Absolute Authority …

In yesterday’s press briefing, when asked about his plan to “reopen” the nation on or before May 1st, he had this to say …

“I have great authority to use it … I have absolute authority to use it …”

Yesterday, I read a great many news stories that riled me, raised my hackles, and one even caused me to shout an expletive.  But none … not a single one … chilled me in the way this single sentence chills me.  It’s that one word: absolute.  No president has ‘absolute’ authority.  Absolute is a word used by dictators and other authoritarians … it is not a word I expect to hear used by an elected official who has sworn an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.

The framers of the Constitution, fully understanding the nature of men, wrote the document in such a way as to ensure that no president could become a king.  Power is shared among the three equal branches of government, and both the legislative branch and the judicial branch are tasked with overseeing the executive branch.

That said, in 2016 the Republican Party, now largely bought and paid for by large corporations such as the fossil fuel, logging and weapons industries, sold the country downriver and through not-quite-honest means, put a person in the White House who has absolutely zero political experience, absolutely zero relevant education, and absolutely zero conscience.  What he has an abundance of, however, are arrogance and ego.

It is that arrogance, that megalomania, that gives him the idea that he has absolute powers, and unfortunately neither Congress nor the Supreme Court seem willing to do their job and provide oversight, but rather feed his ego by essentially telling him that he is above the law, that they will uphold whatever he does.  This sets up a very dangerous scenario that should never have been allowed to get to this point.

Ever since that day, February 5th 2020, when the republicans in the Senate one by one said “nay” to convicting Trump of the proven crimes for which he was (and remains) impeached, Trump has been taking upon himself more and more power, and both Congress and the Supreme Court have continued to give him carte blanche to do so.  In so doing, it may be the case that they have signed the death warrant for the U.S. Constitution.  They may have turned the presidency, an elected position answerable to the people of this nation, into a dictatorship, a position with “absolute authority”.

Two hundred and thirty-three years ago, the U.S. Constitution was written and ratified.  Though it has undergone a number of amendments, and some controversial interpretations, for the most part the foundation has held firm for those 233 years.  And today?  Today we are on a precipice, on the very brink of burning the Constitution.  Why?  Because we have allowed politicians to be bought and paid for by wealthy industrialists seeking to become even wealthier.

We have one final opportunity to stop this in November.  The Republican Party and all its minions will do everything in their power to prevent us from voting them out of office.  If we succumb, if we don’t all vote, then we will have handed over the keys to the kingdom to the wealthy and I doubt we will get another chance to stop the Titanic before it hits the iceberg.  Remember those words, “I have absolute authority”, think of all the things that could mean.

39 thoughts on “Absolute Authority …

    • You’re right … he does. He told some school group back a year or two ago that “Article 2 lets me do anything I want”, or some such drivel. And with nobody in the legislative or judicial branches willing to stop him … ??? What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Jill, a corrupt and deceitful person who thinks he has unlimited power. What could possibly go wrong?

    Richard Nixon thought he could spy on his adversaries, break-in to their headquarters, and run a covert operation against his biggest threat Senator Edmund Muskie to get him to drop out. Nixon kept saying he was not a crook. He was dead wrong.

    I wanted to summarize Nixon’s actions, as Trump is more corrupt and deceitful than Nixon. But, in this case his corruption and deception is aided and abetted by too many GOP Senators and opinion hosts at Fox News. I knew Trump would be derelict, but those folks who rationalize his toxic behavior are harming our country.

    As I like to add, my opinion is not alone on this. Some conservative pundits recognize the toxicicity of this person. Keith

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    • Exactly … what could possibly go wrong. I’m very much afraid that if the people of this nation don’t open their eyes and see, we may well find out.

      Yes, Nixon WAS a crook, a power-hungry, corrupt politician. And yes, Trump is many times worse, for at least Nixon did do some very good things, like our relations with China, the EPA, etc. But, the biggest difference is that in 1973-74, we have a government that functioned as it was meant to, whereas today we have one filled with sycophants who bow to ‘king’Trump and have forgotten their oath to the people of this nation.


      • Jill, according to a HBO movie, Roger Ailes also thought of the idea for Fox News from the ashes of Watergate. It tool a few years to implement, but if Fox was around in 1974, would Nixon had to resign? He would still be a crook which makes the question even more serious for today’s time. Keith

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        • Good question, and I don’t know the answer. Were people more astute and aware back in 1974? Were they less willing to believe the obvious lies of a would-be tyrant? I just don’t know.


          • I think people in 1974 were more rebellious and aware. Now it seems people are afraid to fight the good fight! Glad to see you here again. I actually did let a word or two ring out since I live alone and no one to hear. People just do not want to make waves. It’s easy to ignore this fire unless you’re in it! We need to wake up those protest genes.

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  2. Chilling indeed.Even the Repubs should be baulking at this as it takes away any chance they have of the Presidency until he dies.You need to get the Senate by flipping as many houses as you can in November then even if by a long shot he won again the two houses can hold him in check.

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    • From what I hear, some of the republicans are trying to send him a message to tone it down, as in an editorial in the Wall Street Journal I’ve heard about (I can’t see it, for they require a paid subscription) that sent him into a rage. And the WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch, one of Trump’s wealthy buddies! So yeah, there is starting to be some pushback, but don’t expect it to translate into republicans voting against him. Sigh.

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        • Agreed. The Republican Party made, in my book, a HUGE mistake when they shut down the primaries in some states because they were afraid of the competition. Any of the other three candidates who were once running against Trump would have been 110% better for this country than Trump, and the RNC might have earned a bit of respect for standing against the madman. Yes, they ought to, but … they won’t. They are blinded by all the money they are raising from the greedy industrialists. Sigh.

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    • You are so correct. People don’t realize that flipping the senate and keeping the house is the key. That would curtail his power to some degree for sure. The Supreme Court is now compromised for years to come and even longer if RBG goes while the republicans are still in power.
      My fear, and this is why I’m glad I’m old, is that trump will be re elected and then he will groom Don Jr. and the cult fan base will feed right into it. Then we need to hope climate change just simply ends the experiment and puts us all out of our misery

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      • ‘Tis true that flipping the Senate and keeping the House are important, but most important is unseating Trump, for even with a democratic majority in both chambers of Congress, he has far too much power, especially with boot-licker William Barr over the DOJ. He has proven that he will take emergency powers that go far beyond what ANY other president would have gotten by with, and now the Supreme Court seems to also have become partisan. Trump must go, else no matter the demographics of the Senate, we will be taken over by an autocrat.


    • It’s been obvious since day #1 that he is mentally unstable, but … he filled the government, his cabinet, and the courts with those who see this as an opportunity to either gain wealth or power, and … if somebody doesn’t stop this madness, we are doomed.

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