The Queen’s Speech

Today, the Queen of the United Kingdom addressed the people of the U.K.  I am posting it here, because her words are the words of a leader, and here in the U.S. we have no such leader.  I think we can all take heart from the Queen’s words, and I think she won’t mind sharing them with us, for she is as aware as any that the U.S. is without responsible leadership.  Thank you, Queen Elizabeth.

44 thoughts on “The Queen’s Speech

    • Ms. Merkel is indeed what a leader should be, always the voice of reason. And Hillary would have been one thousand times more professional and intelligent in dealing with this than the Oaf in the Oval. Sigh.

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  1. Warm, comforting words but not hidden the fact that this isn’t over yet.The thing I took away is that like all things, It will pass and we’ll carry on with our lives.I’ve always admired her Majesty’s leadership.

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    • Hers were the words of a true leader, a person who cares about the world, not only herself. I would darn near kill to have such a leader here. Sigh. But, the U.S. is populated by ignorance and greed, so it’s unlikely we will ever have such wisdom and compassion at the top.

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  2. “She will rock you!
    Rock you!” (Yes it was my intention to use the ‘Queen’ song)
    Now there is 80 years of experience, dignity and wisdom at work there. God Save The Queen!
    (One of the whispered question in our house albeit it Left of Centre or Far-Far Left is ‘What happens when Her Maj’…is gone??)

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  3. Her Majesty the Queen is the epitome of leadership. In little more than 4 minutes she comforts and reassures her countrymen without lies and arrogance. Consider then, what our leader had to say at today’s White House coronavirus task force meeting : “We see light at the end of the tunnel. Things are happening…You can never be happy when so many people are dying, but we’re going to be very proud of the job we did to keep the death down to an absolute minimum.” Yes Donald, we do see light at the end of the tunnel. It is the Covid-19 train hurtling towards us at full speed ahead! Yes Donald, things are happening but they are incommensurate with the needs of our country. Yes Donald, we can never be happy when people are needlessly dying due to your ineptitude as a leader. NO Donald, we are not now nor will we ever be proud of the job that you have done. One question Donald, exactly what do you consider the absolute minimum amount of deaths to be? Thank-you Jill!

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  4. Though just a Yank who is mostly Irish and Scottish, I admire her grace, poise and ability to inspire her people in times of crisis. We could use such a voice in our country right now.

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    • We surely could use such a voice right now, Padre. As I listened to her speech, I almost cried, but then when I realized the contrast between her and our own excuse for a leader, I did cry.


  5. The Queen rarely addresses the whole nation, apart from her Christmas speech, so it’s serious what we are all facing. But we will get through it because she says we will! Straightforward dignified words which apply to any of us in the world.

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    • Yes, I could not remember the last time, so I looked it up and I believe it was in 2002, at the death of the Queen Mother? I was heartened by her speech, but the contrast between her words and Trumps is … incredible. Many of us would be willing to return to being under the Crown if it meant we had real leadership such as her speech showed.

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    My sentiments exactly … ” I think we can all take heart from the Queen’s words, and I think she won’t mind sharing them with us, for she is as aware as any that the U.S. is without responsible leadership. Thank you, Queen Elizabeth.”

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