And, he is dead on accurate. I truly wish I was making this up, but it happens everyday.


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  6. I can hear you sizzling from here, and with good reason too.If USPS go down will you be able to arrange for a private delivery firm for your drugs? I wonder why there’s no money for the stimulus package it’s a vital service. I bet all his cheques won’t be delivered by June.. I hope the fat man golfing hits an explosive ball,big enough to take out all his golfing pals too.

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    • I thought you might be able to … and that strange rumble you feel isn’t an earthquake, but just my low growl. No, there wouldn’t likely be another means of delivery for my insulin. Chris and I talked about me ordering a six-month supply now, but … I’ll have to think on it. I don’t know why … I didn’t really even think about the USPS needing money, didn’t think their business would decline under this crisis, and if anything, I would think it would go up. I find it hard to believe that Congress would simply let the postal service shut down … far too much depends on it. Like you, I’d love to see him hit a land mine instead of a golf ball. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  7. The letter was utterly defamatory, accusatory, and outright insulting, aside from being a piece of crap contruth. It’s all for show, because his followers will believe every word of it. The only thing he could be president of would be his own fan cub, because he is its only member.
    In Canada we are being advised from using N95 medical masks, and that unless there is a known C19 risk in an area, any kind of mouth covering is better than none. Any blocking device decreases the odds of spreading the coronavirus by 50%. Leave the N95s for those who really need them. Washing hands with soap and water is still the best defence.
    Having said that, someone please wrap some duct tape around Trump’s moith. It will be safer for everyone is cannot even speak.

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    • I fully agree … I would love to see some of his staff, thoroughly fed up as they must surely be by now, use an entire roll of duct tape on his mouth … and his hands, so he cannot tweet. I still cannot do the mouth covering … partly psychological, I suppose, and partly that because of my asthma I am almost always struggling for air. One county in Texas made masks mandatory and imposes a $1,000 fine for being caught without one. Bring it on, and good luck collecting that fine from me! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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