Sort Of Jolly Monday …

Good (yawn) Monday morning, friends!  C’mon in and make yourselves at home … I just need to run check on Jolly, because I left him in charge of this morning’s food offerings … be right back …


Er, um … we’ll be just a few minutes more, and … if you smell something burning, don’t worry … everything is … under control {I hope}


I should know better … this happened once before when I trusted him in the kitchen.  Well, folks, his heart was in the right place, even if his head wasn’t.  He wanted to make you a special surprise — a homemade pizza … but, unfortunately …


Well … we still have coffee, tea, and … water?  Sorry, folks …


It was early in March when Allison Kuykendall and her family attended a kids soccer tournament in Richmond, Virginia.  The family, including four daughters, stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel that weekend.  On their way home on Sunday evening, the youngest daughter, Juniper, began fussing from the back seat, calling “Ruff Ruff? Ruff Ruff?”  Well, Allison almost immediately guessed what had happened … “Ruff Ruff”, Juniper’s stuffed puppy, had been inadvertently left behind at the hotel.

As soon as the family unloaded the car that night, she called the hotel and was told to check in with the desk clerk the next morning. Everyone was relieved to learn that Ruff Ruff was in the lost-and-found and would be mailed to them in a day or two.

Three days later, when a box arrived at the Kuykendall home addressed to Juniper, it contained some surprises!  There was Ruff Ruff, of course, happy to be home once again, and also a bag of chocolate-chip cookies (biscuits for you Brits). and a note …


The photos, taken by front-desk clerk Jesse Aguila, show Ruff Ruff hanging out at the hotel swimming pool, talking on the phone, using a computer and sleeping in the middle of a king-size bed.

ruff-ruff-2ruff-ruff-3ruff-ruff-4ruff-ruff-5In today’s hectic world, how many people would have taken the time and trouble to do that?  My thumbs are up to the staff at the Richmond Doubletree … wonderful job of showing the world what it means to be human … and putting a smile on a little girl’s face.


A few days ago, a construction worker on a building site in Merseyside, Britain, found an abandoned puppy.  He felt badly for the wee pup and took it home to love and cherish.


Well, some friends dropped by the next day and one of them told him that … that’s no puppy, that’s a baby fox!  Who knew?  The man did the right thing, called the RSPCA , and they immediately came and got the little guy.


According to the RSPCA …

“In most cases females will return and collect their cubs if given the opportunity, and it’s not unusual to see older cubs above ground on their own during the day learning survival skills and the parents are usually nearby.”

Hopefully, all worked out well for this little fellow.  Personally, even once I knew he was a fox, I probably would have been tempted to keep him.  In case you guys didn’t know, I am a lover of all critters.

With Jolly working to clean up the kitchen (probably making the mess even worse), I’m going to have to rely on some jokes and memes and ‘toons and such to round out the morning.  You guys know how I love ‘knock-knock’ jokes, right?

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Etch who?
Bless you, friend.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Robin who?
Robin you, now hand over the cash.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Ya who?
Yahoo! I’m just as psyched to see you!





JollyWell, my friends, it’s time for us to part for the moment, but we’ll be back together again soon!  Our apologies that this was not the jolliest of all Mondays, but … we gave it our best shot, given that the house almost burned down!  I always end by asking you to please share your gorgeous smiles, and today is no different.  I discovered last week that people are really craving a bit of human contact, and at the grocery, almost everybody I saw had a smile and I gave one in return.  So, when you’re out walking or grocery shopping and you pass by another person, please offer them a smile.  I know it made my heart sing every time someone smiled at me, and I bet it will yours too!  Have a great week.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!

47 thoughts on “Sort Of Jolly Monday …

  1. Hi Jill.
    Like Happy Fashionable Late Monday greeting
    Draggin’ my sorry posterior around in catch up mode.
    I loved the Ruff Ruff story and of course all irreverent responses to Trump are good. Seeing the burnt pizza reminds me of an old tale. My dad was plagued by indigestion (fire-fighter; stress on reflection) and whenever my gran cooked something she would always leave the burnt bits for my dad telling him they were good for his indigestion.

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    • The RSPCA guys actually thought they might be able to re-unite him with his mom, from what I read. Yes, the Canadian Rump to Trump was the highlight of my day! I just couldn’t resist it! ❤


  2. The Canadian one cracked me up, and the hotel one was a very sweet story. Somebody must have had fun doing that. The fox or dog was very cute, whatever brand he may be. It’s too bad that the catwoman and catlady images are such a contrast in figures, and I come down solidly in the catlady camp.

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  3. Jill, great story about Ruff Ruff the stuffed dog. By the way, on the website about misunderstood lyrics called www,, one of the interesting interpretations of the Rolling Stones’ lyric “Don’t want to be your beast of burden” is “Don’t leave your pizza burning.”

    You are welcome for the ear worm. 😎 Keith


    • Ha ha ha … you only know me too well, Keith! And that misunderstood lyric sounds exactly how I would misinterpret it! There was one song way back when that I thought was “Help me Agnes”, when it was really, “Hey, I’ve looked all my life”. I liked the Ruff Ruff story too … nice to know some people still care enough to go to the extra time & trouble.


  4. I agree! Although I loved the entire post, the Show Your Rump to Trump is apropos. As a Canadian who lives in Windsor, Ontario where thousands of our nurses are working in Detroit; I am enraged by his ‘sink or swim on your own’ attitude vis a vis N95 masks. So enraged that it spurred me into writing a blog about it after not writing anything for months. Thankfully, although we Canadians despise Trump, we still love our American friends.

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    • Jolly Monday is supposed to be apolitical, but when I saw that one, I simply could not resist! I read your post and commented, asking if you mind if I re-blog tomorrow. Every citizen of this nation needs to hear your words … it was a timely post. Thank you!

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    • Yes, the house still smells like smoke, but I forgave Jolly and gave him a hug. I’m glad you found something to make you smile … I loved that fox cub too, and now I want to meet him! I snuck that Canadian ‘toon in … Jolly Monday is supposed to be free of all things political, but I just couldn’t resist that one.

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    • My pleasure! I really hope you do your own! I find it increasingly hard these days to get into the right mindset to do humour pieces like Jolly Monday and Saturday Surprise, and I would skip them altogether, except people say it makes them smile, and that’s so important these days. I guess I feel like it’s rather my purpose these days. Still, as you can see from this one, I find humour difficult when my heart is breaking and my anger barely beneath the surface.

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  5. Will someone please explain memes to me, because I just don’t see anything funny or useful about them. I know they are supposed to inspire some kind of communication between people, but I’ either too weird, too unorthodox, or just too unintelligent to get them. I’d rather read old Far Side ‘toons. At least those I usually understood…

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