♫ Bill Withers — A Tribute ♫

Yesterday was yet another sad day in the music world, with the announcement that soul singer Bill Withers had died at age 81.

Withers’ songs are some of the most beloved in the American songbook. Ain’t No Sunshine is regarded as one of the all-time great breakup tracks, while Lean on Me, an ode to the supportive power of friendship, was performed at the inaugurations of presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Born William Harrison Withers Jr in 1938, he faced a difficult childhood in Slab Fork, West Virginia. A stutter held him back from making friends, and, after his father died when Bill was 13, his grandmother helped to raise him. Withers would write a tribute to her with the song Grandma’s Hands from his 1971 debut album Just As I Am: “Grandma’s hands / Used to issue out a warning / She’d say, ‘Billy don’t you run so fast / Might fall on a piece of glass / Might be snakes there in that grass.’”

Withers spent nine years in the US Navy before pursuing a career in music. After moving to Los Angeles in 1967, he found a job making toilet seats and recorded demos through the night. Possessed of a smooth and soulful baritone, he signed to Sussex Records and enlisted Booker T Jones to produce Just As I Am. That album spawned the hit Ain’t No Sunshine, which won Withers his first Grammy for best R&B song.

The 2009 documentary, Still Bill, explored his reasons for quitting the music industry and painted the picture of a fulfilled musician and human being. Writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, film critic Roger Ebert said: “Withers still lives and survives as a happy man. Still Bill is about a man who topped the charts, walked away from it all in 1985 and is pleased that he did.”

I debated about what song to play in honour of Mr. Withers tonight.  I have already played my three favourites, and since I couldn’t decide, I offer all three here, with links to the original posts for trivia and lyrics if you’re interested.


Links to original posts:

Ain’t No Sunshine

Just the Two of Us

Lean On Me

33 thoughts on “♫ Bill Withers — A Tribute ♫

  1. Jill, I should have read your post before I wrote mine this morning on Bill Withers. He is deserving of all accolades. I think “Lean on me” is one of the finest pop songs ever written, given its message and musicality. Keith

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  2. We have lost another of the great voices. I admired the man for leaving the business when it was no longer allowing him the freedom to be what he wanted to be as a singer. I have only one of his albums : “Bill Withers’ Greatest Hits” from 1981. All three of these songs are on the album along with “Use Me”, “Lovely Day”, “Grandma’s Hands” and four others. Thank-you!

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    • We have, indeed. Why am I not surprised that you have one of his albums? I hadn’t heard “Use Me” until the other night, but was familiar with the others and picked my favourite trio for this post. His music will live on …


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