A Nation Shattered by Stupidity

Our friend Jerry over at On the Fence Voters has mirrored my own feelings perfectly! Great job, Jerry!

On The Fence Voters

Bush warned the nation in 2005.

America as we knew it prior to 2020 is over. Finished. This once-great nation will likely never fully recover from the effects of COVID-19—and, more significantly, from the stubborn stupidity of Donald J. Trump and his naïve, dimwitted followers. Thousands of Americans have died and hundreds of thousands more will die. And you, my fellow white evangelicals who jettisoned the values you once claimed to cherish in order to pursue your new messiah, Trump, you have blood on your hands.

A decade from now, when historians have completed their analysis of the nation’s demise, the pandemic of 2020 will be cited as playing a notable role in America’s downfall, but the intransigent idiocy of nearly 40 percent of the nation’s population—made up largely of white evangelicals—will be revealed as the primary factor.

I refer to the nation’s demise not in a hyperbolic sense. By…

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7 thoughts on “A Nation Shattered by Stupidity

    • Perhaps it already has. More and more, I am disgusted by the people of this nation who seem to have lost their sense of decency, their values. I’m not sure that we can ever return to the nation I once thought we were. Or, perhaps we never were. Sigh.


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