Essential??? I Think Not!!!

Merriam-Webster defines the word “essential” as:

Of the utmost importance: BASIC, INDISPENSABLE, NECESSARY

When I think about things that qualify under that definition, I think first of air, food, water, and shelter.  In truth, with only those we can survive.  Our lifestyles have, by necessity, added certain other things to the list, such as clothing, soap, medications, electricity, etc.  Now, I could expand the list even more, in light of 21st century living, to include companionship, the internet, a certain level of income – enough to pay for the other ‘essentials’ only, and maybe I would even include pets.

However, under no circumstances can I consider guns to be essential … not by the broadest stretch of the imagination.  And yet, that is exactly what the buffoon in the Oval Office, coerced by one of the nation’s largest lobbying groups, has decided.  Guns are an essential part of everyday living.  Hmmmm … makes me wonder just how I have survived all these 68 years without a gun?

In recent weeks, governors stepped up to the plate where the federal government dropped the ball, and ordered the closing of all non-essential businesses, including gun shops.  Well, never let it be said that the National Rifle Association (NRA) took that lying down!  They contacted former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, incoming Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and a former NRA employee who is now a White House staffer.  At the end of the day, the Department of Homeland Security added the gun industry to its “critical infrastructure” list, prompting governors around the country to declare them “essential businesses” that can operate during the pandemic, just as critical as grocery stores, hospitals and pharmacies.


The FBI conducted 3.7 million background checks in March, a new single-month record.  More than 1% of the entire population of this country bought guns in a single month!  What the hell?  Do they think they can kill the coronavirus by shooting it?

There is so much wrong with this that I don’t know where to begin!

First off, consider this … people are confined to their homes more with their families.  In some cases, this is probably a good thing – families will bond in new ways (although I dread the new ‘baby boom’ that is sure to emerge around Christmas time, for the world is already over-populated).  But, in many cases, families will begin to get on one another’s nerves and I fully expect the incidence of domestic violence to increase significantly.  Bad enough that papa is smacking mama and the kiddies around, but if papa has that brand-new gun in the drawer of his nightstand …ambulanceNow think about this one … people are getting frustrated by the lack of such ‘essentials’ as toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, and often even an onion or an apple are in short supply at the grocery.  What about that guy with a bit of a temper, who has a list of ten things and can only find one when he’s at the grocery, but he sees another customer with two carts overflowing with … yep, you got it … toilet paper.  He doesn’t think, but reaches for that gun in his pocket …ambulance-2I’ve said more than once that the suicide rate in this country will double or more this year, due to the depression that is inevitable for some of us in this state of isolation.  So, John Doe has lost his job, cannot pay his rent, his lousy $1,200 government subsidy is long gone, and his family refuses to visit or allow him to visit for … who knows how long?  He might take an overdose and might survive that, but if he has a gun …graveIf you had any doubts … if you had so much as a shred of doubt that the government of this country is bought and paid for by the NRA, those doubts should be erased by now.  We the People, our lives, our well-being, do not matter one bit to the likes of Trump and his cronies.  Yes, we need the grocery stores to stay open, for without food we die, and in this nation, few are self-sufficient in growing their own food.  Yes, we need the hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies to remain open, for without them, some people will die.  But, if the gun shops close, lives may actually be saved!

At the end of 2017, there were 393 million guns in civilian hands … in a nation of 330 million people!  Think on that one … why do we even need gun shops, if there are already more guns than people in this country???  They for damn certain are NOT essential!

The average person in this country is already in fear of picking up some germ at the grocery store, and now … in addition … we better be looking for suspicious bulges in men’s pants pockets (no, not those).  In recent years, I have been known to walk out of a store if I saw somebody carrying a gun, but in today’s mentality of fear, it’s likely that every Tom, Dick and Harry will be “packing heat”.  And I’m willing to bet that the majority of those 3.7 million who bought guns last month don’t have a clue how to use them!  Just last week in Michigan, a man accidentally shot himself in the leg with a gun he bought to defend himself against “pandemic-related chaos”.

The United States is the only country on the entire globe with such a gun culture that guns are considered more important than books, education, clothing, or even dentists.  This nation needs to do some serious thinking about its priorities.  Personally, if I have to have a gun to feel safe, then this is not a life worth living, and I feel more threatened by a gun than I do any virus.

37 thoughts on “Essential??? I Think Not!!!

  1. You are so bang on with this. I heard yesterday that somewhere in Canada (I forget where exactly) some a**hole drove his car into a socially-distanced queue out of the frustration of waiting. One can only imagine what he would have done if he’d had a gun. And, sadly, I fear the worst is yet to come.

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    • I think the long hot summer, people continuing to be deprived of the simplest pleasures, people watching their bank accounts hover at zero, the propensity for violence will increase around the globe. Only in the U.S., however, will more than half the people be carrying guns. If people are so scared of the coronavirus that they are willing to become virtual prisoners, I can only imagine how scared they will be to step outside their home with vigilante groups roaming the streets armed with semi-automatic guns. Yes, my friend, the worst is yet to come.


  2. Please do not be offended, but I cannot help but notice that you only spoke of the men as the possible source of gun violence. It may be that you were using the “male” terminology to include both men and women. Whilst men are historically the greater group of gun owners and shooters, women cannot be discounted. Several years ago in a survey by Pew Research six-in-ten or 62% of gun owners were men and one-in-five or 22% were women. Nine-in-ten women cited protection as their reason for owning as gun, with men citing that along with recreation as their dominant reasons for gun ownership. It is notable however, that both men and women considered their right to own guns to be “essential” to their personal sense of freedom. And, both held gun ownership as very or somewhat important to their overall identity. I found this astounding! Undoubtedly, the numbers in both groups have increased and will continue to do so given that the gov’t views this as an “essential” business…after all, is there not a greater need to feel protected? It will not only be a man with a gun at home or out and about…women will be too! This does not even take into consideration the possibilities and probabilities of children having more access to guns and the devastating scenarios that might and will bring. The NRA has and will continue to use their influence to promote and facilitate gun ownership by stuffing pockets where it counts…causing a gun pandemic amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. This will only get worse, sadly, that you can take to the bank! Thank-you!

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    • I’m not offended at all, and you’re right, my words did point the finger at men, and there are certainly gun-toting women out there — in fact, I personally know two of them. BUT … in some 99% of cases where somebody goes on a shooting spree or does a mass shooting, it is a male. Why? I can only guess, but likely because women give birth to children and have a different level of empathy than men. Also, a man can carry his pistola in his belt, where a woman generally has to go digging in her purse for it. I dunno, but statistically, it is far more likely that a random or mass shooter will be a male. If it were in my power, the NRA would be shut down immediately. Along with the fossil fuel and petrochemical industries, they are the most corrupt, unconscionable groups in the U.S. today. Oh wait … I forgot to say and the Republican Party. It will get worse, and think about a very hot summer, which we are likely to see, tempers are short, people still confined to quarters, money is scarce, food is scarce … the stuff nightmares are made of. Sigh. Hugs, dear friend.


  3. Jill, did you listen to him yesterday? 🤦‍♀️First, I thought maybe he had the ‘rona because of his slow speech and the fact that the normal people flanking him could not be seen at all. Then the dribble started. Why can’t he EVER just give us the facts and shut the $&*k UP? I don’t want his anecdotes, side trips and suppositions. You are the frickin leader, not Dear frickin Abby. Even she had more definitive thoughts. I paced and listened as he spoke in contradictory terms of how terrible it is going to get -but only for a few weeks- you know he has a moratorium on disasters for the ‘good’ of the economy (his and his friends’ bank accounts). But when he ACTUALLY said, “There will some deaths, a lot of deaths, and it will be very sad; but then it will get better, because we have to get back out there and make the country run again! I almost turned it off then. But when he told a reporter in answer to his question about going back out and opening so soon, he got that asshole Apprentice Judge look on his face and said “What do think, that people can just get paid to sat at home?” His tone like the guy was an idiot for asking a reasonable question. Big business has created this insatiable need for money by all that it produces, then sets out to convince us that we need all that they offer so they can drain our bank accounts constantly. Then the doctors and hospitals finish us off by convincing us we can’t stay alive unless we see them constantly for ‘healthcare’(wealthcare) and drains what we may have saved for our old age. We are just a fancier, gltizy version of what is happening in Greece at this point. Watch the Disney film Wall-E again. When it came out I cried. i said to my husband, that is the US. The only difference is that we abandoned real space technology for cash and only a select few will ‘go up’ if it becomes necessary. No, I fear our future looks more like The Hunger Games. Sorry. I feel sad and disappointed and disgusted. And my daughter-in-law’s cat of 15 years died yesterday. It had diabetes and was ready to go but it had been her best buddy through good and bad times and she was so sad.And that makes me sad. Abu was the only cat that didn’t make me sneeze and I could hold him and pet his long hair. He was noble.Where have all the noble people gone? 😩😭

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    • No, I refuse to watch any of his press briefings, rallies, or anything where I have to look at his ugly mug or hear his whiny voice. I am flabbergasted by what he said, though, and especially the answer he gave the reporter. I’ve heard many say they watch New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nightly briefings, for he presents facts, not a steady stream of whines, and he doesn’t constantly pat himself on the back like Trump. We have no leadership at all. I am so so sorry about your daughter-in-law’s cat! What a terrible time to lose a treasured pet! RIP Abu … I know you will be missed. We had an orange cat who was diabetic … named Orange. He, too, was the sweetest, gentlest guy, and he lived more than 15 years, but when he died it hurt and left a hole in our hearts. Hang in, my friend. We’re all in this together, and we love you! ❤

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  4. Thanks for sharing!.. it is sad that after all the centuries of evolving since mankind stood erect, all certain elements of world’s societies have managed to do is upgrade the “club”… “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” (Plato)… 🙂

    Hope all is well with you and your family and until we meet again..
    May the sun shine all day long
    Everything go right, nothing go wrong
    May those you love bring love back to you
    May all the wishes you wish come true
    May peace be within you
    May your heart be strong
    May you find whatever you’re seeking
    Wherever you may roam
                      (Irish Saying)

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    • Thanks Dutch! You’re right when you say all we have managed to do is upgrade the club. And we are the only nation on earth that puts the “right” to own a gun above all else. I do love that Plato quote … so apt. Yes, we are fine, and luckier than some, for daughter Chris is a nurse, so she is still working and we have income. And you, my friend?


      • I am okay here… woke up on the green side of the grass and watched the sun rise, so it is a zip-a-dee-do-dah day!.. 🙂

        Take care and hope all your tomorrows are filled with love and happiness and life is all that you wish for it to be!.. 🙂

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  5. You are so, so, right. The gun culture is the one thing that makes me shake and scratch my head about the mentality of Americans. There is neither logic, nor a historical context* that can explain it.
    *Many will claim there is a historical context, but nothing in the history of the USA is sufficiently different from the rest of the civilised world to justify it. We, too, have had our civil wars, our invasions, our occupations by neighbouring kingdoms. We got over it and learned, for the most part, to live without weapons.

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    • Thanks Frank! You are right, and in fact if you think about it, the U.S. is a very young nation and we haven’t seen anywhere near the wars and troubles that you guys have. The gun culture here is without logic or common sense. I did a post a couple of years ago about a couple with children who had left a loaded gun in the drawer of their nightstand. One of the kids got the gun and accidentally shot another of the children. Social Services told the couple to get rid of their guns or they would lose their children to foster care. The couple chose their guns over their children. Unbelievable! I’ve lived 68 years getting by on my wits alone, and yet some people cannot even go to the grocery store without their gun.

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  6. One of the problems of allowing a ‘bought’ Government is that the people who pay the piper get to call the tune. Even in an emergency the size of this pandemic can the President NOT naysay these groups that own them.Trump should have been able to close all the gun shops the same as other non-essential.businesses rather than feed even more guns to a stressed public..Stop allowing the bribing of politicians and the running of Government policy by big business.

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    • Exactly so, which is why I would love to see money taken out of political campaigns, or at least severely restricted. Well, a real president would indeed naysay the fossil fuel, petrochemical, and airline industries … would tell them to dig into their own pockets which are deep. But, sadly, the U.S. does not have a president at this time … we have an inept fill in who is determinedly burning down the country in every possible way. Sigh.

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  7. These things you are talking about, spouse and child abusers, and family-annihilists, and hoarders, and people shooting hoarders, these are all symptoms of what I am calling Covid Situational Syndrome (CSS for short). I have no idea if anyone else is calling it that, but it develops from having feelings of being unable to control one’s life while being forced to stay in very close proximity with the same people day after day after day. Emotions are going to peak, and the weak are going to suffer for it. Add guns to the mix, and no one is going to be safe. The birthrate come October is going to spike, but how many of these newly-pregnant women are still going to be alive to give birth? Women will be safer to be on the pill right now, another kid on the way might end up being one kid too many.

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    • CSS is as apt a term as any I’ve heard, and you have nailed the cause … being unable to control one’s own life, being ‘ordered’ to do things that go against our nature, and on top of that being forced into proximity day and night with others, even ones we love. I don’t expect a mass wave of killings … but you never know. If the summer is hot and miserable and we are still not allowed to live our lives, who knows?


  8. There is no question there is a national agenda with guns. A large local store promptly offered free classes and time at the shooting. It’s a scary mentality. I saw meme about the “other” first responders to assure law and order. It was a black and white photo of men wearing cowboy hats and showing off their guns. A picture is worth a thousand words. For me that picture represents 2 things : Civil war and the Hunger games.

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