Post Coronavirus, What’s the plan?

Once again, our friend Jeff is spot on in his assessment. Our ‘leaders’ are too busy attending to their own self-interest to have anything resembling a ‘plan’. Thanks Jeff!!!

On The Fence Voters

Hint: There isn’t one. Will Jared save us?

Eventually, the coronavirus crisis we’re currently experiencing will end. People will go back to work, restaurants will open, and the sports world will be back in business.

Isn’t it remarkable that we have a president of the United States whose leadership, competence, and honesty will allow that to happen?

Sorry about that. I couldn’t help myself. I should have warned that biting sarcasm was forthcoming. I wish I didn’t have to resort to such shenanigans, but in the current situation we find ourselves, can you blame me?

The truth is, though, we will eventually get back to normal. How long that’s going to be is anyone’s best guess. But no matter when that day comes, it’s not going to happen with the president merely proclaiming, “I’ve done the greatest job, ever. Thanks to me, the virus is now contained. Everybody, starting tomorrow…

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4 thoughts on “Post Coronavirus, What’s the plan?

  1. The scene in the White House. “Plan, what plan? Wait everyone, I had a great ide that I can blame on Jerod and that Fanuchi guy. So, don’t say anything, we will let the first wave crest, and then open the floodgates. What could go wrong? Nothing I tell you because I’m the smartest man in the world. Give me a harrumph.” The room fills with congratulatory harrrumphs, but then Trump looks over at Mnunchin and glares at him. “I didn’t get a harrumph out of you.” Mnunchin’s glasses almost crack under the assault and he replies “harrumph.” The President feeling the blood flow to his shrunken penis, tell Mnuchin “and don’t let it happen again.” The President then continues. “My economy will be back, bigger than ever, people will be lining up to kiss my ass, and I’ll win in November. Now Jerod, now get me your wife so I can bonk her like my daughter…. hah! She is my daughter.” Trump turns and winks, “It’s good to be the king.”

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